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Nutmeg is not a drug, but rather a spice used in cooking that contains several essential oils that act as psychoactive drugs, such as myristicin. People too poor for crack may attempt to take nutmeg for a quick high, but those people are retarded. This is because Nutmeg kicks in at least 6 hours after you've forgotten that you've taken it. Connecticut is nicknamed The Nutmeg State. Also, it tastes quite similar to candy. Incidentally, the quantity of nutmeg you would need to ingest for any type of buzz is extremely close to the quantity needed to die, so DO IT FAGGOT.

Due to the amount of time it takes to kick in, people often take more than they should because they don't feel anything yet. The high itself isn't very pleasant. You spend the first 5 hours or so bitching to yourself about how the site you read it off of was full of shit, then you just feel sick for a few hours. Eventually the actual high kicks in which is 9 out of 10 times scarier than the shit that precipitates the next two stages: first an overwhelming sense of paranoia which lasts for nearly 8 hours. Then you wake up two days later feeling like you just got run over by a car, probably due to the fact that you were indeed hit by a car. Overall it would be more satisfying to get hanky-pankied by a 90 year old pedo.

Yeah, it's pretty fucking shit.



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buuuttt!!! if you do try it....

info from someone who has actually done it

you need to choke down 1g per 10lbs of your body weight. if you need help with this see: [1] 0-3 hours you start feeling the effects but will likely assume it's placebo esp. since the nutmeg high starts in waves. at this time you may feel nausea but it will go away 3-5 by now your eyes are dry and warm. you are dehydrated and look like you've just smoked weed. 6-8 you're high and it's raising. you will probably have intense laughter at this time and you will feel extremely relaxed. everything feels nice and soothing. i compare it to what you experience if you've ever done ecstasy. you are extremely dryed out and you may present slight visual distortion at times. ie. looking into a water bottle may seem like you're staring across an ocean. 8+ you are extremely stoned and everyone knows it. you have great closed-eye visuals. other types of minor hallucinations may present them-self. everything is the funniest thing you've ever heard. worst cotton mouth.

my first time i had a "hangover" but none in my further experiences. 
when you have scraped out the very last of the resin left in your bowl nutmeg is worth a try. you'd have to be really desperate.