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Hey Will! I can teach you to fly! Do you want to fly with me? ...Then you have to touch me.



These people are the worst.

NiGHTS into Dreams is known as one of the most retarded, nonsensical, overrated piece of shit games ever mostly by the 13-year-olds who must now fap to something other than Sonic, even though the game is made by the same company. The whole game takes place in a dream world so nothing that happens actually fucking matters.


Realistic Gameplay

After receiving serious amounts of butthurt one day, two children who decide to party hard that night, having premarital sex and taking large quantities of acid, and are induced to create an imaginary world filled with all of the wet dreams of every sick fuck currently asleep. Unfortunately, the evil "Wizeman the Wicked" (Doesn't that name scare the piss out of you?) steals everyone's dreams to take over the world, but the 12-year-old boy and his 13-year-old sister decide that they're not going to put up with that crap in their trip.

Naturally, they don't do jack shit because they get a purple spandex wearing genderless fairy named NiGHTS to fly around faggotly fighting off all the enemies and eventually defeats the main villain. After that, the children recover from their acid trip, waking up from their comatose state on top of Big Ben and realize that it was all a dream. Sounds familiar?

Wii Version

The storyboard for the new NiGHTS

Copy and paste the first game onto a Wii disc and add the subtle addition of the word journey to making the game much better! There are actually quite a few differences between the original and the remake. NiGHTS into Dreams featured two children named Elliot Edwards and Claris Sinclair. They are both failures.

Elliot wants to be a basketball player, but was brutally raped by kids from another grade and goes home in shame. Claris wants to sing in a play, but when she sings everyone dies so she sprints home sobbing. At night they relive their days events in nightmares and masturbate furiously. They then escape to Nightopia and find that they both have the rare Red Ideya of Courage. They release Nights, who tells them to fuck and then have him fly around in their ecstasy dreams. They eventually defeat some evil dude and go home.

NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams had two kids named William Taylor and Helen Cartwright. They used to be close to their parents, but stopped their nightly incest sessions for other stuff. William wants to be a soccer player, but his dad moves to a new job and won't show his son how to play with balls. Helen stops practicing her violin with her mother to go smoke pot with her new friends. They have nightmares later that night and get chased by Pedobear into Nightopia. Then it's the same as the prior game with minor changes. NiGHTS and it's boyfriend and brother also got a change in clothing: Reala wears a gay face mask called a Persona with frilly feathers on it, practically wears a samurai suit and has pink nails. NiGHTS just got its vest revamped. Lame, amirite?

Astrima and her fanbase

Moar info: Astrima.

Loving this game so much, Astrima created a website devoted to the game and their fantards.

Like any other shitty overrated game, NiGHTS has a fanbase that could potentially be as batshit insane as that of the Sonic the Hedgehog fanbase. The correct terminology used for people who obsess over this game would be NiGHTSfag. A NiGHTSfag's natural habitat is on the dreaded fansite known only as [1], a place where thousands of NiGHTSfags roam free talking about how much their precious game is the greatest thing ever created, create fan art, fanfiction, and other stupid shit, and whine and bitch about how their almighty god NiGHTS is getting left in the dust because Sonic is much better in every way.

The fanbase as a main is full of bitchy teenaboos that are easy as hell to troll. All you really have to do (for LucidDreamer) is double post, or commit anything people find annoying in a Forum, or remind them of how their campaign was trolled heavily. They'll shit brix.


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