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The Pwner - Natsumi in a class photo.
The Pwned - Satomi in the same class photo, standing next to her killer.

Nevada-tan, also known as Natsumi Tsuji and Girl A, was a crazy 11-year-old aspie bitch who killed one of her classmates with a retractable blade for calling her fat over the interwebs. While the murder of children by adults is usually found to be horrifying and disturbing (See: Anders Breivik and Adam Lanza), the murder of a kid by another kid was lulzy enough to become another /b/-tarded meme. Nevada-tan slit the throat and wrists of her classmate Satomi Mitarai (Incidentally also her best friend) who was too retarded to fight back, in what later became known as the Sasebo Slashing.

Nevada-tan and her Serious Business

Nevada-Tan was simply a regular Japanese Schoolgirl, with the major difference of having abandoned all attempts at being cute leading to her discovery of the interwebs. The internet being a series of tubes, she like so many others discovered the endless possibilities here. It was only a matter of time before she (like so many other newfags) discovered forums/blogging. She eventually became a sick fuck, developing a healthy interest for guro and suchlike. She had her own website (Note: Not your typical 16 year old girl MySpace shit), creatively and originally based completely on some flash horror game called The Red Room on which she would post a diary for her friends to read. She continued to gain more and more friends, the more she posted. These friends, however, were only digital. She became another ronery neckbeard on the internet, except for the fact she was a delicious loli.

Nevada became changed by the internet. Beginning to lock herself away, spending all of her time on the internet, she grew an affinity for sites such as "The Red Room". The Red Room was a fairly straight forward flash animation in which two friends are talking about a "killer" web page at school. One of the two boys goes home, still slightly interested, and looks up "The Red Room". He can't find anything about it, so decides to dismiss it as bogus. He continues to surf around on the web, going to his favorite sites, when all of the sudden, a pop-up appears. It simply reads, "Do you like me?” The boy closes it. And again it pops up; "Do you like me?” Closing it again, it says, "Do you like The Red Room?” The pop-up begins opening and closing on its own, each time telling a different part of a story. The boy gets scared and tries to call his friend. No answer. The box is now listing names. He notices that at the very end, his friends name is there, followed by his. The boy is then slashed to death. To you or me this sounds like generic bullshit, but bear in mind Nevada was an impressionable loli. Not only did she like this flash animation, she developed a further lust for other urban myths. Finally a girl from her school named Satomi Miratai found Nevada-tan's online presence and they became IRL friends. Too bad for Satomi, as it was the beginning of the end.

Out of the blue, Satomi posted, either on a forum or on Nevada's page, a remark about Nevada being "heavy" (basically she called her a giant fatass). This rustled Nevada's jimmies (Lolis aren't troll resistant), as she was trying to keep an internet image for herself for all her neckbeard fans. Nevada requested and pressed for Satomi to "take it back". Satomi refused, calling Nevada "pretentious". Nevada was now getting in trouble at school for punching and kicking people, as well as pushing them up against walls. With her lovely interests, Nevada would watch a television show entitled; "Monday Mystery Theatre", a Korean sick fuck show where people were being killed quickly and effectively with a retractable box cutter knife. Before the murder of Satomi, Nevada had threatened a boy with a box cutter knife which was dismissed by teachers. Stupid fucks.

On Tuesday, June 1st, 2004, at Sasebo Elementary School, Nevada led Satomi into an empty room during lunch, where she sat her in a chair, telling Satomi she was going to die. Despite this, Satomi didn't run. (Satomi confirmed for being The Man.) She removed the glasses from Satomi's face and set them on a nearby desk. Nevada then asked her if she would like a towel over her eyes. When Satomi refused, Nevada put one hand over her eyes, pulled out a box cutter and slit Satomi's throat. She also slit her wrists.


With a not so epic cry of "I have done something bad", she led her teacher to the body, crying on the way. By the time the ambulance arrived, Satomi's heart had failed from blood loss. Nevada resided in Tochigi Juvenile Institute and was scheduled for a 2013 release, no further information has come forward, or nobody cared enough to check.

Discovery & E-fame

Nevada-tan's antics made her an instant internet celebrity for taking the Internet too seriously. She helped make The Red Room popular, even though it is in Wapanese (and also pretty shitty). She also inspired a wave of "fan" art about her, mostly from otaku losers who just drew her like they draw every other character, except wearing a bloody "NEVADA" sweatshirt and carrying a box-cutter. She wasn't excluded from rule 34 or chibification either. To this day, fat balding lusers and over-caffeinated /b/-tards still crank out the same "lol, she killed her classmate" drawings. However, Nevada-tan's e-fame spread far beyond imageboards and crappy fan art - she caused all sorts of Jap Court Drama by making them all get into debates about lowering the age of adult responsibility so psychos like Nevada could be tried as adults. This is a common subject to bring up in threads involving Girl A because it makes the poster look intelligent and concerned about political issues - in reality, they just want the age lowered so they have more access to lolicon and gore.

Her name was discovered by some glorious gentleman by photo-analyzing pictures of her art which were broadcast on TV to identify her name. Increased difficulty but more man points due to the fact they were Kanji moon-runes. So it turned out that the media, which wanted to keep her IRL name secret, publicly broadcasted her drawings which had her full name on them, making it trivial for anyone fluent in reading moon-runes to decode.



How you too can make your very own Nevada-tan fanart!

  1. Draw a girl, any girl, doing absolutely anything. Hair color, age, clothing are all irrelevant.
  2. Preferably, but not mandatory, you should draw blood and/or a box-cutter somewhere in the picture.
  3. IMPORTANT! DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP: Label it Nevada-tan fanart.
  4. ????


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