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Anuebunnie. Decided to drop in to give everyone a piece of her mind.

Since 1591, unpleasant individuals have been referred to as "Vipers" as it was England's only poisonous snake. A Nest Of Vipers refers to running headlong into a dangerous situation, tragically oblivious to one's peril.

New users are typically unaware of what a wretched hive of scum and villainy the internet is. You should expect putting your foot into a nest of vipers to be a weekly occurrence until you start to lurk moar.

Typical Scenario

  1. Read ED.
  2. Note with interest that Mudkips are a chan meme.
  3. Wade into 4chan /b/ blaring "HAY GAIZ I HERD YOU LIEK MUDKIPZ"
  4. Ridicule
  5. Rape
  6. Possible b&

Other Ways To Disturb A Nest Of Vipers

Oblivious Does Not Forgive

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