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Long Meme is loooooooong.

In the cesspool of the internet art world known as DeviantART, a new form of Internet AIDS has spread throughout the servers, and its name is Nyu's Art Meme, created by, who else? Deviantart-favicon.png Nyu, a furry wapanese attention whore. Over 9000 DevianTART users have filled out this shitty meme, much to the chagrin of the millions of other intarwebz users who could care less. The only reason anyone gives a shit about it is because:

  1. It's a meme.
  2. It's got ZOMG ART.
  3. It's a fucking meme.
  4. Nobody can use spellcheck on your shitty art.
  5. It's a goddamn fucking meme.
  6. A bunch of popular artists did it, so everyone else jumped on the bandwagon (which exploded faster than a sheep at Anthrocon) in the hopes that maybe they would look popular by association.

Reason #6 is the reason most TARTlets did it, as demonstrated by the simple fact that if you actually search for "Nyu Art Meme" on DeviantArt, you will find at least 100 pages of nothing BUT this meme, which basically asks people to draw with their feet and other wanktastic fun.

Nyu's Art Meme, as filled out by Anonymous.

If you have the time to waste on this meme, by filling it out you announce that you fail.

How it Turns You Into an ArtSheep

  1. Draw Yourself.
  2. Draw your:
    1. Fursona
    2. Sonic OC
    3. Yourself as an Organization XIII member
    4. Yourself with a huge rack
    5. You with your girlfriend, who also has a huge rack
  3. Now do it again, with the hand you masturbate with.
  4. Now do it again, with the feet you masturbate with.
  5. What's your fetish, furry?
  6. Which faptastic drawing did you lose your virginity to?
  7. What makes you cut yourself?
  8. Draw something IRL (assuming you can).
  9. Wank.
  10. Make Nyu fanart of her fursona, 'cause Nyu is an attention whore!
  11. Wank Moar.
  12. Tell three more people to become artsheep!

Naturally, instead of typing your answers out to the meme like any other meme, you're expected to draw out everything.

ZOMG The Popularity!

I don't believe it! It's almost over 9000!

Her total number of pageviews has hit an Integer Overflow. I shit you not.

As of writing this, she has received over 300,000 pageviews in little over a month of memeage.

The only reason we don't have any other lulz worth reporting on Nyu herself yet is because she is still in catatonic shock and has no clue what to do with herself, having instantaneously become as famous as Snapesnogger and Bleedman, despite the fact that all she did was MAKE A FUCKING MEME.

We suspect she will become an hero once she realizes she has reached the highest, most rarified peak she will ever reach in her life, and nothing else she does will ever top this.

Furries Ruining A Meme That Was Shit To Begin With

Furry art meme ripoff.jpg

Not content to merely fuck the memesheep, BNG of FurAffinity went one step further and 'adapted' the meme for the furries there. Naturally, this involves making it 'filthy' by encouraging people to draw 'the most explicit thing they can think of'.

If this were a random meme, it would simply be foolish, but because the suggestion came from an actual furry, we can only assume he's trying to create a nuclear Yiff arsenal.

Thankfully, because Furries can't code worth shit, we have no clue about the popularity of this meme, though we assume it's not as infectious as the original since it's only circulating among furries, while the original meme circulates among furries, weeaboos, and 16 year old girls.

Just like the original meme, anyone who actually fills this meme out automatically fails twice, once for doing the meme and twice for doing a shitty ripoff of the meme.

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Deviantart-favicon.png The furry bitch who started it all.

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