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Holy shit it's FUCKING NOTHING.

Nichijou is a pointless manga-turned anime featuring your average roster of kawaii schoolgirls, lolis, robots, and a number of other things that are beyond the point of comprehension. This anime, itself, is the result of Lucky Star and the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya fucking violently. However, unlike every other anime that has been created, it doesn’t try to make pop culture references or actually perform any fanservice, probably due to the show’s complete failure in Japan. Whether this is a win or a fail is to be decided. However, all of this hasn’t stopped the Internet’s raging otakus and /a/ from going complete apeshit and fiercely masturbating to it every chance they get.

The show often tries to be funny, but lacks any sort of originality in their jokes and ends up being completely redundant. The only kind of “humor” they try their best to supply in this show are schoolgirls screaming and BAWWWW’ing over every little thing, like having their notebook stolen or being chased by a university student in a bear costume, or just ironic occurrences in daily life that end up being unfunny.


This anime follows the lives of multiple characters living in some random town in Japan. This anime is as slice-of-life as you can get. These characters include 3 schoolgirls who often fuck around in class instead of actually taking anything seriously, an 8-year-old professor with her lifelike female robot and a talking black cat with an Osakan accent who often sit around on their asses all day, and plenty of other interesting characters. However, despite everything that happens, every character is somehow able to lead a normal and bizarrely happy life.

In other words, nothing. Nothing happens in this series. At all.


Yuuko Aioi

Yukko being butthurt as usual.

A dimwitted, naive and overly energetic high school girl. Her friends call her “Yukko” because they think that it’s super kawaii. She’s known to be a lazy fuck with no motivation when it comes to schoolwork and often gets bad grades on her exams, meaning that she has a low chance of ever passing any college exams and having a secondary education like the rest of her friends. Due to that, she always has to suck up to Mio and Mai for them to let her copy their work. Because of her low intelligence and unnecessary lust for action, she’ll often end up starting arguments and becoming butthurt whenever she’s insulted. Besides that, she has a huge ego and thinks that everyone likes her when they really don’t give a fuck.

She’s also known to sometimes greet people by saying Selamat pagi to be funny and random. However, since everyone in Japan is fucking monolingual, no one understands shit.

Mio Naganohara

An optimistic and well-rounded high school girl who actually seems normal compared to her friends. However, since this is an anime, that’s obviously not the case. While she does do considerably well in school, she also has a very short temper and is prone to becoming butthurt and easily BAWWWW’ing over every little thing that happens outside of her own comfort zone. Due to that, she’s gotten into different situations like intentionally disabling and nearly knocking out a cop and running through the whole town like a fuckwit while being chased by Yukko after going through a fit of teen angst. She’s also a manga artist who often draws yaoi of her crush in her notebook and tries to keep it a secret from her friends even though they would most likely schlick to it as well.

Mai Minakami

Mai realizing how much of an ass she is.

The gamma of the show. She rarely ever talks about anything unless it’s completely mandatory or if it relates with her bizarre interests. While she’s still a silent fuck, she’s also considered to be a very intelligent and gifted individual who Doesn’t afraid of anything. She’s also known to be very talented at using projectiles, fishing, wood carving and arm wrestling. However, even though she’s good at fucking everything, she still feels a need to fuck around with her friends and always play pranks on them to most likely to make up for her low self-esteem. Yukko sometimes tries to outsmart Mai but often ends up losing because Mai is better than her in every way. The only time she has ever been outsmarted was when Yukko called her out for memorizing some 2deep4u story thingy in class one day. Besides that, she is the master ruseman of the series and a total smartass who doesn’t deserve her friends.

Nano Shinonome

Nano acting like a clueless fuck.

A kawaii android schoolgirl who was built by Hakase for the sole purpose of doing hard labor and possibly giving Hakase sexual pleasure every night. Hakase ended up building Nano with technology and design that isn’t even possible in this day in age, which is why Nano is able to look, act and talk like a normal human being. How she was able to get her hands on the equipment and materials needed to complete such a feat in modern science and technology is beyond explanation. She often worries about people finding out she’s a robot in public, mostly because the government would most likely detain her ass if her true identity was figured out. Therefore, she always acts like a nervous and skeptical fucktard in public. However, everyone already knows she’s a robot because of the completely obvious wind-up key jutting out of her back. Because her main purpose is to work all of the time, she often ends up doing all of the chores and shopping. Due to her dimwitted and skeptical nature, Hakase always ends up pressuring her to buy things that they don’t need like shark-shaped sponge cake and other snacks but doesn’t do shit about it even as her legal guardian. Hakase has also installed many different tools and useless additions like a USB in her big toe and a roll cake in her arm after she purposely knocks her out and ruffies her drinks. She finally ends up actually doing something halfway through the season when she disobeys Hakase’s wishes and starts going to school and coincidentally befriends Yukko, Mio and Mai. How funny, amirite?

Hakase/Professor Shinonome

Hakase chowing down on cake like a naughty girl.

Hakase is an 8-year-old mega ultra super genius who was added into the show to please the autistic man-children who get off to the thought of popping a young girl’s cherry. She ended up building Nano, most likely because she has no friends. Even though she is 8 years old, she was still somehow able to graduate and achieve a PhD, which is impossible for anyone her age to achieve by law. How she was able to somehow complete school and already start her secondary education under the age of 8 is still a mystery. In real life, she most likely would have been placed in a gifted and talented program in her school or maybe forced into the Mensa society, but because this is an anime that’s not how it works. Even though she’s been proven to be smart and reliable enough to become an emancipated minor, she still ends up getting butthurt and BAWWW’ing easily whenever she doesn't get what she wants and has to rely on Nano to do the hard work for her because she’s pretty much her bitch. Because of that, all Hakase does is sit on her ass all day while drinking strawberry juice and eating roll cakes forcibly pulled outside of Nano’s arms. She is completely useless, aside from building robots that actually do shit.


A black cat that Hakase found on the side of the street one day. After bringing him home, she named him Sakamoto due to the label on the side of the box, much to his dismay. After forcing him to put on a red scarf that Hakase was somehow able to take the time to create, he gained the ability to talk, which was totally supposed to happen. He claims to be 20 years old in cat years and thinks that it’s something for Nano and Hakase to respect him for, but instead he’s treated like shit because he’s a fucking cat. He often tries to give them advice and help them, but they disregard everything he says like the immature imbecils they are. Even then, while he does try his best to act like a respectable adult, his cat instincts get in the way and make him look like a complete hypocrite to Nano and Hakase.

He was also owned by Ms. Nakamura at one point, who treated him equally like shit.

Izumi Sakurai

Keep smiling. You know damn well that you hate your job, though.

An awesome and enthusiastic teacher who totally knows what she’s doing. Just like every other English teacher in Japan, she’s pure Japanese and doesn’t know shit about the language, so she always relies on crappy textbooks and help from students to create tests and quizzes. She’s also the careers advisor and school counselor, but she does just as badly with those as she is with teaching English. Besides her uselessness as a teacher, she’s also known to be terrible at communicating with others, which leads to many lolzy but cringe-worthy moments in her everyday life. Because of this, she’s already in her mid-twenties and doesn’t even have a boyfriend, much less a sex life. The closest thing she has to a sex life are the experiments that she and her younger brother try in bed every night. She often tries to enforce school rules, but because her students know how much of a useless fuck she is, they end up disregarding them and doing what they want anyway because she knows jack shit about how to stand up to them and be strict.

Manabu Takasaki

Takasaki trying to hide a boner after talking with Sakurai.

The beta faggot of the series. While Sakurai doesn’t know shit about what she’s doing, Takasaki seems to actually know what he’s teaching and knows how to give proper discipline like an actual teacher who has been trained in the field. However, this doesn’t stop him from being a raging faggot who can’t get a girl. He’s known to have a huge crush on Sakurai, but because he doesn’t know shit about how to talk to women, he can’t ask her out on a date or confess his feelings. So he remains a lonely betafag forever more. He was also blackmailed into sponsoring and coaching the Igo Soccer Club after Sakurai’s younger brother bribed him with pictures that he snapped while they were experimenting with fingering one night.

Principal Shinonome

Shinonome struggling to eat a piece of bread.

The principal of the school and totally not the father. He often makes old jokes expecting people to understand them, but because almost everyone at the school wasn’t alive during Post-WW2 Japan, they don’t understand shit. He’s also a talented wrestler, which was revealed after Yukko witnessed him fucking up a deer.

Vice Principal Kousuke Oura

The vice principal of the school who hates Principal Shinonome due to the fact that he has nothing left to hate.

He’s also revealed to have a daughter and grandson, but they don’t give a single fuck about him or his life.

Kana Nakamura

Nakamura trying not to think about Nano's perfect body.

A science teacher who is interested in learning about Nano, but most likely just wants her so they can scissor each other and use her for her other sexual kinks. She constantly sets up traps to capture Nano and take her in for "study", but all of her attempts end up backfiring. She also used to own Sakamoto, who was previously named “Taisho”. However, because she fucking fails at everything, he ends up running away.

Koujirou Sasahara

Sasahara after realizing that he forgot to check his privilege.

A complete pompous ass of a student who comes from a family of farmers that happen to be richer than a fucking Arabian prince. Because of his family’s income and position in the community, he believes that he has something to brag about when most of the students honestly don’t give a shit. He’s also known to ride his pet goat to school, which is surprising since most goats wouldn’t be able to hold the weight of a normal human being. Coincidentally, his goat’s name is “Kojirou”, which is the same name excluding the first “U”. This only farther proves that he’s a lazy privileged fuck who can’t come up with an original name for a pet goat. Besides that, he also has a butler that accompanies him, but the only reason he’s there is for Koujirou to buttfuck him in the boy’s restroom during every lunch period.

He’s also Mio’s crush, who shlicks to the thought of having her tight virgin butthole pounded by his small cock every night.

Misato Tachibana

Misato attempting to cosplay as an Upotte character.

The fucking embodiment of tsundere and edginess. She always follows Koujirou around and fucks him up with weapons she fucking IMPOSES OUT OF THIN AIR whenever he says anything, even the subtlest of things, to her. How he is able to survive attacks like that, like everything else in this anime, is a mystery. Being the tsundere fuck Misato is, she has secret romantic feelings for Koujirou but dismisses any claim of her actually liking him. So deep down she is still a weapon-crazed maniac who doesn’t know shit about how to actually have a rational conversation with anyone.

She also has a little sister who is in the Kendo club, but no one gives a fuck about her.

Tsuyoshi Nakanojou

On his way to an Asexual pride parade.

The edgy laughing-stock of the show who was likely put in for people to laugh at his cringe-worthy antics. He sports a mohawk which he sticks with because no hair grows out of the sides of his head. Besides that, he wants to become a scientist when he grows up, so he despises anything relating to religion or the supernatural. Because of that, he always has to shove his assumed superiority in everyone’s face and tries to call out on anyone who believes in the supernatural, only to fuck up just as badly as the believers did in their lives.

Yoshino Naganohara


Mio’s older sister who was somehow lucky enough to get into college despite her callous behavior. She’s the cancer of Mio’s life who plays pranks on her every single day and takes her entirely for granted. Examples of this were when she chased Mio down their street in a bear costume and when she made her taste salt-cured fish jam without any water or drinks to wash the taste out with. Overall, she’s a cruel fuck who doesn’t deserve to be Mio’s older sister.

She also coaches the Kendo club, but no one gives a single shit because no one watching this is from Japan.

Fun fact: The anagram of “Yoshino” is “Oh noisy”, which actually kind of means something.


Nichijou figurines.jpg

The anime ended up crashing and burning badly in Japan because the television companies refused to give them a good time slot and in result gave them less viewers than needed to air the show. The anime aired in between April and September 2011 during late nights at 2 AM, when only lonely faggots and basement dwellers were able to watch it.

The anime was also licensed by Bandai Entertainment in the United States, but whatever they were planning on doing was cancelled.

Overall, the anime was a complete failure that didn't live up to the actual manga. However, this didn't stop the internet from eventually finding it.


After the episodes were uploaded and somehow found by multiple otakus, weeaboos and the abominable scum from /a/, everyone went batshit insane and started making multiple videos and other awesome creations relating to the show. Some of these include AMVs that are responsible for killing thousands of brain cells, many drawings and forms of artwork (including Hentai), and many forms of merchandise like body pillows and figurines that weeaboos won't hesitate to waste their hard-earned cash to buy and ejaculate on.


Moar info: Lord Foxworth.
Nicholas with his Nichijou girlfriends

Nicholas "Foxworth" Fedorov is the most notable person within the Nichijou fanbase. He is a sick fuck weeaboo who obsesses over the characters in a creepy fashion by photoshopping himself with Mio, Yuuko, and Nano along with doing many other disturbing Nichijou-related things. He has a disturbing fetish that involves anal sex with Nano Shinonome. You can read his entire article here.

He hoards ancient computer hardware from the 1990s, masturbates to Nichijou, and probably has an extremely massive Nichijou hentai colection.



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