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BBQ cat hates!

OMGWTFBBQCATS? you can ask yourself as the PETA did on their forums when one of their petaspawns took a break from cutting herself and posted a link, afraid that her happy housecat would be devoured by these rabid anti-furry cat-eaters. A lot like people with teddybears fear the furries. The petaspawn went on to report the site to every possible authority, with no luck, since eating cat is legal.

A group of friends put up the crapstub OMGWTFBBQCATS? site to make the cash. They write that they will eat cat on midsummer 2008 unless they make enough money from the site to pay for a hooker, or any other sort of steak to eat. This is bad for the cats though, because these MUSGs want to capitalize on the lolcat hating and put up a place to vote for eating the felines as well, and the eat the cats voting side got all the kewl swag, like the BBQ apron with cat recipy on and the cheap buttons.

Typical responses from the PETA forums

  • ewwwwwww that is absolutly fucking sick

those sick, sick ppl i hope they get shot.

  • bleh
  • my friends nice name is eggman.
  • WTH?!?!? How can people even think of eating animals people consider pets, thats just downright sick, I really do hope PETA looks into this, Peace Out!
  • I want my mommy, the bad people are going to eat Garfield

Typical responses from the public

  • They do it in china, you know.
  • Uhm... yeah, so?
  • I'd eat my cat.
  • Real men eat pussy.

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