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Jennifer Government has a cult following
NS Players dressed for battle

NationStates is a lame text-based online game in which over 9000 wanna-be dictators (and, frequently, would-be dick tasters) make their own little pretend countries and discuss politics. Arguments, pseudo-wars, and mindless namecalling follows. Eventually players will be banned and cry about it on other websites, even if nobody gives a shit. At least they're not furries. Not anymore, lol (c.f. Hataria, Free Furry Islands, Far Echo Islands, Kitsuneville, Cazelia, Fox Rite, TFU and Lyncanthropia). They've even admitted to being kid diddlers, so pretty much anything goes[1].

NationStates was actually created to advertise a book by unfunny Aussie Ma[r]x Barry (who is bald to assist in unbirthing) called Jennifer Government, but nobody cares about that, mainly because it fucking sucks. Anyway, why read a book when you could be imaginary-raping imaginary peasants in your imagination?

It's run by Commies (confirmed by players) and at least one furfag (obvious). Anyone expressing a right-wing political bias is either banned or sent to work in Siberian uranium mines (confirmed). They also ban pirates, people pretending to be pirates, anybody who makes a joke, anybody who posts a smiley, and anybody who the moderators randomly decide should die. This causes much crying from the losers that use the site. However, they seem to tolerate fascists, Nazis, child molesters, pedophiles, and retards very well. It is advised to not argue with these people as Godwin's law usually applies itself around post three. Alternatively, if it doesn't, the conversation devolves into incoherent babble which will then make your throat want to strangle itself. Sometimes this involves cheesecake, which is delicious, but most often it does not- just fucktons of shit.

Definitions and Acronyms

Based on Nationstates. The horror!

Where to go

On the front page, you will see many little links that will send you to various shit pertinent to the game. Direct yourself over to the "create a nation" section and create a nation that has a name full of lulz (Note to trolls like yourself: Things that are Banned from NS include, but are not limited to: Goatse and other porn, God Hates Fags, Swastikas (in nation flags), 4chan, and thread titles that aren't bland), fun and us. Once your nation is created, you'll end up in one of the pacific regions. In these regions (The Pacific, The East Pacific, The North Pacific, you get the picture), you will find a blend of wide-eyed newfags and holier-than-thou oldfags who, if provoked, will provide you with hours of enjoyable, fun loving lectures on the glorious history and development of the game, completely scripted to give them some sort of high-standing in the events that be (apparently everyone there is an attention whore).

If a feeder isn't your idea of a fun time, move to another region by clicking "world", going to the bottom of the page, and typing in a region. But, of course, a crash-course in regions is completely necessary! Below is a list of some regions and a brief description to go along with it, as well as the troll rating (moar stars means moar fun):

Fox Rite's flag. Used by many a troll
  • Fox Rite - A once powerful raiding region now reduced to reminiscing. Think Furluminati. Run by an EDiot. Troll Rating: ***
  • The Last Kingdom - A large region run by an attempted an hero. Troll Rating: ****
  • 10000 Islands - with only about 300 members, the landscape is pretty barren, amirite? Founder of TITO, a butthurt defendfag group. Love inactivity, hate activity. Fun times to be had here. Troll Rating: ****
  • Taijitu - Old region, lots of members, nothing happens here. Troll Rating: **
  • Gatesville - A one thousand nation region. Largest User Created Region in the game ever. Run by Gates the God.
  • Nicaragua - Run entirely by fat, feminazi, atheist, liberal, hispanic cows with nazi tenancies. No joke. An easy first trolling job, and always fun to watch dig themselves into holes. Troll Rating: *****
  • Gholgoth - RP region full of people who take themselves waaay too seriously. "Disrespecting" them will lead to lulzy rage. Troll Rating: ****
  • Gay - The region is completely gay. That is all. Troll Rating: ****
  • Catlandatopia - Once arguably the most powerful region in the game. Now in reminisce-mode. Troll Rating: **
  • 4chan - Yeah, even 4chan has a region. Troll Rating: WOT YOU PLAN TO TROLL 4CHAN?
  • Illuminati - A bunch of wanna-be CIA ops. Not very active, though. Troll Rating: **
  • First Reich of Der Fuhrer - Despite the name, not nazis. Everyone in the region is a drunkard, and one is an EDiot. Unfortunately linked to defenders, and often protected. Troll rating: *
  • NAZI_EUROPE - Contrary to what they want you to know, many nazis are Nationstates players. Fun to talk to. Troll Rating: ***

There are, of course, more regions than this. And in reality one can only troll up to the return of the founder or delegate. Once the founder or delegate logs in, party could be over, as they're allowed to clear the RMB and banject any newfag. However, if one wishes to troll further, many regions put their websites in the WFE as well as their forums. Troll on, brave soldier.

The crappy RP Forums

Two forums, "International Incidents," and the creatively named "NationStates" forum, are devoted to roleplay. The writing on the former consists mostly of basement-dwellers waving their kilometer long, multi-turreted, rail-gun-armed, armored steel dicks (compensation for their RL inadequacies) at each other. Posts that involve characters that are not said metal phallic substitutes are pure shit, usually consisting of two barely coherent sentences or less. Most of the time, attempts at war RP's devolve into whiny arguments about "god-modding" involving lots of pseudo-physics and flaming. Sometimes one of the fags involved is amusingly hit with the banhammer for being a tard, which the victim will sometimes come back under a different name and complain about.

The latter forum ("NationStates") claims to be more "character-based" and "story-based." This really just means that it consists of long posts which are merely thinly veiled softcore written smut, some of which is perilously close to furfagdom, and the rest of which is either LOTR ripoffs (woooo! elves in space!), or Underworld ripoffs (mostly written by Assington, The Golden Simatar and other snobs) or both (written by Tarlachia, Callisdrun, a girly-man pervert who likes menstrual blood and should be skull fucked).

These RPing circle jerks have spawned several smaller spin-off forums consisting of members who were too emo for nationstates and sad because of their insignificance. The best of these is Sovereign Kingdoms, due to the fact that the guy who runs it (as well as making over 90% of the site's posts) is a Christian fundamentalist who isn't afraid to share his opinions on niggers, jews and government. Other spin-offs include Daily Escape, Global Progress, Nations Online and World at Play. These all suck even more than NationStates, however, due to the fact that their members are teenage fucktards who can't go a week without fucking up their own site for entertainment because their posts suck so much. The faggotry of these sites is so immense that it has even infected ED; certain butthurt RPers have used this very page to BAWWWWW about the gay melodrama on these forums in TL;DR semi-coherent edits, thus exacerbating the GRIDS that is killing ED.

Notable Roleplayers:

  • Ancient Humans: If you mention that his nation is ancient, he will proceed to sodomize you with a stick and a wooden spoon , proclaiming that he actually uses spaceships. Alas, who would their nation afters Neanderthals, then?
  • Bereia: AMERICA. FUCK YEAH. With more complaining of gun rights and abortion, and being used as a constant test dummy for new leftard drone strikes known as "insults" and "debate".
  • Barboneia: A nation with a name that sounds like a lyric from Eminem's "Ass Like That", and birthed from the books of 1969 and Brave New Fag. Ran by a bunch of Nazi Jews who restrict the pseudo-Finnish populace of their rightfully earned jewgold. Also ran by a literal faggot, yet basically feeds them Soylent Green. A gay Finnish SJW's dream nation.
  • Benum Landum II: Honestly, no one knows. One day they're an oppressive Christfag dictatorship, the next their an interplanetary empire of Nazi niggers screaming "YOLO". The world may never know (no, I'm not referencing the lollipop licking commercial, you sick fuck.
  • Hataria (now Steppe Empire, a.k.a. The Hyperborian Khanate): As previously mentioned, he's one of the biggest furfags on NS. He got banned by the mods after proving how fucking stupid he was by threatening to sue them if they didn't side with him. He's now known as The Steppe Empire due to his actions, and is now fucking up II with bullshit-random invasions of other nations right before being continually pwnt. Is speculated to have Assburgers.
  • Auroya: Seemingly a bunch of pagan liberals who orgasm upon space being mentioned. Will fuck your shit up with their "ubermensch military" of floppy helicopters and faggy tanks. Also, seems to be pretty shitty at drawing, since they only use pixels to model their military. Want to troll Auroya? Just reply in a right-wing manner to any quote he says, and he will proceed to whine his ass off.
  • The Fedral Union (a.k.a. The United Terran Alliance): Pisses people off. He'll resort to name calling when something doesn't go his way, when he's not pissing people off by being shit. He also comes up with sucktastic story plots, most of which are luckily shot down by Naggeroth (his gay lover) on MSN before it reaches the light of day. He also RPs giant dick starships to make up for his lack of a penis in the first place. Also smokes pot. Hates Hataria like asshole cancer. Is also an IRL faggot.
  • The Pink Guy: A nation. Entirely dedicated to the retarded pink fuck in Filthy Frank. ORE WA OCHINCHIN GA DAISUKI NANDAYO!!!!
  • Confederation of Common Sense: A prepubescent godmodding nation who spams "uber mechanoidz!" at you if you dare question him. He always spouts OOC info ICly in his shitty posts, rapes any conservative and conspiratard he sees, and constantly jabbers about how gays are the best thing since sliced bread. It's a phase in puberty, and he will most likely become the next Mitt Romney within a few years.
  • Creepwood: Satanic emo fuckers from Scandinavia who use Satanism as an excuse to do anal with your dog. Also seems to run some public orgies mansions that need renovation. . .yeah.
  • Doom Legions: Bloodthirsty niggers that are also Nazis in the process; even OOCly he hates Jews. Always godmods with some new shit, whether it be invincible soldiers or Whorehammer rip-offs of Tyranids.
  • Paginista: Capitalist emo Nazis that hide behind their faggot friends the Doom Legions and constantly have 'plans' they pull out of their own ass when they're not writing bitch ass rip-offs of Whorehammer or some random vidya game; OOCly he is a depressed faggot who should pull his finger out of his ass.
  • Dominated Earth: A typical Pan-Earth Jew controlled nation that's also Orwellian nature. Somehow related to the furfag Transyl.
  • Dogs of War: Actually not a bunch of Nazi furfags. Rather, a bunch of human mercenaries... Nation States is now Jew Gold Corporations.
  • Chronosia: Originally a Chaos RPer and a god to the rest of the NS losers. Now lies in absence because he kept sucking Khorne's cock for too long.
  • Auman: A member of some fucking alliance who considers it to be the most important thing in the world because he (and the rest of them) are a bunch of fucking arrogant losers/nerds. Also is a faggot for Canada and would gladly fuck a random street corner because he loves it so much.
  • New Frenco Empire: His nation is the leader of his own canon, aptly and boringly called the "Frencoverse". A pseudo-American mass of liberal orgies, drugs, guns, and fucking thy neighbor, drawing rehashed ideas from video game titles such as Fuck a Molerat Simulator and googling images to "be more proactive" like most of the shitty community does on a daily. This nation is just his excuse to fap to molerat porn and commit bukkake with Stalin's new identity on the chinks. He literally copies ideas from Fuck a Molerat Simulator, such as his leaders' appearances, armor, equipment, and guns. A partner with two other shitty friends canon-wise, a commie edgy-robotic transhumanist nation of Blakullar, and the futuristic tentacle porn-loving christfag known as the Nexus of Man.
  • New Edom: Imagine Britain...exactly as it is, with all the added sex and bonus corruption. Owns many storefronts, all acting as peddlers for Max Barry's jewgold throughout the monarchic populace of GE&T (the walmart of NS).
  • Ruridova: A Jewish libfag nation that entirely occupies Europe, yet all of Europe's cities are named to some orgasmic grunting instead of their original posh names. For example, Berlin is "Dansbruckstadt" and London is "Cydysa". If you even question his liberal ideology, he will fuck you in the ass with angry quotes like an SJW.
  • The Sick Fucks: There are two notable sick fucks on the RP forums. Orthodox Gnosticism and Huntaer come to mind, one who RP's a shitty BSG alternate reality, the other who steals shit from other existing sci-fi shows and movies because he can't come up with his own original stuff. They come up with incest scenes and other rape related issues because they were raped as kids and want to share their experiences with the rest of the public. They probably butt fucked each other too.
  • The Soodean Imperium: A bunch of Satanic chinks that have an obsession for anything and everything pixel art. ANYTHING. Whether it be his Satanic Pentagram of a flag, or his tanks and helicopters, you better be ready for some MSPaint love up the booty. Also a leftard, like the usual.
  • Blakullar: A nation of Russian cyborg transhumanists who has a fetish for anything and everything Command and Conquer: Red Alert. Just like his canon partner, the New Frenco Empire. he googles shitty images off of Bing to add creativity to his rehashed nation. Ironically, he doesn't like it when his nation is called "Blakullar", wanting the noun "The Mechanocracy" to be used instead. Sounds like his personal life is leaking in as well. A member of the Frencoverse circlejerk.
  • The Parthians: A nation of pseudo Arab/Nazi who has no qualms murdering, raping and overall fucking shit up and profiting like Jews. An invasion by his nation is pretty much a closed casket for anyone who gets attacked. Countless nations raped under his banner
  • Nueva Uruguay: A bunch of godless commie spics who burn Bibles and exercise that good ol' Big Brother love. Is Paraguay then Viejo Paraguay, a christfag jewgold community?
  • Singaporean Transhumanists: A chink paradise where transhumanism and Half-Life 2 wankery thrives. Also uses Minecraft as a source for creativity in nation-building. If you want to fuck around with Sing, just say that he is a Minecraft fanfag. Operates many other puppet nations with similar creative faucets as well.
  • Sunset: A namesnipe nation that spent so much time on the fuckery known as NiggerStates, that he or she has become a Roleplay Mentor. it's an FT nation, with all the Star Wars and Star Trek rip-offs. Nothing to see here.
  • EWT: Full name "Evil Woody Thoughts," he certainly lacks what his title implies. He attempts to be a "tough macho" person, but in reality is actually a scrawny little white faggot who sucks dick at life. The lowest form of life, he is worse than a push over, he's a MSN pushover. Whenever someone actually shoves him back, he starts whining and bitching about him not getting his way, much more so than TFU ever does thusly, proving that he actually lacks a dick. He deleted his nation in a rage attempt at gaining sympathy from people he associated with, but no one ended up giving a fuck. Apparently, he is back as Clan Makaryk, bitching about some fucking illusion he has about "former glory," insisting that he is still bigger and better than everyone else and continues to suck his own pussy which has recently replaced the imaginary dick he had. If you want a good troll for lulz, this guy is highly recommended to fuck around with.
  • Piero Sraffa: Some fag who likes some Piero Sraffa; nearly all posts are dedicated to him from this nation. This is a phase right below celebrity murder.
  • Thrashia: Another faggy Star Wars based Nation, he currently rules the wannabe- Galactic Empire alliance. His favorite character is a blue, red eyed smurff named "Grand Admiral Thrawn" and continuously thinks about sucking his dick and having his ass being fucked by the Admiral. He thinks his smurff fag is the best thing since General Grant, though he can only hope that he can one day suck Admiral Helena Cain's tiny-ass lesbian tits.
  • Saurisisia: Christian scalefag who periodically posts RP posts before disappearing into the inky black void of writer's block.
  • Unified Sith: Aka "Sithy," is one of the oldest Star Wars fags on NS. He continuously likes to suck George Lucas's cock and pussy (yes, lucas has both) by praising his name. He's also an admitted priest, thusly automatically making him a child molester and pedophile.
  • The Nexus of Man: This is what happens when you get a christfag gamer and sci-fi nerd to make a nation. The Nexus of Man is an Orwellian theocratic dictatorship, where faggots get their balls chopped off and niggers roam free selling dank kush, all the while also stealing shitty images from Fuck a Molerat Simulator. His futuristic nation is exactly like that, but with more christfag tendencies, Whorehammer influence, and a little sprinkle of space fetishism, and being a member fo the Frencoverse. Fucking with the Nexus of Man is easy; just say "fuck Jesus" and he will proceed to lecture you on robo-Yahweh. Also an Alchestbreach fag.
  • Skaugra: Known for his Mechwarrior faggotry, he's also an acknowledge sailor making him a guy who loves to drink semen. He's also of the opinion that 500 gigaton nukes are awesome compared to giant lazers of d000mz. In reality though, people who argue for either size are obviously making up for the dick that they lack.
  • Balrogga: Likes to RP a race of sucktastickness known as "kythons" who are nigh but invincible in most ways. This obviously indicates he simply doesn't have a big enough dick to fuck with everyone else on the forums and has to make up for it by making up gayness. He's also one of the oldest players on NS, indicating a possible pedophile.
  • Derscon: Probably one of the gayest players on NS. He relies on characters that are literally "Gods," making him all but invincible. Clearly this indicates he's making up for lack of skill, and the size of his dick. He also has a fetish for blood orgies indicated by the constant death tournament stories he starts up.
  • Godular: AKA: Godmodular by many who have placed him on "ignore." The guy is overly obsessed with Lovecraft, going so far as he wishes he could suck the fucktard's decomposing cock, indicating necrophilia urges. He loves to fap to his own apparent awesomeness, which no one else bothers to acknowledge. Almost on the same scale as the "Sick Fucks," however he doesn't focus on rape and incest as much as he focuses on fucking dead bodies and blood orgies.
  • The Wick (AKA: The Farstars Republic): A general all around douchebag who likes to fuck everybody else's ideas, making him one of the bigger dicks on NS. He also likes to fap to his own characters having sex, whom he and Orthodox Gnosticism wrote out on a few occasions. Notably, he thinks he's the best simply because he's a retired marine. Sadly, he fails to realize this only makes him a baby eater.
  • C'tan: Originally a Necron player of sorts, he has since long fallen from the path of Warhammer gayness and into general all around faggotry. A mere shadow of the C'tan gods themselves, he clearly should stop pretending to be the necrons and just simply accept the fact that he lives in his parents basement, yiffing to furries.
  • Flimxanthia: A Whiny, petty and hypocritical Feminist with nothing better to do than bitch and moan when he doesn't get his way.
  • Hydra-Russian Empire: A rich crap who likes to hang out on the forums and stalk little children. "Hydra" is well-loved and respected by most, though some hate him. Basically he is a fag even though he claims he isn't.

The even worse non-RP Forums

NSGers in reality

Other forums include "Gameplay," where idiots come to ask how to change their flag, their region, their motto, or any of a variety of stupid questions that their down syndrome asses can't figure out themselves, "United Nations," where nsfags go to take themselves too seriously as if their proposals actually mattered and weren't just hours of wasted time, "Moderation," where people go to whine about getting flamed or banned, an activity that causes much laughing among the mods, and "General."

This last is filled with pseudo-intellectuals, commies, wine-sipping socialistas, creationists, evolutionists who hate the creationists, volvo-driving liberals, bush-fellating conservatives, bronies, furfags, anarchists, libertarians (all of which claim they have Asperger's Syndrome), niggers, camwhores, objectivists, fags, trannies, sluts, morons who hold every kind of dumbass political ideology ever invented, old farts and all other manner of annoying people who should not be on the internet. Apparently half the forum has some form of autism or other mental disorder. Memes from 4chan often appear in watered down form on NSG years later. The moderators basically keep anything from getting too fun, chiefly by banning anyone who pwns another poster too massively. The entire forum suffers from unwarranted self importance and consists almost entirely of attention whores. It gets boring after about a day because in the history of the forum there has never been an original thread (except for the one Der Fuhrer Dyszel titled "If I had a Penis," which the mods ruined by changing the title to "If I was a man," which demonstrated how the mods are anti-fun, as the thread was not about DFD waking up as a man, but as a dick-girl, and the one created by this pervert from Canada aptly nicknamed "Sin," where all the NStards reveal how kinky they are; this thread was closed by the mods because the mods felt like it) since the creation of the site. Other shining examples of intellectual stimulating debate include nuclear bomb will explode, torture terrorist's daughter? and Pedophiles get a bad rap, both of which include much lulz, b&hammer usage and subsequent moderator cocksucking out of mortal fear. Said moderators are usually all of the above themselves, and if any right-wing fag decides to stir up a healthy debate, he or her will be systematically gangbanged by the moderators and users together.

The rest of NS hates NSG as much as encyclopaedia dramatica does. Probably even more.

Notable NSG members

More information can be found here.

  • Allancia: Spilled the beans on the ED operation on some faggotry thread known as "The Elder Thread", a shitty rip off of The Elder Scrolls. May or may not invoke SJW wrath.
  • CTALNH: A Marxist commie and Humanist who has nothing better to do then bitch and whine about capitalism and religion. Claims to be the original "Marxist-Leninist", even though that's just a shitty cash grab for fame.
  • Cannabis Islands: An atheist dimwit who is a stoner when not buttfucking his Yaoi blow-up doll. Of course, like every NSGer to exist, a libfag.
  • Geanna: An androgyne tranny shithead who goes, in detail, how to cut your own dick off and turn into the girl you've always wanted to be, along with hormone therapy. Avoid at all costs; trigger Geanna by stating you can't change chromosomes, and it will go bonkers.
  • Kannap: Some NSGtard that, despite having enough posts to rival You in the basement for so long, appears absolutely nowhere apart from the NSG troglodyte orgy known as TET (The Elder Thread).
  • Lunatic Goofballs - Almost confirmed homosexual pedophile by own admission thanks to much investigative research and mostly lulz; it is a NSG tradition that people praise him and his massive cock, and gently stroke it, once he uses his b&hammer, for they fear he will use it on them.
  • Laerod: Some B-class liberal artist who decides to spend countless hours spewing left-wing shit in an attempt to garner more attention for his/hers drawings, which is the only thing mentioned in his/her sig.
  • Lyttenburgh: An unapologetic Slavic Justice Warrior. Was banned for having unpopular opinions and supporting Russia in the midsts of NSG's daily anti-Russia shitposting bombardments. Many sources believe the Lyttenburgh is either a Russian FSB agent, or Vladimir Putin himself.
  • Marathon - OlDsKoOl troll from cira 2003. Used to troll the liberals and libertarians by calling them pussies for not defending America from Iraq.
  • The Red Arrow - High school libfag who constantly copypasta'd articles from,, and other batshit insane websites.
  • The Republic of Lanos - Retard libfag and Nazi lover who gets offended by the word "faggot" every time it is uttered. Known for being in a fight with a North Korea wannabe named The God-Realm. Likes ignoring people like a fucking coward, speaks broken german and faps to people speaking German (Ameriman? American nazi? FAGGOT for sure.) Is a brony too, and has had his micropenis eaten by Olthar. Has assburgers down synderome autism and the like all at once. His therapy is the reason for America's debt.
  • Thafoo - A libfag demigod who cries if someone doesn't capitalize an I, also is a fucking nigger homosexual. (note: i i i i i i i i i i i i)
  • Neo Art: God of leftards and "wins" arguments by saying everyone else is wrong. Likes dick, especially NERVUN's buttondick.
  • NERVUN: A weeaboo moderator who bans everyone who dares imply that Japan is not the most perfect country in the world. In love with Neo Art and Yaoi.
  • The God-Realm: A failtroll who got permabanned from the forums because he singlehandedly offended all of NSG. Supports North Korea, no srsly.
  • The Blaatschapen: An unfunny ad new member of the NationStates moderator team; on his spare time, a goat-fucking sheepkin. Any unlucky schmuck that disses "Blaat" in any forum, one way or another, will be tracked down and raped via "Delete on Sight" banning protocols. Most call Blaat the "mascot". That's one fucking Special Snowflake mascot.
  • Gauthier: Yet ANOTHER fag with no life dwelling on NationStates, earning more posts than scoring matches on Tinder. Surprise, it's also a leftard!
  • Kelinfort: A Pansexual libfag Jew who seems to revere the moderators like God. Just say how he likes to fuck pans, and he will be triggered enough to verbally shit bricks.
  • New Maldorania: Nigger Jew Homo (NO SRSLY) who is famous for shitposting, sucking mod dick, being a wapanese kid who threatened to kill himself and attempted to replicate goatse on a cat (again, srsly). Thinks 4chan is creeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy like 95% of Nigger Shit Gay forums. Needs to kill himself.
  • Menassa: A money-grabbing Jew who isn't even from Israel. Will promptly educate you on Judaism like your 140 year old World History hag of a teacher if you make one mistake about Jewism.
  • Merizoc: A liberal faggot who thinks that he is Genghis Khan. He identifies as an anarcho-primitivist, which really means he wants to be scrounging around in the dirt fucking who he wants. Yet, he's using a computer. The purest form of Hypocrisy.
  • Ovisterra: A brony feminist who seriously enjoys horse dick in his ass. In love with Olthar, a cockwhore and tranny.
  • Ostroeuropa: Similar to the above and below pony fuckers, it is an androgynous liberal clopfag who gets triggered over anything centrist and right-wing. It tries to make fun of SJW troglodytes, but literally has the same triggered personality. Also, not funny. At all.
  • Olthar (Self Proclaimed "Penis Queen", even she knows that she is a cockwhore) a pegaslut tranny who sucks over 9000 mod dick so she can still post cockwhore posts, has a fetish for animals, complains that her porn does not have horse vagina, has no interest at all in humans and admitted to sucking horse cocks, yet 1000 cats was banned for simply saying he fucked a cat as a joke. Evidence that Olthar is sucking NERVUN's micropenis. Is the cancer of the internet.
  • Prussia-Steinbach: A wigger libfag who claims to have taken "all sorts of hallucinogenic drugs", when, in reality, he's fapping to gay porn. He has an ego about the size of Goatse's anus, and swears in every other post he debates in. To troll Prussia, simply say he lies when he claims to have taken LSD. He will then proceed to flip his shit.
  • Reploid Productions: An obnoxious "senior" moderator of NSG (which really means he/she/it has no fucking life if dedicated to this). Always bans any rational debater on NSG, and picspams it's warnings/bannings with retarded 3D anime pictures which looks like it was modeled in a Windows XP 3D modelling software. Also a brony, like literally every other moderator.
  • Risottia: A commie tranny who teaches mathematics and Liberal Arts of Faggotry. Boasts about being a " logical" fedora-tipping atheist on his spare time, when he's literally jerkin' the gerkin.
  • Russels Orbiting Teapot: Another not-fine example of a neckbeard who is too busy bitching about religion to actually do something with his life. Says that he is "rational", but jumps at the chance to take a shit on any christfag who dares to challenges his opinion. Also is probably a pony fucker.
  • Sun Wukong: A Metal Gear Ass fan, and a monkey-fucking liberal who matches perfectly the atheist creed of "oh meh dawkins reljiun iz bad11!". A simple way to troll Wukong is to point out his monkey-fucking ways, and how he may be dick-brothers with The Amazing Atheist.
  • Scomagia: A leftard goatfucker. A goat fucker in every sense of the word; has a fetish for goats, is a shitty rip-off of Goat Jesus, a goatkin, etc.
  • Swith Witherward: An SJW who earned the ceremonial rank of "Roleplay Mentor". Also a raging feminist and Indian in denial. Uses cancer as an excuse to not get exposed for any bad shit committed.
  • The Archregimancy: A christfag who, at the same time, is the most rational moderator of them all. Not much to say, apart from the fact that everyone would prefer him over the other moderator shits.
  • United States of Conner: An annoying Applefag who thinks he used to be a CIA spy. Likes to brag about his past when he does nothing but fap to Jason Bourne all day long. Started out as an SJW, become somewhat more rational with exposure to NSG.
  • Yumyumsuppertime: A fatfuck homo who always some picture of gay food; thus, by using logic, we can deduce that it is, indeed, fat and gay. No really, this is in a literal context.
NSG is known for its posters' willingness to rationally consider outside opinions

How to Troll

All apply.

If you want to make a nuisance of yourself, just follow these simple step-by-step instructions.

If you do this late at night, it will be at least a day before anyone notices. Even if someone notices, no one will actually do anything. Seriously. Nothing.

Other known troll-triggers include praising / condemning a former nation called Francos Spain, claiming to be a member of DEN, Fox Rite(fly said regions' respective flags ftw), getting into completely irrelevant arguments with older players (nations with populations bigger than 3 billion), and randomly leading "movements" across larger regions.

Alternatively, post a thread on General saying you support anything. It doesn't matter what—but generally, conservative bias achieves moar lulz. Edit: Be sure to stick around and pretend to argue for whatever position your thread is supporting/condemning/whatever. This way it will take them longer to realize that you are a troll. If possible, start a huge new argument over some technicality in someone's post. This will have them going for hours and will make your trolling most lulzy. However, no troll is ever as good as Jesussaves.

Alternatively alternatively, post something mean about the faggot known as "Fass" (also known as Fassigen and Fassitude). This will cause an uproar on the forum, with about half leaping to this forum celebrity's defense and the other half agreeing with whatever terrible things you are saying about him. Can be highly entertaining if you're plagued by boredom. Moar difficult, but also great fun, is trolling the fuck out of Andaras. Andaras was too easy to troll so he got banned. Instead, try trostia, Heikoku, or cat-tribe, especially if you can get them to have a pussy fight with each other.

Massive lulz can also be derived from baiting well-established players. This can be done by calling them Tyrants or Barbarians for some time until they finally snap in an ejaculatory rage. Example: (tl;dr: RAGE)

Aternatively^3, there is Nationstates General (NSG for dumbasses). To truly troll NSG is simple:

Be a vocal conservative.

This will rile up any and all libfags within the general internet vicinity. Their faggot mating calls will then attract their tranny fuckbois to you. You will then realize this was a horrible mistake, as now you are being swamped with bullshit such as You are a homophobe! and I have the right to suck cock! They actually say this.

I want you, yes YOU, the person reading this, to make sure and pay attention to what I'm about to say and not just skim it over.

I'm not going to get in the middle of all the childish bickering taking place, because frankly I don't care. I don't care about who's right, who's wrong, who started it, etc. I'm also not going to explain the situation at hand, because if you don't know already then this is of no concern to you. What this all boils down to is this: roleplay.

Roleplay on II has evolved heavily over the past 5 years, and I have been there since the very second that particular forum was made. II used to be nothing but noob spam, so horrid that I lodged complaints to the moderators about it, even going as far as to petition them to shut down the forum. But then I came to the decision that the best way to change II for the better was to roleplay as much as possible and try to inspire people to follow suit, and even though I refuse to outright take credit for the progress the II community has made, one cannot deny that I have been heavily involved with it over the years.

I don't care what your opinion of me is, I really don't. I'm in this game to have fun, a concept which seems to be lost on many these days. I know that unless I point fingers, what I say is simply going to be dismissed as "a conspiracy of people that he wouldn't name that did something bad that he wouldn't clearly specify", but I'm not going to waste my time and effort because the people who are to blame KNOW who they are. There is simply no longer any benefit to RPing with Haven because of this stupid personality cult that hangs over it, and those who are apart of it have, in the past, ruined perfectly good RP's because they didn't get their way 100%. Somehow there is this sense of entitlement, this sense that your "opponent" in a RP has to simply bend over and spread 'em because they think their nations and militaries are so much better and cannot be beaten.

I however am not going to sit here and act like Gholgoth has never done anything wrong, because we're not so self righteous that we can't admit our faults. We know damn well the mistakes that we've made, and they've been fixed or are in the process of being fixed long term. We were involved in the bickering during the last failed NATO+Gholgoth versus Haven escapade, however this was initiated by HAVEN the second they started reading posts that they didn't agree with (IE:, that didn't result in immediate defeat upon the first attack). You nitpicked that thread to DEATH, and ever since then we have been reluctant to waste any more time with you lot. Since then it's been the little things that have further solidified in our mind that RPing with Haven is useless, and the last Haven war was what sealed the deal for us because several of us tried to get involved in some manner. There is a complete lack of willingness to put your damn egos on hold for the sake of a good story, a complete lack of willingness to cooperate and compromise, and no interest in anything except "winning" at all costs. But after all, what is "winning" in NationStates? Truth be told there is no such thing, and at the end of the day all that remains is the threads we leave behind, and future waves of RPers will judge this RP community and its members based on those threads and its contents. Those of you in Haven who have seemingly gone out of your way to stomp on the very spirit of cooperative II RP will be remembered for what you do, as corny as it may sound. We in Gholgoth however are choosing to move in a new direction, because WE founded this region for several reasons: 1. We're friends. 2. We wanted this region to be known for good RP. 3. We wanted to help promote good RP and further strengthen the II community.

We thus far have failed at the latter two. We've failed because we've been too focused on this ridiculous rivalry with a group of RPers who, quite frankly cannot RP well. Do NOT misinterpret this as me saying you lot cannot write well, because you CAN and should be commended for your ability to properly use the English language. I say that you cannot RP well because you ignore the very basis for free form RP; cooperation. Without it there isn't a damned thing ANY of us can do, because any sort of progress can only be made if one side allows the other side to make said progress. Nobody in NS is obligated to accept anything anyone does in the slightest, and the only way any of us can do much of anything is if we cooperate with those we interact with. Now, does this mean that all of Gholgoth are great RPers?

By my definition, no. We have our shortcomings, and we recognize that. We realize now that there is no point in flaunting any kind of 'supremacy' one may think they have, we realize now that there can be no good RP unless you cooperate and compromise, and bickering over petty details is an absolute waste of time. We intend to change that, because we want to get back to the roots of what this region was founded on by our veteran members; good RP. So needless to say, we plan to do just that. We're going to be broadening our horizons and getting back into the old swing of things, but first there have to be changes. The internal changes I spoke of earlier are being made and will take effort over the long term to succeed, however there is one external change we must make before we can move on.

As I said once in this thread already, there is no longer any benefit to RPing with Haven for the reasons I have specified. Therefore Gholgoth has collectively decided that it would be best for us if we no longer RP'd with Haven, because frankly unless Haven works its own kinks out and collectively gets their egos under control and heads out of the clouds, there can be no good RP between us. Since we are no longer RPing with you guys we are also taking ourselves off the map with Haven, so therefore there is no longer a distance issue between us. I'm really sorry to inform the Haven crew of this, but none of you have any say in this decision. We will be placing ourselves on a new map with several other RPing regions, and frankly we do not care what anyone's opinions of them are, nor do we care what your opinions are of our decision. They have all agreed to this and are looking forward to what the future holds. Link.

We're going down a new path, and you guys will not be coming with us.

Wether or not you consider this an ignore is up to you, but I don't think most people in Gholgoth will be ignoring Haven forever. If perhaps sometime in the future you would like to discuss matters with us in a civil manner, you're more than welcome to do so. However this won't be taking place now or anytime in the immediate future. We have a lot of work to do to better ourselves, and so do you. We wish you guys the best.

- Automagfreek

TL;DR- Basically AMF is taking his Gholgoth region way too seriously. It's just a shitty internet forum, there, cowboy.

Who made it? Fuck if anyone knows, but it's hilarious for 1. lolbertarianism and 2. RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE. Shit because it's so overused and full of butthurt the players will laugh and the mods will delete a user on the spot. They call this DOS (deleted on sight). NOW YOU KNOW.|0}}

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