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A diet with no meat or dairy will make you look like a methwhore tranny.

Living proof that vegans hate animals, Camille Marino is an insane orange skinned northern dago bitch and such a hardcore animal rights activist that she killed her cat by force-feeding it a vegan diet in lieu of meat. She's also the creator of the laughable militant vegan blog, Negotiation Is Over: Go Vegan or Die! and bane not only of other animal rights activists but of all human and non-human life in general.

Negotiation is Over! – The Blog Itself

By friends with benefits she means friends ON benefits, the lazy cunt.
Camille indulging in some corpse-munching.

Negotiation Is Over (NIO) is characterized by a degree of hypocrisy and self-righteousness rivaled only by Childfree and the Rational Response Squad, and actively encourages violence and spits on pacifism.

Despite all this, NIO does contain minute levels of lulz, mostly racism. NIO frequently compares animal liberation to the abolition of slavery, but everybody already knows that niggers are animals. She also has an irrational dislike of Obama due to his love of fried chicken.

Negotiation Is Over is also a blatant rip-off of the far better and funnier blog, Negotiation Is Done: Eat Meat or Die.

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Camille Marino

File:Camille Marino Early Years.jpg
Camille's earlier years.

The creator of NIO is the alarmingly ugly Camille Marino, a 45-year-old godless ex-hooker whose hair looks like that of a Barbie doll that’s been left alone with an 8-year-old armed with scissors and frightening make-up to match. Her incomparable unsightliness can be solely attributed to the lack of meat in her diet. Look at her picture, vegans. Do you want to look like that? If not, eat meat.

Fortunately, she's as hideous on the inside as she is on the outside. Like all vegans, she's completely incapable of handling any form of criticism, including that of other vegetarians and vegans. Feel free to drop her a note, but don’t expect your comment to show up unless you're willing to offer her much-needed oral sex (the only kind of meat this whore will eat).




—A quick summary of her blog.

To abolish non-human slavery, activists have to first free themselves from the pacifist mindset that keeps them bound to the oppressor.

The oppression is focused and pervasive. This is a war. Revolution… by any means necessary!


—And the first step is to create a blog. That will show those corpse-munchers.

Children are NOT Off-Limits! In fact, children are the prime targets that vegans should actively engage and educate. Corpse-munching secretion-slurpers are indoctrinating youth into all kinds of abominations — from ingesting cadavers to murdering for sport. Ah, the family that hunts together… they need to have their guns shoved up their butts and fired!


—Luckily thanks to Camille’s withered ovaries she has no children herself.

Barack Obama, sits at the helm of the nonhuman holocaust… just as Hitler presided over the extermination of six million Jewish humans. But Obama leads a country that confines, mutilates, rapes and murders animals in the tens of millions every single day.


Godwin's Law strikes again.

Human beings are the most degenerate species on the planet and until and unless this parasitic mentality is eliminated, we’re all doomed… and, unfortunately, the longer we tolerate you, the longer the animals will live in misery.


—Camille forgets she's a human too. Just.

And, if it takes inciting a little motivational anger, I’m fine with that. If it takes exterminating the human parasites, I’m more than fine with that.


—Camille Marino, sweet gal.

I never felt the need to spawn. I am a zero-population growth advocate.


—Thank God for small miracles.

I don’t enjoy conflict.



You must have been abused as a child

Do not mourn her mother. Had she seen her daughter at this point she would have died of shame.
Pictures? Yes plz!

Camille has admitted on several occasions that she allowed her elderly mother to starve to death. Although she clearly has no problem with killing humans in order to save animals, who would admit to killing their own parent on the internet? Camille claims it was because she was abused as a child.

I also need to make a comment about my aversion to the theoretical dogmatic non-violent rhetoric. I am not an insane lunatic. These issues do not exist in some academic bubble for me. I’m hesitant to draw the comparison because my experience in no way compares to the atrocities to which non-humans are subjected. However, I am intimately familiar with being a defenseless being, a human child, in the hands of a violent psychologically-disturbed individual. In my case it wasn’t a vivisector or other socially-acceptable sadist, it was the person I called “mom”. I know what it’s like to be locked away in closets because the mere sight of me evokes frustration; I know what it’s like to be bloodied for speaking when I should have been silent; I know what it’s like to have teeth sunken into my flesh to teach me that I shouldn’t cry; I know what it’s like to try to hide, but there’s no where to run. Anyone who can sit in an ivory tower and refuse to recognize militant direct action as being an effective strategy needs to be categorically dismissed. This is not theoretical. There is real suffering that needs to be alleviated BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

So, while I am not a member of the ALF, I have the utmost respect for the true freedom fighters who risk their own well-being to rescue the innocent. It sickens me that “abolitionists” have the audacity to have sterile debates about what exactly denotes violence. If you really need to debate it, then you don’t have a clue.


—Evidently, her mother ate meat.

It could be that Camille is lying in order to gain attention and sympathy. If she's telling the truth, she's become a psychotic raving harpy just like her mother, and she'll be charged with manslaughter if the right person is notified:

E. W. Reeser
Chief of Police
100 E. Huey Street
Wildwood, FL 34785
Phone: (352) 330-1355
Fax: (352) 330-1358
[email protected]

RIP Ozzy

This actually happened.

Camille Marino killed at least one of her cats, named Ozzy. Although more infamous cat-killers prefer their pets grilled, Marino slowly starved her "companion animal" to death by feeding it melon instead of meat. Following the publication of her ED article in September 2009, Camille backpedaled and claimed that her cat did not die because it was vegan, but because a neighbor caught it in a trap and passed it along to four other people, one of whom abandoned it near "guard dogs who were trained to attack". Of course, this is utter bullshit; a quick check of her posts' dates prove that the lying bitch is lying.


Post-coital embrace. What IS that shit on her old lady tits?
French kissing a dog while Ozzy starves to death in the background.

As though killing her cat wasn't bad enough, Camille seems to have a worryingly close relationship with her dog. Unlike other sick fucks, when Camille frenches her pooch, it's considerably less titillating. For those who think this is a cheap shot, conversations with Camille have proven that she's completely at ease with fucking her pets:

[-+]Click to Expand

A bitch in more ways than one.

Further evidence lies in the way Camille assumes other people constantly rape animals (see quotes and gallery). I wonder why?

The Chris-Chan Incident

On August 23rd, 2009, a hoaxer named Peter e-mailed Camille to tell her that she was too much of a pussy to reply to any critic, troll or otherwise. With her fragile ego bucking under the strain of this accusation, Camille desperately felt a need for blind praise, and demanded a photograph of Peter so she could mock him into oblivion. He obliged.

Use scrollbar to see the full image

From past experience, we know that Chris-chan certainly does eat meat.

As any fan of ED can see, Peter's submitted photograph is that of the long-suffering Chris-Chan. He attempted to explain the joke to Camille, but she never replied. Why she kept the picture up remained a mystery, until:

Not exactly a difficult task.
The not-so-subtle trap is set.

It took me a while but I finally clicked -

I was wondering why you would continue to show that picture when I have continually told you it is of a young autistic man whose image in available online. Why humiliate someone who you know has done you no wrong? Then I realized you do not care who you hurt. You just want ass pats. I've read your particular entry about 'terrorism' and how peace is the enemy and it's clear you do not care who you hurt. But we have no need to worry, because you're simply too much of a pussy to be of actual threat.


—Mystery solved.

With the speed of a one-legged tortoise, the post was deleted a week after the hoax was revealed. However, the mirrored post on is still up.

Her Obsessions

Dave Warwak

Camille and Dave during happier times.

Camille is one of the few friends of vegan militant Dave Warwak who could almost pass for human, and her affection for him is second only to that for her dog. While Warwak has driven away even members of PETA with his extremism, he finds an equally deluded and violent companion in Camille; they both entertain each others' retarded ideals while forcing vegetables into each others' orifices. Under the bizarre impression that he's a figure of some importance, Camille actually made a TOW article about her beloved Warwak that's since been deleted.

However, this master-slave relationship did not last long (see below).

Gary Francione

Under a false identity, Camille did what she does best by annoying the living shit out of legal scholar and animal rights advocate Gary Francione. Like a Forumwarz fanboy, she claimed victory after being banned in less than an hour, unable to comprehend that that being a complete cunt and actually believing the bullshit she spews does not make her an epic troll.

Camille has also repeatedly published e-mail correspondence between Gary, herself and her small group of equally fanatical acolytes that were probably written entirely by her.

Trent Loos

A brief overview of her Twitter account indicates that Marino has an unhealthy fixation on redneck radio host Trent Loos. Interestingly, Trent Loos bears a strong resemblance to David Warwak.


Includes a handy glossary for beginners.

On September 2nd, 2009, NIO was hacked and many of its files were deleted. Having as many enemies as a single person possibly can (namely, everyone on, NegotiationIsDone and anyone else in possession of a shred of gray matter) the culprit could have been anyone.

As it turns out, it was none other than Dave Warwak.

Use scrollbar to see the full image

Fortunately, the thread from is still up.

Encyclopedia Dramatica Exposed!

The photo that launched a thousand baws!
There is very little room for reason in Camille's world. Voices often go unheard.
The entire post. She hates zippocat so much she splats him all over her blog.

In a very boring and predictable fashion, Camille has called for the destruction of Encyclopedia Dramatica. While perusing the many pages detailing the sick actions of animal fuckers on ED, she happened to espy that holiest of lulz/drama generators, Zippocat.

Of course, any rational person viewing such imagery will draw a breath and experience a strong emotional reaction - usually rage, sometimes sadness, and in extreme instances, remorse. On ED, the usual response elicited usually consists of fits of laughter. The shocking photos of a cat being doused in lighter fluid and set on fire are among the most dramatic images available to trolls on the internet.

Completely misunderstanding the actual function of Encyclopedia Dramatica, Camille utilized her vast intellect to realize that ED is responsible for the Zippocat images. Certain that most ED users sit around using various flammables to set household pets on fire, she went on the warpath…

Her first action was to alert her slobbering fans of the article's existence, despite the fact that Zippocat has been around for years, and any PETAfag with an ounce of awareness has seen and BAWWWWed over the images once or perhaps several times. She then warned her sycophants:

i spoke to a hacker friend of mine who took a look at ED’s website. in his opinion the site is pretty well fortressed (joseph evers, its owner, is a self-professed hacker himself and apparently computer savvy. ***by the way, joseph evers is on facebook and publicly lists his connection to encyclopedia dramatica for anyone who wants to harass him right back***). my friend said it would likely require several people to take the ED site down, using “hundreds of computers attacking the server at once. this is usually done by using a virus.” he did not know of anyone off-hand that could do the job, however, he gave me some information which may be helpful in removing the violent image and video content specifically, so i thought i’d pass it on:

he said a lot of the violent video content on ED’s site is originally sourced from youtube and other third parties. so, to remove it, youtube or the other original sources would be contacted as opposed to dealing with ED directly. youtube has a much different philosophy than ED and so would likely immed. remove it once alerted.

another option he suggested was to contact the ED website’s servers, a company called Reflected. they have nothing to do with ED directly, nor are they responsible for the violent content directly, but they are the administrators responsible for the server of the ED site. in my friend’s words, the following contact information “are email addresses connected to the link where the cat pictures are held.


—Camille issuing orders to her minions.

Less than 24 hours after writing the original post, Camille reiterated that she does not care about ED; as proof, she disabled comments on her post.


Of course, any time an article like this is written, the real lulz to be had is found in the shocked replies and counter-replies of the comments section below the original posting. Bored housewives and the retarded "kind-hearted" of the world do not make exceptional activists, but they can play one on the internet!

Hey, Encyclopedia Dramatica isn’t completely about animal cruelty, for example, they also advocate pedophilia and bestiality. They have pictures of me in extremely compromising pictures doing obscenely perverse things.


Eugenne Nicks, did you really just say this?

yo, camille im really happy for you, and imma let you finish, but Dave Warwak is the best fucking crazy vegan of all time! of all time!


Kanye West weighs in on the subject.

I am a veteran victim and witness to the crimes that ED has committed. I’m an animal lover and a furry (I have an alternate personality of an animal) and was a user on a website that was hacked and abused by ED users and sysops. They posted videos and images of animal cruelty on the main page of the site but it was the real life harassment that crossed the line. They somehow got the address for the site admin and torched his car and left a severed dog’s head on the porch. My phone number was published to the front page of their site by the sysop that goes by the name “penni” or “penni piper”. I received threatening calls and then started getting calls from some sex ad they posted on craigslist. These people are not to be negotiated with, they are evil dispicable people. Bite back!


—So, did you get laid from that craigslist ad? Or are you still shoving your pecker in your box turtle, Sheldon?

You are totally right. That site is terrible. Take a look at the article on *******. If people want to have sex with their dogs and cats they should be able to do so–AND be able to post pictures of their sex acts online without being harassed.


—A voice of REASON...wait, what?

I simply am not the person who will remain silent.

This started with a pretty funny page that they devoted to me. I think the fact that I was amused disturbed these people. So, I subsequently started receiving assorted threats, corrupted links/viruses, and a deluge of emails designed to intimidate me.

People just don’t understand… I don’t care.

Then I started getting bombarded with pictures of hideous cruelty and sick, perverted sexual acts with animals. I’m still receiving them. They’re all filed away. This really is where I draw the line.

If people are promoting abuse and enjoying it, then I am the person who’s going make sure everyone knows it.

Having said that, there is wisdom in what you say and I think this exercise has run its course.



—Camille on not caring about ED.

Use scrollbar to see the full image

Camille Exposes ED Comments.PNG
Each and every one filled with lulz.

Use scrollbar to see the full image

Is there anyone anything she doesn't hate?

Camille/Toaster: A love story

Have a nice protein shake.

You walk up to me furiously with a cold fire in your eyes, clutching your placard tightly in your slender hands. We catch eyes as I leave the small local butcher with a parcel of fresh milk-fed veal, I can't help but notice your hips gyrating hypnotically as you approach me.

"MEAT IS MURDER YOU SADISTIC FUCK!" you scream inches from my face, your doe-eyes unable to hide the wanton desire that has been boiling in your soul all these years. My hand snaps up to the back of your head and roughly forms a fist in your hair, tugging you back sharply. You let out a half-scream that is interrupted with a soft whimper as I lead you into the alley behind the butchers shop.

Your body writhes, feigning protest as you submit to your animalistic desires. I pin you against the cold brick wall from behind, you moan in a low submissive tone "please....please give me meat"

You feel my hard-on pressing against your firm ass as I reach forward to rip open the parcel revealing the soft tender veal chops, glistening with crimson juices. I take one in my hand and slowly rub it against your face, squeezing its juices free as your eager tongue laps.

You bite the calf flesh with the ravenous nature of a starving dog as my hand slides up your inner thigh and grabs the thin waistband of your cotton panties, pulling them to your ankles as you gnaw passionately.

My cock presses against your tender slit, dewy with heat. I press you harder against the wall as you struggle to push yourself back and onto my throbbing rod, whining greedily for more meat. I finally release you, letting you impale yourself on my cock. You cry out loudly as your cunt stretches to accommodate my meat spear, I push the shredded veal into your mouth to muffle your cries of passion as I take you hard and deep.

I use you hard, your emaciated frame frail in my arms. I finally release my grip on your hips and you collapse to your knees. A hand grabs you tightly by the hair, the other removing the meat from your mouth and wringing its remaining juices onto my stiff shaft as you eye it hungrily. I bring your head forward and you immediately take my cock into your mouth and suckle, I call you my little veal as I thrust, my cock sliding into my little veal's obedient throat.

Your eyes welling with tears as I gag you mercilessly...still bobbing obediently on my cock, tongue swirling around the shaft to savor the sweet combination of juices. My balls tighten as my thick cum spills into your hungry mouth. You savor every drop, your eyes half open in ecstasy.


Since this article was first posted in September 2009, the once-militant animal rights whore appears to be slowly but surely backing down. Negotiation Is Over can now be described as Negotiation Is Limited, as Camille is now willing to debate with non-vegans, so long as they only say what she wants them to. In a mere month she has tried to transform herself from a rabid bitch to an open-minded and intelligent supporter of animal rights. It's expected that by this time next year, she'll be Florida's champion hunter and BBQ cook-off queen.

She's also changed her slogan from Go Vegan or Die! to And Justice for All.

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