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A Pedophile's dream!!
Anonymous has reached nexopia

Nexopia is run by a bunch of queer losers who have no life. Most of them have unibrows and have downsyndrome.

The owner of nexopia also has a magnicifent unibrow. is a Soviet Canadian site for angsty and bored teens, to meet other "teens" which usually turn out to be phedofiles, suicidal "goths", or faggots in their early 20's. It is also the home of typical chicks (sluts/camwhores) who got boob jobs and create profiles about themselves so they can get uplifting comments about how big there tits are.

In recent years Nexopia has been the buzz of the media, for everything from triple murders to alledged phedophile encounters.

The people who actually go to Nexopia don't read the profiles, they look at the person's pictures, jack off for a while, then post a comment saying "LoL! HeLlO DeVoN yOu aRe sO fUnNy Some say that it's a great way to pick up the suicidal chick who cuts themselves with crayons to fit in.

Many of these users will be directed to this page and will attempt to exact revenge, but all they do is make semi-sane æ users laugh like jackasses.

Nexopia Boys: The males on Nexopia are actually very gay. They take hundreds of pictures and photoshop them to look not so gay. They want to look perfect, like a fairy. Ninety seven and a third percent of boys on nexopia have flippy emo hair and a boy toy. But they list themselves as bisexual for twice as much chance of getting laid.

Nexopia Girls: Want to show off their boobies and get man-dates. Show incredibly slutty pics in profiles that border on kiddie porn, they cover up their real ages (13) with 59 to appear older, but yell at you if you tell them anything dirty. Most of these girls have bleach-blonde hair and the IQ of a bag of sand.

Basically it's for faggots/camwhores who are too lazy to create a MySpace account.

Nexopia Forums

Nexopia also has a forum, on this forum there is a board for just about everything (everything meaning sex, seks, secs and secks). Other than all the boards dedicated to various types of sex, there is a Video Game board, this might have been cool, except for the fact that the only people that post on this board are whiny, bitchy fanboys.

Nexopia Plus

A feature for retarded scene kids to buy so that their page has pretty colors and 4 more pics of jenkem huff in Canada. Also the cause of 13 year old boys internet dramz and lulz. People who pay for plus often find themselves trolled by anon users because nobody likes their own gay mandatory xx69 username. Plus is also a worse way to waste money than somethingawful subscriptions or a fursuit.

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