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Nevin Zehr: what an e-donis... or perhaps an e-donna.

Nevin Zehr, considered by his 13-year-old brother to be the future President of the Internet, is a LiveJournal user who used to update his journal Lj-favicon.png englishpigdog every five minutes. Zehr's PR manager is Lj-favicon.png goshi, and Zehr is, in turn, Lj-favicon.png forunlawfulck's internet lawyer.

Englishpigdog could once be found in various political communities on LiveJournal, arguing the merits of communism. He is also known as Chaplin Sinatra Fonzarelli, although the only person who actually calls Zehr that is Zehr.

This closet furry was also rumored to be gay. These rumors were further complicated when it became obvious Zehr has an obsession with lesbians, something he feels the need to mention all the time. It is possible that this Zehr is a female IRL and merely poses as male on the Internets to attract unsuspecting 16 year old girls to her warped, furry, lesbian lifestyle. It is also possible that virginal, desperate male internet users are all obsessed with lesbians.

Zehr claims to be a hippie, although some believe he is merely a bored teenager who likes to troll conservative communities, most of which have banned him. His 13-year-old brother died in a furry accident while on vacation in Mexico. He lives for his memory. Also he is no longer associated with Lj-favicon.png forunlawfulck. She is a 16 year old girl.

Newfound glory

Nevin is now running around the internet posting his manifesto entitled "Message to "Anonymous", 4chan, and the anti-Scientology militants."[1] He has declared that the wrath of the "Insurrectionary Anti-Racist Conservative Feminist Pagan's Party" will be forever upon those who dare oppose the feminazi cabal.

However, we must make one thing 100 percent clear: We will never forgive your malicious, misogynistic, and anti-social behavior towards our comrades, "BitingBeaver" and Cheryl Lindsey Seelhoff. The day you united with the rapists, wife-beaters, and deadbeat dads that comprise the"men's movement" / "anti-misandry movement" in attempt to terrorize feminists into silence was the day that you declared yourself an enemy of women, of humanity, and of the Insurrectionary Anti-Racist Conservative Feminist Pagan's Party.


He is trying to lead a revolutionary movement in a futile attempt to regain his once and future title of President of the Internet, and has raised an army to ruin Encyclopedia Dramatica:

Nevin Zehr has declared war on the legions of ironic tools that plague the internet. You can join his revolutionary struggle by doing the following:
  1. Go to Encyclopedia Dramatica.
  2. Make an account. They don't force you to confirm your email so use a fake one to make your life easier.
  3. Replace as many pages as possible with Nevin Zehr's homemade copypasta before you get banned.

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Youtube video of Nevin getting kicked off stage in his hometown

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