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The Nigras of Liberation, founded as The Nigras Of Doom, were a group of self-proclaimed eTerrorists, previously based in Habbo Hotel as an elite blocking platoon of /b/. Although the NoL agreed that the Habbo pool was indeed tainted with AIDS, the founding NoL [then, NoD] members often claimed they were Anti-/b/tard as they believed many of the /b/tards of were raiding too seriously, therefore considering themselves raiders that raid specifically for the lulz, but almost everything they did was similar to the /b/lockade actions, from Blocking to False Idol Worshiping (i.e. Raptor Jesus and Afroduck), however they seem to be more organized by doing formal recruiting and having a formal headquarters. As the group converted to become the Nigras of Liberation, they then considered themselves simply a small collective within the collective of Anonymous.

Possible Gaiaonline invasion?

Ethics and Organization

The NoL allowed only those that have the qualities of liberty, equal rights (especially for the Afro kind), and reason. Each member of the Group on Habbo is Dressed Identically in the uniform that is was a referee shirt and red afro, but the uniform became flexible to include the standard nigra uniform with afro color variations. The Group's activities include blocking entrances, dancing, and trolling people.

Common meeting places

The NoL Is often seen in The Ice cafe and the Vertigo lounge, and occasionally, a NoL-ling or two is spotted in the Alloy lounge. It is rumored also that a small group of the NoL has Branched out to Gaia Online for Trolling and pissing off the otakus and otherkin.

The Great Battle of Habbo Airlines

The First great victory of the NoL created many lulz. The faggotry of JJCBonded's Airline monopoly was stopped by the NoL, after days of raiding. Over a pixelated trophy, the NoL bravely raided JJCbonded's pixelated airport for at least 100 years. Because of this, much drama, lulz and butthurt occurred. A notable member, Boeing; who was once on JJC's side, joined the NoL and began to assist them in their duties of raiding by giving out room passwords, furni and other things. Just after the trophy was given to the NoL, Boeing had JJC pwned for Credit Card Fraud, and Permabanned from Habbo forever. Much rejoicing happened, then nobody cared. Boeing has gone onto greater endeavors, such as being an airline pilot and assisting in the Hal Turner raids, as well as patrolling this very wiki's recent changes.

The Arrival of The Vigilante

During the end of the war against JJCBonded and Habbo Airlines, the NoL caught the attention of the habbo "Travito", a self-proclaimed vigilante. Though a fairly conservative Jew, the vigilante enjoys a joke and enjoys seeing faggotry put to an end by people who are actually literate, and feels that people shouldn't take the internet too seriously. He joined the NoL and instantly became a man with relative power, immediately offering the group a new website that would be much more professional than their current "" forums. He has no power over the NoL in its day to day activities, but is somewhat respected.

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