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Typical NORP
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NORP is a police acronym for Normal Ordinary Responsible Person, but they are known on the internet as normalfags (or neurotypicals as you call them). They are the antithesis of Anonymous, as they all actually believe they are unique individuals.

They are the exact opposite of virgins, nerds, aspies, neckbeards, Ediots, you, furries, and other internet dwelling rejects. These people are fairly normal; they are your everyday joe shmoe who lives IRL has a girl/boy friend, car and a job.

Normalfags go to work, have a circle of friends in the real world, go to events outside their homes, have adequate conversational skills and have very little to no mental disabilities that would otherwise drive them to go on the internet. Despite appearing to have an otherwise mundane life not filled with memes and internet in-jokes, normalfags are pros at getting laid, compared to the typical netizen.

What Is NORP

Normalfags are a diverse group. They are that generic looking guy who walked passed you on the street, the receptionist in a corporate building, that guy who fixed the air conditioner. They range from young to old and rich to poor. Remember though it has to be generic, if they are 400 pounds chances are they are a basement dweller; if they're rolling around with more than two bitches, they're fucking alpha.

Younger normalfags spend their time trying to get laid, partying, going to concerts, getting laid, having orgies, getting shit faced and getting high. LULZ they wish, most normalfags only have sex with women they're in relationship with and do drugs a couple of times. Most normalfags spend their time talking about what was on "America's got Talent" last night and their crappy music they just downloaded legally to their ipod.

The typical older NORP is a law abiding citizen with a spouse and two-point-five kids (two boys and a girl), a 9-5 job, a small house in the suburbs with a neatly tended garden, and builds replicas of 18th Century sailing ships out of toothpicks in his basement. He also likes all-you-can-eat "Surf & Turf" night at TGIFridays and watches Monday Night Football, the local news channel, and Soap Operas every day.

NORPs, Normalfags and The Internet

NORPs/Normalfags are casual internet users. They usually only use it to go to google, look at jewtube videos, or check their facebook. They visit their favorite social networking site when they're at work, look at the latest popular internet video that everyone is watching, check their email to connect with friends and use Ebay to buy stupid shit. Many normalfags haven't heard of some of the shadier sides of the internet. When they feel ready for the "deep web", normalfags spend their time laughing at lolcats on I Can Has Cheezburger and then proceed to WebMD, where they feed their hypochondria prior to visiting their doctor and annoying the fuck out of him with their own diagnoses.

When a normalfag happens upon the likes of ED or /b/, bricks are shat. At first they call the Party Van (which they call "the authorities"), but after finding out about this thing called "freedom of speech" they make it their personal mission to take down ED. Some hypothesize that normalfags are too accustomed to IRL, which is serious, to be able to understand the internet, which is not serious, others just don't give a shit. Regardless, normalfags fucking rage at Internets phenomena like the Megan Meier affair and get all atwitter when they see reports about HACKERS ON STEROIDS and cyber bullying on local TV news reports that 'expose' the shenanigans of anon.

The Normalfag Invasion

Normalfags assume everyone was raised exactly the same and had all the same experiences/opportunities, and that any failing with women is a lack of will.


— SHiNfinity

Despite that the internet has been the home of societies' rejects since its inception, normalfags have been slowly seeping in. Most of them stumbled upon the internet as sixteen-year-old girls or thirteen-year-old boys to post the quick attention whore tit pic or complain about a l337 h3x0r on CoD, but overtime, as more normalfags become aware of internet communities, they have slowly congregated there. Now internet dwellers are forced to form newer more secluded locations where they can discuss why fourteen is old enough to consent and share Pokémon hentai. Even worse is when the normalfags return from their "internet adventure in the cyber realm" they bring up old memes like advice dog and orly with their friends, whom they talk to face to face like fags, which tickles all their collective funny bones so hard they decide to contribute to their articles on unfunnypedia.

4chan in particular has been hit hard after years of being a weeaboo and pedo hotspot. Normalfags, wanting to see what all the buzz is about, have begun visiting 4chan and some had journeyed into the board /r9k/. /r9k/ is 4chans de facto board for discussing the finer points of life such as, why are we such losers? Why can't I get a girlfriend/get laid? And the old classic women are WHORES WHORES WHORES!!! When the normalfags began arriving they went on some threads and started to give advice on how to improve the aspies current social situation the robot oldfag got butt-hurt that someone else, more popular and normal, was giving them advice on how to get teh secks, which hurt his precious ego. So the robot Oldfag lashed out at the normalfag newcomers and played victim. /r9k/ was full of threads about how to be good around people and be more sociable whilst other threads are created to complain about the normalfags on the board, ruining the community. Due to irreconcilable philosophical differences between the oldfag robots and normalfags, tensions rose to the point of an internet civil war. That is until moot created /adv/. r9k was previously known as an advice board. Once /adv/ was created, the advice giving normalfags went there. Conditions have improved dramatically since, though given the sheer amount of BAAAAWWWWWWWW in /adv/ at nearly all times, the residents have taken to calling themselves the s/adv/irgins. A most appropriate label, truly.

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