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NotKat and Furry victim, she's gonna give you a good time kitty kitty..

NotKat is an attention whore on Livevideo who created much drama with a video about how fat bitches stole words like "voluptuous" and "curvaceous" from beautiful people like herself. NotKat, with her desperate attempts to appear sexy on her webcam and get attention from horny basement dwellers, is basically another Lonelygirl15.


NotKat thinks she is the sexiest bitch in the world, but by realistic standards, she's approximately a 7/0 OH SHI-

NotKat Vs. Fatties

NotKat, despite what she says, hates fat people, like every normal person should. Naturally, all the fat fucks on LiveVideo get really butthurt because of this and proceed to bitch, moan, and eat. Eventually Faye006 made a retarded video which, for some reason, made NotKat very upset. This led to immediate retaliation, where she whined about her daddy not coming to her ballet recitals or some shit. Call a fucking waaaambulance.

Typical Day Routine

  1. Wake up
  2. fap
  3. Go Find me some pussy!
  4. fap with said pussy kat (MEOW!)
  5. Inslut (Insult? Also!) Fat people (whilst fapping)
  6. Pose in front of mirror wishing she had hips
  7. Make porn videos (she's pretty thought aint she???? from the pictures looks it!! )
  8. profit

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