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Nicolas' face of sad.

Nicochi, aka EpicKnightOfJustice, aka Sonmanic's ex-butt buddy, is a batshit insane DeviantART artist and Sonic fan. He is so obsessed with Sonic's classic form, that he will go on and flame anybody who dares to disagree with him, but most of the time this is reduced to insults lamer than anything a Jared Milton could come up with, mostly consisting of NO U. His obsession with Classic Sonic goes so far, that he was willing to team up with Sonmanic of all the losers.

Clearly someone with a busy life, Nicochi will not give up until everyone who does not hate the evil Green Eyed Sonic is dead in the ground. He also has an ego the size of the moon but as fragile as a moth, so you can expect blocks, deleted comments and him disabling comments on his intelligent rants. Essentially, he's what you get when you combine Sonmanic's Sonicfaggotry, Jfreedan's narcissism, and LittleCloud's pedophilia.

How it all began

Any discussion with Nicochi.

After whining for the game since it was announced, Nicochi got a Dreamcast and Sonic Adventure for christmas of 1999, from his parents just so he would stop whining. He went inside his room and locked the door, his palms were sweating, his legs were shaking. He hooked the Dreamcast up and got his dick in his hand. He put the Sonic Adventure CD in the console, and as it booted he couldn't help but wank to his newest Sonic game. He was about to blow his load when he saw the most horrible thing in his life: What came on the TV screen was not the Sonic he loved, but an impostor with GREEN EYES!!! Now with his small cock as limp as a dead earthworm in his hands, Nicochi's soul was permanently damaged, he could feel the green eyes tearing into his mind. His heart rate growing faster, he threw the controller right at the green eyed beast on the screen. However the television screen imploded and blew up right in his face, transforming him into the ugly nerd he is today. After this Nicochi cried for 6 months, 6 days and 6 hours. He took long time and psychiatric help to recover, but when he did, he set out on his revenge: MUST DESTROY GREEN AYED SAWNEEK!

In some ways Nicochi is even more insane than his diaper humping, sad excuse for a human being friend Sonmanic because while Sonmanic tried to act like a mature person, Nicochi does not allow anyone to disagree with him. He tends to write mile-long essays on his opinion about the modern games, where he carefully explains why Green Eyed Sonic is evil.

I'm not nitpicking, I'm being thorough.


—Nicochi, explaining his obsession with a furry video game hedgehog.


If this wasn't lulzy by itself, it's not totally surprising that this closet furry teamed up with the hilarious babyfur Sonmanic in bringing years of lulz to the internet. This also destroys all illusion that Nicochi is in fact a troll, which he's trying too hard to create, and shows that he's really just a sad, deprived individual who is willing to ally with anybody who blindly shares his opinion, even if that is someone so full of fail as Richard Kuta. More of that can be read here.

In fact, their relationship went on for years, with Nicochi even doing artwork for Kuta's joke of a fan film. Their relationship went on for a long time, with tender kisses and some of the lulziest attempts at selling their batshit crazy, anti-green eyed Sonic propaganda to the rest of the Sonic fandom. This flowering relationship came to an abrupt end, after even Sonmanic couldn't handle Nicochi's insane hate of modern Sonic and his lust for Classic Sonic.

This is what it may seem like, but most likely Kuta was jealous of the love Nicochi had for Classic Sonic, and couldn't live with the fact that Nicochi loved someone more than him. This resulted in a breakup that left Nicochi forever longing his lost love for Kuta.


Another popular Sonic/gaming artist, AerobianAngel caught the full attention of NO Ucochi mid-August, 2011, when he and fellow devianTART BrokenHeartedHowler commented their opinions on his 'letter to Nintendo journal' (which he recently edited to state that he got what he wanted because he threatened Nintendo with piracy of a game AND claimed to be the reason Sega brought back Classic Sonic). Opinions, however, are banned in Nicochi's world, as well as logic - and hence, the two were banned. This caused a maelstrom of drama, which resulted in not only Aerobian-Angel and BrokenHeartedHowler being bawwwlocked, but a legion of their followers and friends getting the blockhammer, too.

Nicochi, assuming he'd won, decided to flaunt his 'victory' by making a sockpuppet account mimicking Aerobian-Angel, and single-handedly proved to the entire world that he truly is a faggot. (which can be seen in the gallery below) He also insulted BrokenHeartedHowler for having dead parents.

He apparently hasn't let this go, and continues to send his friends to 'stalk' the pair.

Aero and the EpicSonicfagofFailure are known to have bad blood between them; tl;dr Aero has a brain, and according to Nicochi, no one is allowed to have one, especially someone who likes Modern Sonic as much as he hates it.

Nicochi the amazing Pedophile

Chris Hansen would like you to take a seat.

Although not much is known, fragments gathered point to Nicochi having just as a depraved sexual life as he has a depraved sense of maturity. It seems he is a supporter of lolicon, and coupled with his undying love for Classic Sonic, and the fact that he looks like your next door smiling nerd pedophile, seems to suggest that he is a bisexual, perverted furry who is also a pedophile, and dreams of rape, lolicon, Classic Sonic shotacon and more of this. No wonder he moved to Japan. More proof is his actual lolicon porn with his own name, old DA account and e-mail address on it.

As Expected

Nicochi left DeviantART for good, deactivating both of his DeviantART accounts just so he wouldn't get what's coming for him. This proves that he is, in fact, becoming desperate as he had a shitton of fanart on both of his accounts, all of which are gone now. But of course just like Richard Kuta, Nicochi will just keep on sockpuppeting, but knowing his sexual frustration towards Classic Sonic and his never-ending hate towards Modern Sonic, as well as his giant, but fragile ego necessitating blocks and deletes on anything he doesn't agree with, he will be found, as not unlike Sonmanic not being able to mask his stupidity, neither can Nicochi. Anybody who looks a bit around the other retards like MagicallyFlaccid, they can notice an account by the name of Anon947 who is acting suspiciously similar to Nicochi in most regards.

The similarities between Sonmanic and Nicochi keep on increasing. In fact, now with Sonmanic having finally disappeared off the internet after being emasculated a dozen times, the turn is now on Nicochi and his Classic Sonic humping fans to share in the fate of the rest of the Sonic fags who got an ED page.

Nicochi and his dick-riders tried spreading lies that his two accounts got hacked, but anybody with a brain cell or two knows that hacking an account, especially two, at the same time takes time and devotion, especially because most likely each one had it's own password, unless he is dumber than previously thought. Also, deactivating his accounts would deprive ED of a major source of lulz.

Nicochi is also incapable of realising that this page is not for arguments - that's what the discussion page is for. Turns out that the original alt Aerobian-Angel account used to troll the real one was in fact made up by Nicochi, and seeing as he used the same name to come here and tell us he doesn't care shows that he, in fact, does care, and now that he is being raped by a well known site, he is desperate on trying to stop the lulz train. Nicohi fell off of his high horse, and he scraped his knee, and he BAWWed all night about it.

With this, the emasculation of Nicochi has finally been completed, and he was reduced from the internet tough guy he was to the same pile of sockpuppeting, pathetic sad that Sonmanic was. This proves that if you act like a fag, either sooner or later, you'll get what's coming for you. Nicochi learned this the hard way.


In August, a new devianTART user surfaced under the name of GameMan93. GameMan submitted multiple deviations whining about the changes made to various video game characters. It wasn't until he revealed his Twitter, Pixiv and Blog links that it became clear that Nicochi has returned (the artwork he posted was a dead giveaway.) Admittedly, he has become more somber, but he's still the same faggot deep down. Scratch that! After somebody had the gall to call out Nicochi on his shit, he deactivated his GameMan93 account. He tries to make it look like two separate people run his GameMan and Silly-Hyrule accounts, but given his penchant for lying, it's safe to say it's a load of bull. The Silly-Hyrule account is still up for now.

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