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The entire story in a nutshell.

Netoraserare (moonspeak: ネトラセラレ; pronounced: Dragon Cuck Z) is a netorare-themed "hentai" manga by Shikishiro Konomi that was, for a time, one of /h/'s favourite subjects to bitch about. Despite being serialized in the monthly hentai anthology Namaiki!, half the chapters don't even have any sex and the series is generally marketed as being a gripping "drama" – Because we all know that oh-so-many middle-aged housewives were requesting that their shitty, poorly written daytime soap operas be turned into a 27 chapter abortion of a hentai manga.

Netoraserare tells the heart-warmingly romantic story of Shu and Haruka, a married couple who have recently been having trouble in bed. In order to solve this problem, Shu asks Haruka to sleep with another man – Then everything quickly goes FUBAR.

Netoraserare: Abridged Version

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Why so cuckface?

Shu and Haruka have been married for several years and Haruka is becoming desperate to have a child. Unfortunately, Shu and Haruka have been unable to conceive and Shu's performance in bed has been sub-par. Shu goes to the doctor, who tells him that he is fertile and says that he can find no cause for Shu's problem. Shu and Haruka continue their fruitless attempts to conceive, but Shu's performance continues to decline. One night after dinner, Haruka finally confronts Shu and is about to walk out as Shu gets on his knees and reveals his secret – He has a cuckolding fetish and wants Haruka to sleep with another man.

Haruka eventually decides to go along with Shu's fetish and begins to sleep with other men, this soon leads Haruka down a path of becoming more and more fed up with Shu's fetish and becoming more and more impure each time she cheats. Eventually Shu and Haruka bump into Takakura-senpai, Haruka's ex-boyfriend, and Haruka decides that she "wants him" to be the next guy that she'll fuck. Cue several chapters of Shu angsting and then hiding in the closet while Haruka gets fucked by Takakura, after which Shu comes out of the closet with his cock in his hand and explains that Haruka's cheating was his own idea. Takakura then gets pissed that Shu made Haruka into a moral-less slut and declares that from that point on he'll be the only man that Haruka will cheat with.

Haruka is now constantly being fucked by senpai and shu becomes more and more visibly affected by it. At the same time, Haruka begins to become more and more sadistic, seemingly enjoying the pain she's giving to Shu. Eventually Shu's coworker, Kawai, sees Haruka and senpai fucking in a car in the parking lot and chooses to tell him about his wife's cheating. Kawai then gets naked and attempts to convince Shu to choose her over Haruka. Shu, of course, asks about her opinion on cuckolding and ultimately writes Kawai off when she says she would never cheat.

Shu then ends up returning home only to find Haruka and senpai with divorce papers on the table. Shu attempts to apologize to Haruka and she then responds by asking senpai to fuck her right in front of Shu. Senpai then literally fucks Haruka till she's unconscious and tells Shu to sign the divorce papers. Shu begins signing the papers and then his rage results in him taking the pen and embedding it several inches into his own leg. Haruka is then woken up by Shu's resulting screams and goes to him. Shu says he doesn't want a divorce and Haruka asks him if that means an end to the cuckolding, to which he says no. After this, Haruka attempts to "borrow" the pen from Shu's leg so she can sign the divorce papers herself. Shu then responds with a long monologue about how he still loves Haruka and how he wanted to murder senpai.

Senpai then makes one last attempt to win over Haruka, and she then explains to him that she was just using him as a tool to get back at Shu. Senpai then calls Shu and Haruka a "Fucked up couple." and storms out of their house. Haruka then asks Shu whether he'd be willing the raise another man's child, to which he says yes.

To be continued...

Some Highlights (and Lowlights)

Some particularly funny and/or cringeworthy moments that weren't important enough for the synopsis, but are still worth noting.

/h/'s faggotry begins

Mikocon want people to pay for pirated content, but they don't want people re-pirating that content.

After senpai was introduced into the story, the Netoraserare threads on /h/ began to turn into an absolute clusterfuck. They would generally end up hitting the bump limit within days and were receiving hundreds upon hundreds of replies – Most of which were Senpaifag vs. Shufag arguments and other assorted shitposts.

Mikocon's Faggotry

Mikocon is the English branch of a shitty Chinese scanlation group called 2DJGAME, for some unknown reason they are seemingly the only people capable of scanning and releasing the raws of Namaiki! – The magazine that Netoraserare is published in. Being the filthy Chinese Jews that they are, Mikocon also makes people pay for early access to "their releases". They've also been known to flip their shit over scanlators using their raws as a base for their translations.

Mikocon has a policy of not releasing raws until 21 days after a magazine was published in Japan, they claim that this is out of "respect" but we all know that it's about selling more VIP memberships! When chapter 20 of Netoraserare was released they even chose to ban a heroic Anon who paid for VIP access and attempted to leak the chapter onto E-Hentai. Being the pussies they are, E-Hentai then removed the raws at Mikocon's request and all of the heroic Anon's work was for naught. Fuck you, Mikocon.


Shu is at the mercy of Haruka's plush toys while Takakura-senpai tries on some panties. Wait, what?

Shujiro "Shu" Izumi

The protagonist who harbours a cuckolding fetish and ultimately convinces his wife to sleep with random men. It's later revealed that his fetish is the result of wanting to see "another side" of Haruka that he saw while she was with her ex-boyfriend (i.e. he wants to see her be happy or some shit like that). Also, his face always looks like it was ripped straight out of a horror manga.

Haruka Izumi (née Tachibana)

Shu's loving wife who agrees to cheat on him to help cure his limp dick. Over time she starts to become a huge sadist who enjoys making Shu suffer as much as possible. Haruka is without a doubt the best character in this shitty story and she will probably end up going full-yandere by the end.


Shu's annoyingly ditzy co-worker and arguably the character with the largest number of shippers. Many fanboys want to see Shu end up dumping Haruka for Kawai, despite the fact that Kawai has already stated that she would never cheat on Shu.


Haruka's ex-boyfriend and the very embodiment of alpha masculinity. Despite the fact that he's a stuck-up arse, many fans (who are affectionately referred to as "Senpaifags") still wanted Haruka to dump Shu and end up with Takakura – But these hopes were crushed in chapter 20 when Takakura himself was effectively cuckolded by Haruka, after which he finally ended up calling Shu and Haruka a couple of sick fucks and then ragequit.

Shu's Dad

Fucks Haruka.

Haruka's Dad

Beats the everloving shit out of Shu and his dad. ಠ益ಠ

The Plushies

Haruka's stuffed animals that she sometimes talks to because she's batshit insane. The sheep and the giraffe tend to be fairly decent, but the one with the eye-patch is somewhat diabolical and has been known to actively encourage Haruka's cheating. Srsly.

OMG! They made an anime of this shit!

Several months ago, Netoraserare was picked up for an anime adaptation by the company *EDGE (an acronym for Emotion Dramatic Gutter Entertainment). The anime adaptation manages to fit about 2 chapters into each episode and has the production values of a 3rd grader's glitter and glue art project – The anime is quite literally just a colorized version of the manga with a minimal amount of animation thrown in.

Galleria de Cuckface


2 nukes weren't enough.


—A typical reaction to this shit

Why is this stupid shit still not over?


—Anonymous, 20 chapters in

I'm amazed how you guys can be entertained by such a shitty plot or finding depth in hmanga sluts.


—Anonymous, telling it like it is.

Fuck shuu. Fuck Haruka. Fuck senpai.


—Anon, telling everyone in this story to get fucked

I'm waiting for the MC to kill himself, or his wife + her lover.


—Xenochrist, failing to understand how NTR works

are you really blaming the chick because her husband is a dumbass manipulative bitch? seriously check yourself before defending such a stupid fcking dumbass wimp


—Furiosa, proliferating the Netoraserare drama



—Anonymous, waiting for the next chapter

So all of this because he couldn't take some fucking Viagra?


—Anonymous, on Shu's limp dick

Uhyuu that was dramatic!! All dem tears (≧∇≦)

The regret and guilt of betrayal and suffering so good! All the emotions and dissonant feelings were shown so well through the facial and body expressions. Cannot replicate them through the emoticons (≥~≤)シ

Man dat guy is so messed up breaking both their hearts, crying as he listens to wife sex with stranger yet get so hard at same time And then turning into a total sex beast seeing her defiled state afterwards XD


—User-san, giving a cuckaboo's opinion on the story

How to troll Netoraserare threads

  • Post your personal opinion on the story, it's guaranteed to piss someone off.
  • Be a Senpaifag.
  • Say that Haruka is your favourite character.
  • Say that everything is Shu's fault.
  • Say that you hope Shu and Haruka stay together.
  • Say that Shu did WTC.
  • Spam the thread with "But you all freaking idiots know this month we won't get a chapter, right ??"

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