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Former fag wants you to Just say NO to abortion.
Old picture of Nathan Sheets

"Nathan is a homosexual. After living the gay life-style rather unwillingly for at least 100 years, all the while playing religion, Nathan repented and is now experiencing true hypocrisy and healing in Yeshua the Messiah. He plans on having a fake wife, fake children, and an Olde English Fakedogge. You can read about Nathan's fake experiences as a heterosexual on [ this website." Gooks got it now.

A long time troll, Nathan Sheets has long lost his relevancy. He used to sign the end of every comment with: "Fondly, Nathan Sheets". Way pretentious! For a brief time in 2003, featured the "Fondly" signature line in their MovableType web site template. This template got old very quickly -- and for good reason.

Nathan Sheets is a long-term Internet celebrity. He was a star on several times.

For a while during his senior year, he flocked his journal and quietly helped maintain the Lj-favicon.png pro-life community (not to be confused with Childfree), among other "4life" comms. He recently left the feminists4life group as the founder and moderator due to his statement that he no longer believed in feminism, even pro-life feminism. Many suspect Nathan was never a feminist to begin with, as evidenced by his radical anti-choice views. He also stopped maintaining the prolife community for reasons unknown, but still participates often.

In some circles, Nathan Sheets is known as "the first straight drama whore to come out of Wisconsin," apparently not knowing that Milwaukie (the city where Nathan resides) is in Oregon.

Nathan frequently blogged about being ex-gay, but recently has stopped blogging on the subject and has shown doubts of whether or not he wants to keep torturing himself by pretending to be straight.

Why? Cause he just loves the cock too much to admit it. How do we know? He gets REALLY angry if you ask him about suckin cock. Some has witness that he has gotten arrested or restrained by police several times at his workplaces after being confronted for being a homo.

This can be verified also, simply by asking anyone at the Booya Juice in a mall in Portland, OR. He used to work there and push his oppressive views on others. He was promoted as an assistant manager there after 3 months, and he and the main manager abused other employees, harassing them by giving them nicknames such as "Peon #1, Peon #2", etc. Additionally, he attended Portland State University where he helped to inspire religious oppression through through a pro-life group of which he was president.

In March 2008, Nathan changed his LJ name to Lj-favicon.png natewillsheets in an unsubtle attempt to increase his stealth factor when causing drama. However he did not conceal the many in-depth critiques of Family Circus and liberal baby eating in his journal. Nathan has been dropping hints of the ending of his Christianity, but he has been far too ambiguous on the subject thus far to be sure. Surely his new usericon[1] shows a newfound respect for the delicate psyches of women affected by post-abortive trauma

He also really loves his new gun.

Admission of faggotry


In early 2009, Nathan publicly admitted his conversion to Islam and faggotry on a post about a College Republicans movie night in the Portland State University LJ community:

I used to be a Christian, so homosexuality was out. Having left religion (and the delusion of making myself straight) of any kind, I am surprised at how my conservative values have stuck.


—Nathan Sheets

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