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Scott Stevenson, aka NETSCOTT, is a sockpuppet of MONGO and Tony Sidaway. May be the same person as Hipocrite, or one just has his hand up the other's ass any given day.

He is a big fan of censorship!

Hello Tony Sidaway, having read your comments in the ED article for deletion discussion it got me to thinking about the idea for an actual policy that in effect would be prohibitive of Wikipedia having articles about organizations and people who are well known for their criticisms of Wikipedia. I imagine that such an idea has been previously proposed and I was thinking that you might be aware of prior discussion of such a nature. Is there anything you might be able to point me to or any kind of advice you might be able to give me in terms of pursuing such a policy proposal? Thanks. Netscott 21:22, 19 July 2006 (UTC)"[1]

3RR Warrior

Netscott is a pathetic little weasel who will never be an admin because of his editing style his policy violations and his unbearable body odour. He is one step away from a Bureaucratic Fuck except he has no power to do anything, so he usually just whines on talk pages endlessly. Netscott is also a douche that likes to undo other people's work, and gets blocked a lot by Wikipedos because of it. He whines like a bitch about it too, even on an email list to Wikipedos:

From: Scott Stevenson <[email protected]>
Reply-To: English Wikipedia <[email protected]>
To: English Wikipedia <[email protected]>

Well User:SlimVirgin and User:Jayjg managed to get me blocked for a week surrouding this despite my good faith efforts towards ensuring that policy was met on this article. See:

I've requested an {{unblock}} as this block was neither justified nor preventative (I clearly stated that I'd stopped editing on the article hours ago and haven't since). The blocking admin's reasoning was that I'd been blocked "many times for 3RR". I've been justifiably blocked twice for 3RR and a third time despite my efforts at reverting vandalism surrounding the last block (User:William M. Connolley) expressed, "Its quite possible that I could have checked a bit more carefully" (meaning prior to blocking me for the last 3RR) see: hardly qualifies as "many times".

If someone could take a look at this case, that'd be appreciated. Thanks,

-Scott Stevenson User:Netscott

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