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Fucking Jews.

Once upon a time, a bunch of Jew Trotskyites at City College in Jew York got together and said, "This is no fun. There's no booze here, no kink, no rock and roll - so it's time to take it to the Xtreme! Texas style!" Shortly after, they raped a school bus full of blind children.

Thus, the Neo-conservative movement started. At first they were all Jews, but then Dick Cheney said "Gimme a piece of that shit, nigga!"

The Jewish Paradox: A Plan for World Domination

The Neocons were basically a bunch of whiny kikes who have been controlling U.S. foreign policy in secret since Regan's administation. While Regan himself was not a neocon he had put people like HW who were the neocons in his administration. HW would then try to annonnce his plans for world domination after becoming president. During the first term of the GW Bush administration, these neocons would come out of the closet showing the people how vast their network of war mongers had grown while the public was distracted with other things. The same way dogs might have fleas, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld (who had been hanging out and fapping together to snuff pr0n since their days as colleagues in the Ford administration) had little Neocon parasites attached to them. These Jews did 9/11 and then thrust the United States into disastrous wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

This was all part of a plan schemed years earlier. These same Neocons who controlled the Bush administration's foreign policy had earlier pitched a plan for regime change in Iraq to Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Netanyahu told them, "I love this idea, but since we the Jewish people also control the United States, why don't we just do it with the U.S. military instead? It sounds like a big and expensive project. We really don't want to have to pay for it ourselves."

The Neocons tried to sell President Clinton on the idea but he was busy with other things (srsly). For the 2000 election these kikes really stacked the deck, wanting to make sure they could do 9/11 and then launch the Iraq War (Jews do not like to leave anything to chance), so they placed one of their own (Joe Lieberman) as the Democratic vice presidential candidate and also placed one of their closest political allies (Dick Cheney) as Republican vice presidential candidate. John McCain, runner-up to George W. Bush in the Republican primaries, was also one of their hardline allies.

Bush won and so Rumsfeld was installed as Defense Minister with Paul Wolfowitz✡ (who later controlled the World Bank, just to rub it in everyone's face that evil mass-murdering Jews control the global economy) actually giving him his orders. Likewise, Dick Cheney received his orders from Scooter Libby✡.

After years of successful propaganda agitation against Saddam Hussein (accomplished through Jewish control of Hollywood and the media), the Americans were tricked into believing that Arabs, not the Jews, did WTC and readily supported a campaign to ethnically cleanse Iraq. This campaign proved extremely successful, with over 1 million kills logged to date. Some claim that Cheney and the Neocons themselves parachuted directly into Baghdad where they performed the ritual sacrifice of over 9000 Iraqi babies and then had a gay orgy while their bodies were drenched in blood.

What happens after the Iraq War is launched is vague, murky, and ambiguous outside of what is written in this plan David Icke loves to sperg about known as the Project For a New American Century which is a plan to eliminate and destabilize all of America's enemies in less than a century. These countries being Korea, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Somalia, Sudan, and China. The Neocons' best boy, John McCain, actually lost the 2008 presidential election to a Muslim nigra named Barack Hussein Obama. For a few brief moments, everyone thought that maybe the Jews had lost and peace would return to the world. However, Barack immediately showed his true form (Jew Power in blackface) and installed Rahm Emanuel (bloodthirsty Zionist kike) as his chief of staff, and Hillary Clinton, a Neocon ally, as Secretary of State.


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