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Lj-favicon.png nonfluffypagans, supposedly one of the more enlightened pagan LJ communities, serves as a beautiful place for lulz as witchy, druidic, and heathen folk dismember Jediism, otherkin, and Shirley MacLaine. The moderators originally had a very hands-off policy -- that is, until Son of art decided to reveal his messianic power, Ricochet_rabbit intensified the drama, and SwissCelt stepped down as moderator. Still, it serves as a delightful hub for finding axe-wielding dwarves who disdainfully snarl at 12-year-old girls who offer sacrifices to the tooth fairy.

Its greatest enemy, Son of art, created enemy comm Lj-favicon.png buxen_witchring to combat the evil and not terribly hardcore pagans in Nonfluffypagans and had all of his sockpuppets promote and join it. Unfortunately, like every single thing Robin gets involved in, this comm got deleted.

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