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Kawaii neko day by nyanyandesu-d4qr4zp.jpg

Nyan~ Neko Sugar Girls is a troll fanime about two kawaii nekos who go on sugoi ne adventures with their pet pedophile, who has recently turned gay for someone who tried to rape him.


The show is about two Neko Girls named Raku-Chan and Koneko-Chan who run around with a homosexual named Hitoshi-San. Hitoshi-San ends up almost getting ass-raped, but gets saved by the neko duo. Then Raku-Chan gets bitten by a squirrel, and everyone thinks she gets rabies, but actually a neko demon is inserted into her body. Let's just not talk about how the fuck a squirrel could do that. Let's just focus on tits, which seems to be the main theme of the show, since the only physics that seem to exist in this show revolve around Raku-Chan's breasts. The series was dramatically ended with the sudden death of Raku-chan, which spiked an uproar within the fan base. This led to an overly large amount of fan art, for the series, online.




The main character of the series who is a green haired neko girl who adds 'nya' and/or 'desu' after every fucking sentence. Also, tits. Raku-chan is meant to be a parody of a weaboo's typical mary-sue.


Koneko-Chan on a horse.

Raku-chan's best friend in the series. She is a dark red haired neko girl, who has granny tits. Koneko-Chan is meant to a very boring secondary character of the series.


Very Smexy Hitoshi Drawing

Another friend of Raku-chans', is also Raku-chan's crush in the series. Gets gay daydreams about Kidnapper-Kun every time he comes into contact with Koneko-Chan. Also, Nya.. Rawr.


The rapist and Hitoshi

The man who tried to steal the innocence of Hitoshi's sweet weenie, but once his dastardly scheme was foiled by our favorite neko duo, he instead got away with his kokoro. Has a tendency to cause highly dangerous gay daydreams in Mr. Nya Rawr over there.


Raku-Chan being bit.

Bit Raku-chan after she molested him by smothering him with her breasts (which caused her to scream for 20 minutes, and was actually the least annoying thing raku chan had done all season). He has yet to be seen again, which shows how smart he is because he's staying the fuck away from all this shit.



The only character to ever to out-tit Raku-Chan. Vet-Sama is meant to be more like a sexy nurse who cares for Raku-Chan when she becomes ill in the series. She's also apparently a shrine maiden, whoops. Her voice is the least annoying on the show.

The show itself

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