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YouTube Favicon.png Nickidewbear (Powerword: Nicole Czarnecki✡) is a "Messianic" Jew of many talents. She makes her presence with blog posts, YouTube videos, tweets and cartoons all about how how as a super special Jew for Jesus, she is a member of a persecuted minority and should have her brilliant opinions should be taken as fact by the internet as large. TL;DR: If you're Jewish, your rules are too strict; if you're Christian, her say supersedes yours. If you don't care either way, brimstone awaits!

The Blogger

Nicole runs a poorly-designed blog titled The Nicole Factor after Willy's TV show. Besides the atrocious layout, the site is dedicated to her "persecution" by "legalistic" Jews and gentiles alike.

The Cartoonist

A ghost!

While shitty art is nothing new under the sun, the graphic design of Nickidewbear is notable due to her stated vocation of "Political Cartoonist." It is still unknown whether or not she manages to make some sweet coin with this gig, but time will surely tell.

The Youtuber

Nickidewbear mostly uses youtube as a platform for rants, but has also chosen to disseminate information on her cartooning methods to the benefit of the political cartoon community at large.

The Wikipedian

In short, I'm a Jewish-American Christian who was born of one Jewish and one gentile parent; and whose Jewish parent had only one gentile grandparent, and whose other family members were born as or descended from Slovakian, Polish, Russian, Austrian, and Hungarian Jews.


— Nickidewbear, demonstrating a narrow range of interests

Nickidewbear, having not yet imparted her wisdom onto the world, saw fit to create a Wikipedia account where she could share her views in a manner befitting of the community. [1]. Her talk page also contains a collection of well-received critique regarding her article-writing.

Nick; Firstly, I identify myself as a right-wing national conservative. Secondly, I never blocked, attacked, or silenced anyone who disagrees with my comments. I removed claims that the Nazi Party is far-left because they're based on fringe, biased literature and thus not part of mainstream opinions. Thirdly, marching on my talk page and saying I scare you and you don't like me and asserting other peoples' experiences with my comments as a basis for your complaint when YOU yourself have been warned multiple times of your vandalistic editing, hardly entitles you to claim I'm unreasonable.


—--UNSC Trooper

Because of your repeated attempts to force others to accept your own, unreferenced personal analysis at the article Nazi Party, you have been reported at Wikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard/Edit warring. You were warned several times about this above. Several editors above also asked that you fix this problem, instead of providing references or engaging in discussion as requested, you have instead chosen to force your personal opinion into the article in question. Please do not do this any more.



Hi Nic - you have already been blocked for editwarring at Nazi Party. I don't know why you are continuing to do so. Please note that you keep adding information that is not sourced - and you keep jamming things into the lede which violate policy. Finally, I don't think you quite understand what WP:NPOV means - you probably need to have a read of WP:WEIGHT. Ta


—--Shot info

Hi Nickidewbear. You have added Judaism-related claims or categories to such biography articles as Robert Nozick, Eugen Kogon and Rafail Levitsky without proper reliable secondary sourcing supporting your claims or categories. Adding such a category as "Kohanim" based solely (apparently) on the person's last name is not sufficient sourcing. Also, please be aware that Wikipedia itself cannot be used as a reliable source for anything; I am talking about this edit. Please review and follow the guidelines at WP:RS and do not add such categories or claims to biography articles without reliable sourcing. Thank you.



The point you are missing is that no one cares what you know. It is what you can prove through citing reliable sources. Most webpages are not reliable sources. The Bible is not a reliable source. A dictionary is only a reliable source for the narrow use of defining a word. To take a line from the Bible and use it to prove a point is to apply an interpretation on what it means and that is your original research. Original research is NOT allowed on Wikipedia. You have been blocked numerous times for this exact thing. Why do you insist that Wikipedia, an organization with millions of members who are willing to follow the rules, change the rules for you? Just stop. Please. You can trust that if you don't stop and try to understand what you are doing wrong, someone will come along and stop you. It is the inevitable consequence of your current actions.



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