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Got mule?
The real face of abortion.
Neal Horsley T's.
Abortion is murder but killing blasphemers and fags is not

Neal Horsley is a ultra right-wing pedophile who runs around holding up pictures of aborted fetuses while screaming in people's faces to cut that shit out. He even has gone so far as to put up a site which catalogs abortionists who have been killed, along with putting up webcams and streaming them to his site. Everyone hates him, including his fellow pro-lifers, and he is constantly being harassed for his extreme views. He also likes to fuck animals (along with anything else that is warm and moist). This draws the obvious conclusion that he wants to save all the babies so he can make sweet sweet love to them all.


Neal doesn't like abortion very much. As a matter of fact, he FUCKING HATES ABORTION! His line of "reasoning" seems to go something like this: Abortion should be illegal because abortion involves killing God's children. It's Satan's fault that abortion is legal because Satan gets all the aborted fetuses. If Neal can't convince everybody of this holy truth, then God will get seriously pissed and pwn the U.S.A. Since Neal knows all this, he knows he must do everything necessary to get the rest of us to understand. That's his completely logical reasoning for spying on women at abortion clinics, aiding and abetting murder by listing abortion workers' dox online, and in general acting like a good Christian. Now of course the Government and media are to blame for all the babies being torn asunder. Therefore, Neal does not trust either. That's why when the supreme court levies a decision against him, it's really because it's part of a conspiracy. Along this same line, when his views are questioned on a news show, it's part of the broader conspiracy.

Pro-lifer showing Neal some love

In The Media

Of course Neal's views have gotten him in trouble with pretty much everyone. From the media, to the courts, to liberals, and even with other pro-lifers - they all hate him. In response, Neal has appeared at various times on different news shows to try and defend himself. He puts up a good fight with amazing arguments and witty retorts, but unfortunately he seems to get pwned again and again. If only they weren't all conspiring against him.

Can I Haz Governor Plz

Seeing the direction the liberal media and corrupt government lean on abortion, Neal figured the best way to combat it would be to get himself elected into public office. He founded his own party called the Creator's Rights Party which stands for tradition family values (such as outlawing abortion, putting God back into government, getting rid of ridiculous ideas such as evolution, and permabanning the gays). He has run for Governor of Georgia several times now without success. How he hasn't been elected yet is anyone's guess.

Make sure to listen to Neal's expert legal analysis.

Music Career

Neal doesn't just scream in people's faces to get his point across. He understands that it sometimes requires a softer approach to con people into his arcane beliefs. With that in mind, Neal will sometimes pull out his 6 stringed mistress (along with accompanying mouth mask) and strum a beautiful hymn on the tearing from limb to limb of babies. How touching.

Seriously WTF

Mule Whisperer

Neal grew up on a farm in Georgia. This means that his first girlfriend was a mule. This isn't just true of Neal, but of anyone who has ever grown up on a farm. Now you might be thinking "eww gross" but that's just your liberal pussy talking. As a matter of fact, when all boys are growing up, they will stick their dicks into ANYTHING that is warm, moist, and vibrates. Don't believe me? Well don't take my word for it; just listen to what an expert on the subject had to say on The Alan Colmes Show:


Neal's talent apparently knows no bounds. On top of the preaching, spying, promoting murder, animal fucking, and serenading, he also likes to make some amazing shoops. Check this sweet gallery of win.

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The public utility basis for government oversight of the Internet is obvious to anyone who looks and, if reason and logic are to play a part in the future of the U.S.A., one way or another will become the basis for Internet law.


—Neal on internet law.

Satan hates the live web cam project because it actually has the power to interfere with the delivery of his daily diet of slaughtered babies. Satan gets very angry when his favorite food (sacrificed human babies) fails to be delivered.


lol wut

When you grow up on a farm in Georgia, your first girlfriend is a mule


—Neal being a sick fuck.

People who tolerate legalized abortion are just as much murderers as the abortionist who rips the baby apart and the mother and father and grandmother and grandfather who offer their babies to be slaughtered as human sacrifice.


—Abortion is your fault.

Having sex with a mule is the same thing as having sex with a whore



I can have an orgasm riding a bicycle



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