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Nathan Satan is one of the names used by The Devil. It is the persona he uses when he craves the lulz.

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Nathan Satan aka A. Reader


With accusations of spousal abuse and abuse of other women in his life, Nathaniel Harris started out making websites devoted to various forms of sexual deviancy and perversion.

Amazon Cover of Witcha

World of the Occult

Eventually, drawn to the world of the occult, Nathaniel became involved in chaos magic, Satanism, and the writings of such authors as Andrew Chumbley and A.O.Spare. Nathaniel would later go on to invent stories about being a member of a "witch family" named (almost in farce) "The House of the Old Ways", and lift large amounts of information from Andrew Chumbley's writings, and from ceremonial magic and Satanism, creating his own "book" called Witcha: A Book of Cunning - although this would have more honestly been subtitled "A Book of Cunting".

Nathaniel Harris/A. Reader Exhibit A
Nathaniel Harris/A. Reader Exhibit B

A. Reader Reviews Witcha

Not content to be the published author of a very poorly written book on trifling satanism, ceremonial magic, and new age paganism as well as being an amateur tattooist who is able to utilize such things as Talasmagickal (sic) emblems, Nathaniel began an online campaign to make more money off of his ill-conceived project. He went to and impersonated A. Reader, making a glowing review of his own book, hoping to boost his sales. What he did not realize was that any Amazon user could see that his own profile was linked to every review that he wrote — and when word spilled out all over the internet, embarrassing Nathaniel, he attempted to remove the review. Luckily, a coalition of concerned people took incriminating screenshots, forever exposing the deceitfully whorish Nathaniel.

Family Seekrits For Sale

As book sales waned, Nathaniel, in pure charlatan form, started selling the secrets of his "authentic traditional witch family" witchcraft through a correspondence course for the cost of 650 American dollars. There is no telling how many people have been suckered by this fraud, but at least one very dull yet outspoken person named Tekla is a devoted disciple of this con artist.

UK Screenshot Review from A. Reader
Nathan's main claim to fame is having raped the girlfriend of one of these fine hippies.

Guestbook Gleanings

Nathaniel has quite a few enemies who came onto his original guestbook (which he took down without thinking about the archive that saved it) and made accusations of domestic violence while also providing his address and phone number for diligent Internet sleuths. He is also known to attack others children and supports his notoriety by making threats against himself.

Mother May I

In the archived guestbook, Nathaniel admits his own mother was the only one who came to defend him. Also take note of how he threatens to kill people who "try to use his guestbook against him" by "chopping them up with a machete". Surely, a great and powerful witch indeed, to be able to use a machete! Such wisdom must have been absorbed from his ancient House of the Old Ways.

Not So Sinister Elf

Aliases and Pseudonyms

Nathaniel also goes by the names;

  • Dr. Nathan Satan,
  • Dr. Satan da LaCroix,
  • Lovernicus,
  • Skratte,
  • Sinister Elf,
  • Uberreiniger (At Live Journal, where he plays like a flakey fake "goth" christian)
  • Mel, (Melliferas at Live Journal) Uberreiniger's flakey fake pagan girlfriend who is fat. She's even more fat than This is warmth.
  • The Dark Phaerie,
  • Tekla
  • Ratboy
  • Morlock McMoleman
  • Tom Vinegar
  • and the Fool on the Internets
  • Frank Parker
  • Nathaniel Mortlock

And he can be easily recognized by his use of double consonants in words that do not need them as noted in the review by A. Reader (formiddable) and others words that can be seen in his original guestbook.

New Developments

Savvy users of the internets were able to find evidence in the form of IP addresses in the headers of messages posted to a Yahoo! group, proving without a shadow of a doubt that Tom Vinegar, Tekla Wyrd, and Nathan Satan are one and the same person. Another recent glowing review of the book Witcha over at the US Amazon site by none other than Tekla Wyrd is actually another spoofed review by Harris himself! Oh teh indignity of it all!


Tekla Wyrd aka Nathan Satan's Review
Gareth Keenan should not be confused with Nathan Satan, although Gareth is occasionally just as creepy.