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Winning is racist.

Twitter-favicon.png #NotMySuperbowlChamps is a hashtag used to mock both liberals and triggered snowflakes on Twitter who are upset by Donald Trump's presidency. Originally created as an actual protest against The Patriots' open relationship with Trump, it was hijacked by trolls and is now used as a parody of the hashtag Twitter-favicon.png #NotMyPresident to make satirical comparisons with the upsetting turnaround of the 2016 Presidential Election and Superbowl LI.

Boycott Brady!

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Don't worry, Shaun we saved it for you.

When New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, as well as their head coach and owner, came out as open supporters of The Donald, the Patriots joined the national blocklist of whiny Clinton supporters who have been demanding a boycott of anything Trump-related. Angry protesters on Twitter were even reduced to tweeting out death threats to Brady as a result, with one woman even stating "if I had a gun with two bullets and I was in a room with Hitler and Tom Brady, I would shoot Brady twice."

The Atlanta Falcons, like Hillary Clinton, were almost sure to win Superbowl LI, leading 21-3 against the Patriots during halftime. Clinton supporters were filled with joy over this, and were voicing their support for the defeat of the "Trump team." They were using it as a way to get back at Trump for his victory over Clinton despite losing the popular vote to her.

Shaun King, the leader of Black Lives Matter, who declared his own boycott of the Patriots, even tweeted out "Note to America: this is what happens when Trump picks your team" along with the halftime score, only to embarrassingly have to delete the tweet after the Patriots, like Trump, turned around and won the game. His tweet was saved, however, and is regularly tweeted back at him along with the caption "Shaun, you deleted this by mistake, don't worry I saved it for you!"

In the end, the Patriots came out on top just as Trump had, who despite losing for most of the election and not having the popular vote, still succeeded in being the winner.

Russian Interference

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We're not going to say Putin hacked the Superbowl, but we've never seen this ref before the day of the game.

With all the conspiracy theorists claiming Russia had hacked the US presidential election and had evidence of Trump participating in golden showers on Obama's hotel bed, it was no surprise that the accusations of their interference in the Superbowl became known. Tin-hatters were quick to blame Russians for hacking the scoreboard, hacking the football, and some even claimed to have seen Putin himself appearing as a referee on the field that day.

As a result, the usual answer to such obviously true accusations was put into immediate effect, with men all around the country planning a men's march in response to the widely-circulated women's march which followed Trump's victory into the White House. Sanctions were placed against the ironically unpatriotic Patriots, and the media began plans to paint them as the worst thing to happen to sports since Jerry Sandusky.

Sweet Satire

#NotMySuperBowlChamps I just heard that Starbucks is hiring 10,000 Falcon fans. #safespace


—Hillary Hates Me GWM (@pinepilot)

Since the Falcons led for the most time, shouldn't they be the winners? #HIllaryLogic #NotMySuperBowlChamps


—Joe Kelly (@JoeKelly1073)

Maybe an Atlanta federal judge will reverse the score. #NotMySuperBowlChamps


—Ron Waltman (@avnsgm)

Breaking: Jill Stein announces demand for a re-match because Russia hacked the football. Send her lots of money. #NotMySuperBowlChamps


— Paul Joseph Watson (@PrisonPlanet)

The Patriots didn't win today. Hate won. Fear won. Racism won. Sexsim won. Homphobia won. Literally shaking. #NotMySuperBowlChamps



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