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NCH85 is a self-proclaimed "/b/tard", and huge breaker of rules 1 and 2. He created flash animations that gained notoriety on 4chan /f/ board and featured weeaboo memes and other retardation. Being an anonymous flash poster isn't enough for certain weeaboo namefags, and he became thirsty for recognition. He posted his flash movies on sites that attract many a newfags and weeaboos or the DeviantArt variety to 4chan, thinking that they could get furry kawaii anime and that 4chan is a place of pink cartoon characters. NCH is also a chink from Singapore, so it's no wonder why he is such a raging weeaboo. Also, the bitch is being worshiped by all the youtuber's that fag up the 4chan.

Response of the Angry Anonymous

Subject: Hey fucker... I know it's because of you and your faggoty posts on here and newgrounds and anywhere else that made 4chan the way it is now. You are the main reason why so many unfunny noobs from ytmnd, newgrounds and gaiafags have taken over 4chan /b/ and the rest of the boards, filling them with so much goddamn fail it's sickening. Your faggot ass never understood the first two rules about b-tards: DON'T FUCKING TALK ABOUT 4CHAN. If you want to post your shitty 4chan city flash, just do it on 4chan, you fucking attention whore. I really fucking hope you accidentally break your goddamn neck and die whilst receiving anal sex from a fucking furry. Joey Bishop


—a clear statement by a butthurt Gaiafag

How to become e-famous in moot's book

4chan flash Apparently anyone can have a flash animation on the flash page if they suck moot's cock enough in it.

External Links

4chancity, his first work of faggotry, hosted on 4chan and everywhere else on the fucking planet.
SageGaiGar Craptastrophe Aptly titled.
sageman notice how he says cliches and not meme