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The greatest message board ever known to the intarwebz. Awesomeness that cannot be explained. From the mainpage:
This is the community for those that are not cool. Pirates, nerds, ninjas, geeks, Space Monkeys, punks, dorks, goths, and those that defy categorization cohabitate here. The more you don't fit in out there, the more you'll fit in here. The site is run by a monkey. An angry monkey. How could you not join a site run by an angry monkey?


At 7pm EST, a raid occured on The site was bombarded with spam, shock pictures and last measure, and as the mods of the site couldn't do anything about it, lulz ensued amongst those who still live with their mothers. The havoc was stopped and the mods took action about three hours later.

7chan's /b/ was blamed upon for the actions, but it was actually Gaia and Ebaum that did the raiding, those stupid wapanese and whores

A talk about another raid is under way, but the time is not exact.

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