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"Internet relevant" and therefore suitable for ED
"Not internet relevant" and therefore only suitable for Uncyclopedia

Several things can get your entry flushed from a Wiki.
On Uncyclopedia, it's use of the word "cunt".
On Wikipedia, it's the mention of Encyclopedia Dramatica.
On Encyclopedia Dramatica, the chief criterion for flushing involves articles that are "not internet relevant" or which use strikeouts.

A list of things that are "not internet relevant"

Any articles on these topics will be flushed down the plumbing of the internet tubes;

A list of things that are "internet relevant"

Consult the ED style guide and you will be well on your way to success!

  1. Basic Rules - very important read!
  2. When is it crap?
  3. Wiki-specific markup
  4. Why not pipe?
  5. Why not pie?
  6. Good Joke:Word Count Ratio
  7. Internet Relevance
  8. ED vs. Wikipedia
  9. ED Is Not
  10. Templates
  11. Strikethroughs
  12. Image Selection Process
  13. The Encyclopedia Dramatica Guide to Article Building

Special Category


Not all of the staff at ED fail to suffer from Asperger's Syndrome and therefore react badly to strikeouts like this.

How to convert an article from "not internet relevant" to "internet relevant"


Wikipedia (wiːkiˈpiːdiə) is a multilingual, World Wide Web-based, encyclopedia project operated by the Wikimedia Foundation. Many language versions of Wikipedia are free content, while others, such as the English version, include non-free material. It is the largest, most extensive and fastest growing encyclopedia currently available on the Internet.


Wikipedia is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) in which participants play editors of a hypothetical online encyclopedia, where they try to insert misinformation that they are randomly assigned when they create their accounts, while preventing contrary information from being entered by others. Players with similar misinformation to promote will generally form "guilds" in order to aid each other.

ED is for purists

Take care only to post "in-joke" humour (Spanglish: "humor") only appreciated by basement dwellers who spend 25 hours a day on t'Interweb and who have been nerds since at least 100 years ago. Unless you've found some rule 34 porn. Then post it anyway, "internet relevant" or not. Otherwise ED might run out of topics.

Rule Number One of Fight Club

Do not under any circumstances attempt to troll ED by posting satirical articles about ED editorial policy at ED. That's just stupid.

About people who post the "I need moar internets" cat picture

Cat Moar Internets.jpg

"The Internet is full of young, hyperactive, undereducated and unskilled typists who, while already are incapable of correctly spelling half the words in the English language, manage to brutally mangle up the other half for not knowing how to navigate a keyboard. Thus, misspelling in of itself is a popular meme, and certain misspellings become so essential in forum posts that using the correct spelling will actually get you laughed at. One such word is the misspelling of the word ‘more’, “moar”. Moar has gained its popularity in many forums when one user posts something interesting or desirable to look at (usually links to porn, unsurprisingly) and everyone who responds after demands ‘moar!’"[1]

Links to "Internet relevant" from this article about "Not internet relevant" to make sure it has "internets relation"

The Tao of Insults


On Encyclopedia Dramatica the biggest insult that can be leveled at an article is that "it ought to be on Uncyclopedia".

On Uncyclopedia the biggest insult that can be leveled at an article is that "it ought to be on Encyclopedia Dramatica".

For a discussion of which of the two Wikis is more unfunny and about the phenomenon of elitists squabbling about shit nobody cares about see Wikipedia's article about "The Judean People's Front", "The People's Front of Judea" and "The Popular Front of Judea" in their unfunny article on Life of Brian.

Internet Relevant Porn versus Not Internet Relevant Porn

This nude picture of Chloe Sevigny has been skillfully photoshopped and is therefore Internet Relevant
This nude picture of Chloe Sevigny has not ... God she's so gorgeous ... I can't be bothered to finish this caption as I'm off for a wank.

Guess The Not A Meme

The Sealed Knot coat of arms and the actress Coralie Revel in the same picture??!!!111

The rewards for being internet relevant

Plus some Delicious Cake

Orphan Fap

An occasional series devoted to pictures whose parent pages have been flushed for being "not internet relevant".

How to distinguish between a "troll" and an "attention whore"

A troll
An attention ho

In order to produce clucks for inclusioness in ED it is necessary to go to other websites and troll them.
However this requires that you act like an attention whore.
Being a troll is good.
Being an attention whore is bad.
Does not compute!!!111

However, it's all in the context.

Consider the following posting (note ALL_CAPS);



If you posted this at Wikipedia or Uncyclopedia this would make you a potential troll.
If you posted this at Encyclopedia Dramatica this would make you an attention whore.

And remember - Arbeit macht Jew.

Moar internet related cat japery (LOL)


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