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It all started innocently enough. Women post pics of their newborn babies and then seek some sort of approval/validation from other freaks on LJ. Sure, that may be pathetic, but it's not really different from 98% of the other ratings communities on LJ.

oh jeeez

Owen Ray Pugface

Enter poor Owen Ray Kolicinzki, son of Lj-favicon.png twinklinlilstar.

In about 20 years, we expect him to either kill and eat people he picks up on the freeway or blow up large federal buildings to promote his manifesto.

Several months after the original Pugface drama, twinklinlilstar filed a dmca complaint against hardvice for the photoshop of Puggy with ohbutyouwillpet, leading hardvice to use his troll account, poko_fister while the claim was pending. When twinklinlilstar failed to file suit within the time specified by the statute, LJ Abuse restored hardvice's account and gave him permission to use the image as much as he likes on LiveJournal.

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The Famous Frozen Waffle Drama

Already well into its stride as one of the most drama-laced LJ communities of all time, the shit really hit the fan when Lj-favicon.png surprise_raisin posted an application (images baleeted) including a picture of her kid teething on a frozen waffle. The entire thread exploded into chaos as the pop parenting Nazis flipped out while various dramacratic trolls came in to increase the hate—including one of rfjason's finest performances, wherein he wished an operating table fatality on his opponent. The comments carried on for three pages, and the frozen waffle became a bit of an inside joke among the community members who are smart enough to remember that the whole community is a joke.

Related Communities

  • Lj-favicon.png theuglybabies — a community archiving all the rejects, established and maintained by Lj-favicon.png nouglybabies resident troll, Lj-favicon.png flamingotwin. (Anyone else notice how this can be an anagram for Flaming to win? As in trolling for... you get the idea.)
  • Lj-favicon.png theyrenotugly — rival community created by Lj-favicon.png jenni_goes_grrr,the pissed-off mama of a reject. Membership: 2—including Jenni.

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