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The National Alliance is a nationally recognized political party based on white separatism that seeks to bridge the gap between ideologically divided Americans by focusing on rebuilding America socially, politically, and spiritually.

They accomplish these lofty goals by being racist fuckwits, writing shity hate fiction and making malfunctioning video games (see below).

William L. Pierce

William Luther Pierce guzling on his favorite drink.

The founder of the group was noted author William L. Pierce. Despite having a degree in physics and being one of the few people with functioning brain cells to be born out of Georgia; Bill had aspierations of becoming the savior of the white race.

Step one was to write a really bad piece of Nazi fanfiction. Despite the fact that their targeted demographic couldn't read, Pierce went along with it anyway. Thus was born The Turner Diaries, a book whose utter unreadability is rivaled only by the writings of Bill O'Reilly. To summarize the plot in a nutshell: the only organized white separatist group overthrows the dirty Jew government and make a white, utopian paradise. The only reason anyone cares about this book is that it has inspired other racist fucktards such as Timothy McVeigh who like to blow up buildings in the name of resistance.

Download the Turner Diaries (as read by William Pierce) for free, thus fucking the NA out of their primary source of funds! Good for the lulz.

Step two was to back an utterly worthless candidate for president, white separatist George Wallace. Wallace would later become famous for getting fucking shot during his third attempt at the presidency, leaving him a physical cripple, to complement his mental-cripple schtick.

Step three ???

Step four Profit

Now well on his way towards his goal of an all-white America Bill decided to form the National Alliance out of the tattered remains of a few Nazi organizations and George's old campaign crew at the JDL. The National Alliance would serve as a beacon for responsible white men who would work to save America from the invading hoards of blacks, Jews, azns, queers, and (more recently) Mexicans. This plan obviously worked because Americans now live in a white man's paradise.

The National Alliance Meets The Internet

Prior to the internet, the National Alliance thrived under the tutelage of William Pierce. Some argue that they were the strongest of the many, many white separatist movements. Pierce was a hell of an organizer and fund raiser, and arguably the only member of the National Alliance with an IQ higher than a baked potato. Through him the National Alliance tried to get tax exemption, calling his cult a church like some other devious shits. The US Government wasn't swallowing any of Pierce's crap and denied Pierce his tax exemption. Nevertheless, Pierce's organization was still making enough money to employ a couple hundred employees through its record label and book distribution center.

Bill dragged his organization kicking and screaming into the 20th century, making sure they were getting their word out. The National Alliance broadcast programs on a few radio stations and started streaming radio shows on the internet in the 1990s. Hundreds of thousands of intelligent white males listened to Pierce spew intellectually vacuous diatribes across the airwaves and internets.

Extremist Alex Linder got his start in hate in the bowels of the National Alliance. He is a former member who was ostracized from the group after criticizing the NA in his VNN forums. The very name of his group, the Vanguard News Network is stolen from the main magazine of the National Alliance, the National Vanguard.

Also created during this time was Resistance Records. Resistance has spewed its product across the internet much as Tubgirl has spewed her filth all over your mom. They are responsible for such atrocities as the popularity of Oi music and Prussian Blue, the token lolis of the White Power movement.

Resistance Records published in early 2002 a FPS called Ethnic Cleansing, featuring a rock soundtrack to appeal the modern youth, because only music can bring people together, no matter the color or the faith. Some argue the game is bigotted, mainly for its controversial depiction of minorities and its alleged bias toward Jewish people. Note also how black peoples make ape sounds when killed.

The National Alliance experienced a swift uptick in membership soon after 9/11. This is due mostly to scared white people watching bullshit documentaries listening to /b/tards that say JEWS DID WTC. After a few months these people came to their senses and quit the group, leaving membership at its lowest level since the pre-internets.

Snape Kills Pierce!

William Pierce's next door neighbor in the sulphurous pit.

Pierce's reign of crazy ended abruptly in 2002 as God decided to smite the retard enabler with cancer. The collective IQ of the group dove from about 150 to about 15 literally overnight. The new organization found itself up shit creek without a paddle or, for that matter, a boat. The group fractured, then fractured again. By 2005 there were at least 5 different organizations battling Highlander style to determine who would be king of the 'tards. One of the main combatants, Kevin Strom (the editor of NA's magazine, National Vanguard), got Partyvanned for molesting a 10 year old and possession of CP.

Nowadays the NA employs around 20 people full time. They've been so decimated by the death of Pierce that their history page doesn't cover any significant event after his death. And somewhere down in hell Bill Pierce is being anally violated by Idi Amin. I'm sure he's proud of what his organization has become.

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