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JeniGirl78 just needs $300 for plane tickets over to you.
These people have shit screen names.

All sheeple have screen names because as it is implied it is your name on the internet. It's used to communicate with all kinds of people all over the world, but mostly it's used to procure secks (usually the butt kind). As a rule all men are gay and all women are hot, blond, and 18. They are also usually Bubba.

Making a successful Screen name

In order to make a successful screen name, you must take into account the following things (no regard for spelling is MANDATORY):

For White people:

  • your sport
  • your gender
  • a meaningful number of some sort (weight, address, age, birth date, PIN, Social Security number, bra size)
  • something incorporating the word darkness (emos only)

Examples: socrchick944, hockeygurl321, football4lyfe666420, sk8terdude718

For Azns:

  • your specific Asian nationality, or just AzN
  • your gender
  • Mickey Mouse has to be in your name
  • your Asian name

Examples: Vietboi35, azNm1ckymous3, krngrl55<3, THAItraniboy, chongchong132

For Black people and other minorities that all look alike anyways:

  • your race
  • your gang status

Examples: BL4CKD33lR, AznPryD3_9, thuggachik6969, sexyred019 -Note: Lying on the internets saying that you are black person can get you severely injured/flamed/killed.

For Emofags:

  • gratuitous amounts of x's on either side of your name
  • a phrase that expresses your deep inner turmoil (preferably song lyrics or lines from well known poems)
  • a number (to show you weren't the first to come up with the idea)

Examples: nonconformist933, xxxxxathousandtearsxxxxx, xXxTHESEWOUNDSTHEYWILLNOTHEALxXx, xKr0wnx

For Trolls:


For Furries:

  • the name of your fursona
  • the fursona's species
  • something about the fandom (so people know just what you are)

Examples: Drakky, MitsuTehSkunkki, Yiffwhore456, DerSquirrel

For Otaku:

  • The name of a popular anime character, or even better, two characters' names mixed together
  • Random Japanese words or phrases
  • Some kawaii-desu! emoticons

Examples: SSJiniysha666, SuperGotenk9000Ranma, ^_^*SailorChibiChibiKawaiNekoSakuraPrincess*^_^

Your Internet Identity

Now that you have established yourself on one site, it's important to use a similar, if not the same, name on other websites, so that your fans can follow your every move online and that much more easily become a real life fan.

All good screen names are taken

Unfortunately, teh internetz has been around too long. This means that since last Thursday ALL good screennames are taken. We're fresh out!

Luckily we have auto generated screen names now. Just take what is given to you, fucktard!

So this means that for a random person, let's say: JRR Tolkien, born 1892, living in the Englandz, would fill out a form with these data in it. We would then have a computer program select appropriate screen names, presenting this user with the following two options:

  • Hobbitbasher_1892


  • J18R92R_Tol_UK_kien

And the luser has to choose whichever of the two he or she likes best.

Unfortunately there is no way to get around this system, it will be effective only when all websites in the world are going too use it, so we make it mandatory.

Screen Name Theft

Remember you are a snowflake and the most original person on the internets evar!!! Therefore, anyone with a similar screen name to yours is obviously copying you or trying to steal your identity. Be sure to harass them constantly about it until they give up and change names. Remember no one will defend your crappy DevianTART account except you!