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Note the retard on the far left who must wear a helmet at all times. Also note the dude in the back who is pleasuring himself while wrapped in a blanket. That is your face when you hear "Naomi" for the first time.

Neutral Milk Hotel is the worst band you've probably never heard of. Universally loved by hipsters it is the source of much butthurt among music enthusiasts who prefer more refined musicians such as Tyler the Creator. The band is most famous for their release of the album In the Aeroplane Over the Sea, an album expressing lead singer and songwriter Jeff Mangum's misguided love for hide-and-seek champion Anne Frank. This album is considered a cult-classic among entry-level hipsters, and merely posting the album cover is a sure-fire way to troll the denizens of 4chan's /mu/.

Behind the Jewsic

Now they are all the cute ones ^_^ kawaii

Neutral Milk was formed in the early 90s by sweater-enthusiast and moot look-alike Jeff Mangum who grew up in a trailer park outside of Louisiana. After graduating from high school in Bumfuck, Louisiana, Jeff roamed the country as a homeless hobo releasing solo projects nobody cares about. Much of these recordings consisted of audio static and conversations Jeff recorded with his friends while smoking a bowl. True art.

From these early beginnings emerged the band Neutral Milk Hotel where Mangum released his first insipid shit-pile, On Avery Island and later Everything Is. After the release of this album, Mangum assembled his full band, adding Scott Spilane on the french horn, Julian Koster on the musical saw, and Jeremy "the cute one" Barnes on the drums. The band settled in Athens, Georgia, home to many better bands such as the Apples in Stereo and of Montreal.

"I dreamt I was up in a forest somewhere, I don't know where but somewhere, and I was sitting on top of this huge tree. I don't know how I got there, like that tree over there at each point and I was sitting on it and I was afraid to move and I moved and the tree just moved with me and that was weird"


—Lyrics from "Tuesday Moon", 2DEEP4U

During this period of the band's career, they would make quite possibly the greatest lolcow of an album if there ever was one: In the Aeroplane Over the Sea (ITAOTS).

In the Aeroplane Over the Sea

Start a blank thread on /mu/ and post this image. Guaranteed trolling or your money back.

In 1998, Neutral Milk Hotel released the album In the Aeroplane Over the Sea. The inspiration for the content of this album came to Jeff in a series of dreams, many of them presumably wet. Jeff Mongler's creative processes were also spurred by The Diarrhea Diary of Anne Frank, the titular character of which he wishes to "save in some kind of time machine". Despite his sympathy for Anne Frank as a Holocaust victim, he seems to have no problem with wanting to fuck her brains out when he sings "one afternoon I knew I could love you/ And from above you how I sank into your soul/ Into that secret place where no one dares to go" in "King of Carrot Flowers". The lyrical content exhibits Mangum's descent into psychosis which would ultimately become the undoing of the band and is also pretty lulzy.

Mangum's lyrics are the inspiration for many great works of art as pictured above.

Indiefags love Neutral Milk

Critically acclaimed.

Despite how obviously shitty this album is, indiefags love Neutral Milk. The 2005 re-release of ITAOTS got a 10.0 from notable indie hypemonger Pitchfork, and Arcade Fire front-man Guy Win noted Jeff Nomnom as an inspiration for both his band and his lame hairstyle. Despite their acclaim for the album, even the Pitchfork reviewer had to voice his disbelief at the content of the album, exclaiming "What the hell? A guy in a rock band saying he was emotionally devastated by a book everyone else in America read for a middle-school assignment?" [1].

The Neutral Milkfags of the 90s were particularly creepy, as Bitchfork's crack journalists reported that "Jeff Mangum dealt with some guy who'd made, like, a magical sculpture depicting how great the band was, using his own chewed-up gum or something. Another cross-eyed girl with long hair held onto Jeff's forearms for 20 minutes, as she told him exactly how important his message was to the planet now and was he really a Christian and had he ever seen the UFOs over Arizona?" [2]. Jeff most likely married that woman.

/mu/ loves and hates NMH

NMH's fanbase since its dissolution consists mainly of 16 year old girls and trolls on 4chan. The latter gains much pleasure from creating NMH and ITAOTS threads on /mu/. Although NMH's milks are supposedly neutral, they are quite a divisive subject on /mu/. An ITAOTS usually results in a 255 post thread consisting of shitflinging by indie hipsterfags who think ITAOTS is still underground or something and regular /mu/ users who can't stand people who like music they do not like on the internet. Between the carnage will be random outbursts of "I LOVEEE YOOOUUUUU JESUSSSS CHRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII" and "SEMEN STAINS THE MOUNTAINS TOPS". If Jeff Mangum were to see the strife created by his album he would most likely cry.

Why is he drumming a potato

One area of contention on /mu/ surrounds the iconic album cover and whether the woman's head is a drum or a potato. Some have even gone as far as to say it is the "a moon across her face" from Two Headed Boy. To dispel the debate: it is in fact a potato.

Notable better musician Andrew WK acknowledged the ITAOTS in his Q&A session on /mu/. When asked which five albums he would take with him were he to be stranded on a desert island, he replied "I would bring 5 copies of Neutral Milk Hotel – In The Airplane Over The Sea".

Yep, its a potato

Where you will find Jeff Mangum now

What Jeff has been up to all these years ;_;
Catch me at the crib getting light to Jeff Mangum

It's fun to do bad things like rhyme about handguns


—Underground rap duo Das Racist

After ITAOTS had become a critically acclaimed success, Jeff Magnum had a nervous breakdown, most likely out of shock that people actually liked his shit stain of an album. For the next ten years he disappeared from the public eye and spent his time on various projects such as field recordings at Bulgarian folk festivals, cameo roles in independent films and other hipsterish activities. As a result of the publicity drummed up by /mu/'s shitstorms, Jeff Mongol has recently come out of hiding and had played a few small venues.

Lyrical Excerpts

And from above you how I sank into your soul. Into that secret place where no one dares to go.



—Jeff Mangum really likes Anne Frank.

Your father made fetuses with flesh licking ladies, while you and your mother were asleep in the trailer park...



—The more you know.

Can't believe how strange it is to be anything at all.



—Yeah me neither tbh.


Dat album' cover About missing Pics
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Atleast 100 years ago there was a shitty draw Jeff Mangum thread and these are a few of the good ones [3].

Draw Jeff Mangum About missing Pics
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Notice Mongnom's signs of psychosis
/mu/ sings King Of Carrot Flowers
Neutral Milk/Odd Future Mashup
"Holland, 1945" on ukelele by Neutral Uke Hotel
"Two Headed Boy"
Blooptral Milk Hotel - In the Aeroplane Over the Bleep
"I will Bury You in Time"
Andrew Jackson Jihad -- "2 Headed Boy"

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