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Hanson exploitable fixed.png

Deviantart-favicon.png Nascar221 (DELETED), or Sean, is nothing short of a Chris-chan prodigy. All the telltale signs are there - he’s Autistic, he has an obsession with a fictional character (of whom he ships himself with). He’s a raging virgin who throws tantrums and makes hate art when someone makes or does something he doesn’t like. Like Chris-Chan, he also has combined two of top autistic fandoms into his OC. Where as Chris-chan had Pokémon and Sonic the Hedgehog, Sean has combined Thomas the Tank Engine (somehow) and South Park. He makes quality art and rages when people make fun of him. His gallery consists of recolors, screenshots, and general art theft, but that’s OK! Sean always credits so it doesn’t matter if others don’t want their art fucked over! He seems to be aware of his own attention whoring as he will delete fucking everything, to make himself look innocent as well as make his own pity art and memes. Surprisingly, countless other spergs on DA have lashed out against him for his horrendous 'art'.

Sean the “Hybrid” Engine

Sean is hybrid human engine who is a hard working and strong heart little guy and a little cheeky just like Thomas, he can sometimes get in to scrapes but can be very helpful to other engines.



Error creating thumbnail: File missing
Original OC, donut steel!
Error creating thumbnail: File missing
Coming soon to a shady shop near you!

What would a raging Autistic be without a connection to Thomas and Friends? Seriously, what’s with Thomas and these people? Nascar is a special case though. His OC is a hybrid and not just any hybrid, but a recolor of Wikipedia Favicon.png Butters with European locomotive buffers and whistle duct taped to him. Or someone drilled a hole into his head and stuck a whistle there. No one knows, but it would explain his stupidity. Sean is a small, but fast and strong engine who works on the Kalos Railroad. Yes, this guy has somehow managed to merge Pokémon, Thomas, and South Park together to make one giant pile of steaming crap. Only a matter of time before My Little Pony gets thrown into the mix. No one knows where Sean got the idea, aside from hours of poppin’ LSD, but there’s a movie about him and his adventures!

Sean's pictures often depict him dry humping Thomas, his friends, recolors, and other people's characters. Archive today-ico.png Seriously, check this shit out.

Sean the Recolor About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Those ain't hugs, bro.


As part of Sean's special abilities, he also enjoys people watching... in the creepiest way possible.

Sean Stalking Others About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

SerenaxSean 5ever~ <3

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Kawaii desu
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Kawaii kissu~
I have a soft and gentle grip on her skirt.


—Sean being fucking creepy

To accompany Sean the Manchild in his hair raising adventures is Serena from Pokemon X and Y. He calls it Steamyshipping. You know, because Sean is supposed to be part train? Again, no one knows how or why this happened, or makes any sort of sense. Sean loves Serena dearly, mostly because their names start with the letters “S” and “E” and that’s it! He clearly has no idea how love works. He even made his own Deviantart-favicon.png Sean/Serena fan group on DA which surprisingly has over 30 followers! There’s also a user known as Deviantart-favicon.png TheKalosQueenSerena of whom Sean actively stalks, calling her his queen. Archive today-ico.png He has a favorites folder dedicated to her as well.

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Despite being 18, Sean sees nothing wrong with his fascination of an animu minor and actively makes art showing off his ever creepy skirt fetish. His pictures include him tugging on Serena’s skirt with her saying how soft and gentle his touch is. He’ll even beg others to make art of his wonderful waifu too. He even has upskirt pictures of her in his favorites because that’s not creepy at all! For Sean, love goes beyond age so fuck stupid shit like laws against sexualizing a minor. Don’t you dare call him a pedophile because he’s totally not! And don’t you dare try to take her away from him or make fun of his perfect ship because he’ll totally make hate art of you!

Error creating thumbnail: File missing
Don't wanna be part of his fetish? Too bad!

...Or cry and make pity art for himself, Sean’s good at that.

Steamyshitting About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Archive today-ico.png YES THERE IS MORE.

There have been numerous amounts of people telling him how creepy his fetish is, but they’re just haters who don’t understand! Archive today-ico.png He also forces his opinion onto his friends whether or not the agree with him.

Let's not talk about that...

Common reactions to Steamyshipping

I have kidnapped Sean and Serena. More information about the ransom will follow. Do NOT contact the police.



This kid is cancer on two legs



I'm especially going to make fun of Steamyshipping now. This is ridiculously disgusting...



Please find Jesus.



Holy shit man, you need Jesus.



To be frank this pairing is incompatible. I suggest killing it with fire.






You are a jackass. Your shipping related shit is disgusting.



You need to stop promoting isis



It makes me ashamed to be the same fucking species as you.



Do your parents hate you?



I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. If you are looking for ransom I can tell you I don't have money, but what I do have are a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over nights of heavy drinking. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let Serena go now that'll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you, but if you don't, I will look for you, I will find you and I will kill you...



How many trains do you fuck a day?






The Bitchening

Elliot Selfie (25).jpg

The subject of this article is a virgin with rage.

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Fuck with Sean and will rape you while in partial black face.
Virgin Rage

Astoundingly, there are people who don’t like his amazing pairing or his completely original OC. When something happens that the Prince of Attention Whores doesn’t approve of, he will make journals and pictures to rally the troops to go after the evil no do-gooders of DA who dare disagree with his views. Archive today-ico.png He will then go on to make art of him crying about how sad he is in an attempt for e-hugs. He has stated he’d leave, but always came back within a day, rage art gone, and back to churning out more shit. Only to pick it back up within the week, sometimes a few days, it could even be a matter of hours. Depends on what phase the moon is on.



—Sean when shown how others view him

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"Why do people hate me? It's not my fault, it's the haters!"
Error creating thumbnail: File missing
Trapped in the gay closet.

Pedogate 2016

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Why don't you have a seat...

In May of 2016, more people started pointing out how creepy Steamyshitting is, informing Sean that Serena was way too young for him. He then responded with a screencap of Thomas the Tank Engine himself saying how love surpasses age. This was soon deleted as people began questioning his views on pedophilia. People began rummaging through his favorites to find pictures of anime girls of questionable ages, Serena included, showing off their panties and even their bras. During Pedogate Sean made anti-stamps of his haters and revealing that he’s also a homophobe as well as a raging virgin. This guy is just full of surprises!


His friends came to Sean’s rescue, appalled at such accusations, until shown proof. They unfriended the Butters recolor, but came back when he promised he’d change.

Spoilers - he didn’t. The kiddie porn is still in his favorites too.

Sources claim that there have been numerous reports against Nascar yet he remains. Either DA mods are too busy skull fucking each other or they too are indulging in the lulz.

The anti-Sean movement

During one of the more recent QQ sessions which involved Sean being called a pedo, the group on DA called Deviantart-favicon.png Anti-Steamyshipping emerged. A group dedicated to trolling Sean, making hate art to try to get Sean to leave Deviantart 5ever. Despite his friends telling him to ignore it, Sean falls for their bait every single time which results in more mental breakdowns and lulz from this magnificent lolcow. One of the more prominent members of the movement is TheRandom500 of whom is dedicated to turn as many people against Sean as possible for the sake of either getting him to leave or his hilarious outbursts, perhaps both.

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

To combat the haters Sean made his own pity group called Deviantart-favicon.png inDefenseofSean.

Sean has also earned the attention of both Kiwi Farms and 4chan as well as Youtuber YouTube Favicon.png z Mark Anthony. As part of the anti-Sean movement dozens of DA users have documented the chaos including cheeky-darwin-lord-of-mars on Tumblr, who has a pretty hefty amount of coverage.

Nascar baw in response to Mark's videos.


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Ttly nawt Sean
Ever since last year i discovered Sean's DA.. i was amazed that he loved Serena so much...I shared my feeling with Sean.


—Steve is gay for Sean... which would be masterbation.

No matter what Sean does or says or how much of an asshole he makes of himself, his BFF, alt account, and possible boyfriend Deviantart-favicon.png Steven0304 is always there to suck Sean’s tiny dick. He actively goes to other people’s pages, raging at them to stop bullying poor, little Sean and RP’s him fighting them. Like Sean his posts always include the “no haters allowed” rule which results in him getting trolled anyway. Although both have stated Steve isn’t Nascar’s alt, we all know he’s full of horseshit.

Error creating thumbnail: File missing
Taking it too seriously
Error creating thumbnail: File missing
Must talk to Sean, will die otherwise
Would someone please be friends with me? (no bullys allowed)


—Need someone to help him jack off to Sean

Sean v2

In case you all didn't know I'm a american, I'm also part British and Irish cause I relatives from Ireland and the United Kingdom cause I'm a Corbett, I'm proud to be a Corbett Cause Corbett is my last name, Don't mess with the Corbett family.


—Sean attempting English... and failing.

Error creating thumbnail: File missing
You're a midget?
Error creating thumbnail: File missing
Same Sean, same shit.
Error creating thumbnail: File missing
Homosexuality is bad, m'kay?
Error creating thumbnail: File missing
It seems he and Shrek broke up, shame...

Tired of being called a recolor, Sean had his waifu revamp his OC. People praised his new look, excited for the new and exciting Sean that would come forth after he promised his friends he’d grow the fuck up. That same day, user Deviantart-favicon.png R0XYGEN pointed out that the new Sean was not new, but actually another recolor from the South Park franchise. Who was it this time? None other than Stan Marsh with his hat off! Who will he make a recolor of next, Cartman? Kyle? Mr. Garrison? Mr. Slave?

Error creating thumbnail: File missing

He also claims that his OC is a dwarf in an attempt to explain why he looks to be barely a foot tall when in the presence of his waifu.

Let's hope it's the fucking Titanic.

He also turned his waifu into a recolored train to stop the pedo comments, it's not working.


Did we forget to mention the new Sean's into some sort of locomotive piss fetish that makes him grow bigger?

Error creating thumbnail: File missing

Sean the Shitstorm Engine

Error creating thumbnail: File missing
Here we go again!
Error creating thumbnail: File missing

During a recent baw session between late May and early June of 2016, user Deviantart-favicon.png Noahthetankengine was convinced sucking Sean’s cock was no longer worth the trouble and dumped his autistic ass.


Enraged, Sean began antagonizing Noah, making hate art and asking people to go after him. This in turn led to the rest of Sean’s recolor buddies to leave him as well, blocking him in the process. Which is funny because they didn’t leave when he was found out to be a pedophile. Apparently attention whoring is worse than sticking your dick in 10-year-olds! Such logic.

Error creating thumbnail: File missing

Upon leaving him his friends also made their own anti-Sean art. The Autism is strong in this fandom.

The Great Sean War About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]
NASCAR STOP THIS NOW! IT SCARES ME! *slaps Nascar* You know I have autism!



Aside from Steven0304 there is also Deviantart-favicon.png Agent555, a Thomas recolor with an extra set of drive wheels who is also a cyborg. Edgy. He is one of the remaining white knights who doesn’t think Sean is a pedophile. Hell, he doesn’t even know what one is!

What did he do after all of this?

Spoilers nope, he's still here folks!

The final battle?

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Error creating thumbnail: File missing
Nascar begging his "friends" for help.

On June 20th, 2016 people clicked over to Sean's account to find it hacked by a group led by Negativeinfinity. The hackers proceeded to unblock those who had been blocked previously, delete Sean's shitty art and recolors, replacing them with pictures of John Cena, The Donald, and Jar Jar from Star Wars.

Error creating thumbnail: File missing
As per usual, his fanboys didn't understand what was happening until it was spoon fed to them.
Error creating thumbnail: File missing

Eventually, Nascar did get a hold of his account and managed to give intelligent last words of wisdom before his account was deactivated (shame they didn't delete his shitty DA groups though):


However, the majority were happy to see him gone, for now.

Error creating thumbnail: File missing

Will this be the end of our hero?

Spoilers: nope!

Error creating thumbnail: File missing

Round 2... and 3... maybe even 4?

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Error creating thumbnail: File missing
Error creating thumbnail: File missing
Must protect the preciousssss
Error creating thumbnail: File missing
Gotta get that pedo dick.

The next fucking day Sean made another account Deviantart-favicon.png Nascar2212, so original. He then went to his friends' pages telling them he was back. The "haters" were on him in a matter of minutes and his account was once again hacked into by Negativeinfinity and co a second time within an hour. One can only fathom that Sean is either the dumbest person in the world or his passwords are piss easy to figure out.

Took me like 10 seconds to get in this time :P



Error creating thumbnail: File missing
This guy...
Error creating thumbnail: File missing
Tru fax
Error creating thumbnail: File missing

As before, Sean's account was filled with various images like in the first account. Only this time, it didn't seem like Sean tried to fight back. After all went quiet, there was a response from a user by the name of Deviantart-favicon.png Nascar222 who commented on his hacked account announcing his new account, though people were skeptical.

Error creating thumbnail: File missing
They got his FB account, yo!
Error creating thumbnail: File missing
They got his YT too~

While people speculated the account's authenticity, Deviantart-favicon.png Nascar2213 appeared who proved to be the real Sean. He posted a journal to Archive today-ico.png his friends asking for help and announcing that no hackers would be allowed. Guess what? They hacked him, and this time it went further than just DA.


After taking control of Sean's YT, they proceeded to clean his page of the vile garbage of which he spewed forth unto this world. Replacing it videos with meme and troll videos such as:

Will Sean be back a fifth time?

Error creating thumbnail: File missing
Yo boy is back~

Nascar goes Edgelord

Cue the music!

Error creating thumbnail: File missing
Error creating thumbnail: File missing
Legitimate questions.

I don't want to be treated like a faggot anymore!


—Sean, no seriously, he said that

Error creating thumbnail: File missing
See? He said it.
Error creating thumbnail: File missing
"Good one, me!"

On the morn of June 28, 2016 Sean's fourth account was hacked and deactivated. In its place was Deviantart-favicon.png NightmareRedness (deleted), an accounted filled with stolen images with the names of other users scribbled over in red MS Paint ink.

Error creating thumbnail: File missing

At first people thought it was another troll account, but once Nightmare posted a Archive today-ico.png status in that fucked up language only Nascar221 uses, everyone knew it was him. And he was trolled, of course. However, this wasn't enough this time. Sean made a sixth account that same day. Wanna know what it's called? You'll never guess!

Deviantart-favicon.png Nascar2215

Didja guess right? Bet you didn't!

Error creating thumbnail: File missing
Even da Kalos Queen is done.
Error creating thumbnail: File missing
As more people leave him, Sean still believes none of this is his fault. He'd make a good politician.
Error creating thumbnail: File missing

To accompany the new edgy Nascar221, Sean made a video explaining his feelings. There he apologized to his friends for his behavior after coming to the realization that this was all because of him.


And there's Agent555, never failing to get that dick in his mouth.

Blue font against a mostly blue background? Someone give this man a fully paid scholarship to film school! Tl;dr moar Sean baw and victimizing himself while calling out several DA users as the cause for his pain that just somehow happened his way, calling them assholes and faggots. So mature there, Seany-boy. In typical manchild fashion, Sean blocked everyone who didn't suck his delightful pedo-dick and hid the comments, even the ones who were trying to help.

Error creating thumbnail: File missing

Error creating thumbnail: File missing

Unless you can best him in a Pokemon match, you don't get to tell Sean what to do!

The Farewell (or no)

Just when you thought Sean's account was once again deleted and thus he was gone for good, Sean returned with another account: Nascar2216. At this time, many trolls came forth under various fake accounts claiming to be Sean such as Nascar2217, Nascar2218, Nascar2219, Nascar9000, SailorNascar, and many a myriad of other fake accounts; so many that one simply could not keep up with them all. At the same time, Sean was losing his friends gradually that when they realized just how batshit he really is, and it was then that he moved to yet another a new account by the name of Ask-Sean. This was in vain, for after merely a month, the amount of hate arts intimidating Sean in DeviantArt increased. In usual tartlet fashion Sean started talking shit, saying that his haters are niggers and have Asperger's.

In September of the same year he abandoned DeviantArt and moved to Tumblr where he remains this day. Disregard that. Sean has come back to Deviantart yet again as Deviantart-favicon.png AmazingNascar221.

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UTubeDramaUlrichthehedgehogUltimate Muscle Roller LegendUltimateUKFFFanUndertakerfreak1127UnMaskingTheTruthUnstrappdUnsubscribingUpDownMostlyVaLLarrrValisHDValleyfeverVampiricSpektorVegan GainsVennu MalleshVenomFangXVenomFangX/CriticismVenomFangX/Online DramaVenusangelicVerdmidious ReznovVicious Dog ManVideo Game ReviewersVideoGameDunkeyVioletkitty411ViperVipor231Vipor231/YouTubeVipor231/YoutubeVirus-20VloggerheadsVoicEverythingVonHeltonVsauce

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