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Nolan Bushnell relaxing now that his plans for world domination are complete

Furries, as we know them today, are all Nolan Bushnell's fault.

First, he founded Atari, making lonely, sexually frustrated kids think that video games are cool. Those kids graduated to computers. Then they hooked up their computers to the internets. But they would have never bothered with the whole deal if they didn't first think that electronics were cool.

typical scene from a Chuck E. Cheese's restaurant

Then, after Atari was bought out, Nolan Bushnell founded Chuck E. Cheese, a haven of pizza, video games, and animatronic animals singing covers of Beatles songs. The results are astounding. Millions of kids who would have never been exposed to animal costumes, except through brief visits to Disneyland, were now enthralled by walking, talking fursuits. And they were able to visit Chuck E. Cheese whenever they wanted.

Eventually, worlds collided when these video game-playing, mascot costume-loving communities of deviants coalesced and let the world know of their sick, depraved proclivities. Nolan Bushnell has a lot to answer for.

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