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Um, this is...lovely? (aka Canadian Tea Party and My Lazy Sundays) is a lulzy shock site which features a video of 3 old men showering together and having gay sex to the Andy Griffith theme song. Sounds familiar, does it not? Your browser window will jump around all over the place, making it difficult to click the "X", and even if you do you just get a dialog box mocking your failure. Killing your browser in Task Manager is the only way to escape the site. If you use Firefox 9, though, then after you get the first dialog box you can block additional pop-ups, which kills the entire tab. You can have many lulz from people sensitive to this kind of stuff getting butthurt because they're "scarred for life", or the computer illiterate raging because they don't know how to use Task Manager.


It's essentially the same thing save for some minor differences.

Another infamous site called "" has the same video and browser exploit on it. It is usually disguised as a site to help with your math work. &

Two more Nobrain mirrors for you.

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