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Neodrama is a Neopets forum. It was made last Thursday by a fat camwhore and a douchey homosexual. Currently, its primary inhabitants are unfunny trolls, college girls, pedophiles, aspies and Pakistanis with vitiligo. It's ranked 18,667,706th on Alexa's list of most popular websites and is considered one of the funniest and most respected Neopets forums on the web.


In 2006, during the heyday of the Battledome Chat, the legends of the forum decided they should branch off and form their own utopian community where they could spread lols and have fun, away from the Nazi-like Neopets moderators. They were sick and tired of the Avatar Chat spreading their spam onto their oh so heavenly board. Little did they realize that in the midst of all the CGing and scamming going on, Neopets players would eventually take notice and join the community known as Neodrama. Not surprisingly, very little drama of any importance goes on here. A typical day on the boards involves some Turk whining about how ugly Asians are, college girls talking about cats and shit, and oldfags complaining how the BD chat just isn't what it used to be. The board was intended to be for guys looking to hook up with hot girls who play Neopets, but it ended up a huge disappointment when a few girls thought it would be a good idea to Jew. When this was found out, the community of highly-respected individuals known as the BD Chat was so disappointed, they decided to spend their hard-earned Neopoints on these girls. The girls became rich on Neopets and people who didn't frequent the forum wondered how they became so rich.


As unfunny as it always was, it still is frequented by the same group of people, except now, Avatar Chatters have taken their place in the community. Because they are cute, the men instantly started to respect them. Some of these kids became mainstays in the Battledome Chat and are now just as elitist as the rest of them.


This website is basically just another forum. It's nothing special, nothing worth joining. You would probably think it interesting, so you can go here.

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