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OMGWTFOTL (Odious Manly Genuflection With Terrible Fury: Only True Lamentation, Otoko Dogeza Jigoku) is a visual novel by Hanpamania-Soft. It's known for high levels of awesome and manliness. The game doesn't have much of a plot; instead, it's a series of random encounters. As with other visual novels, this game is interactive and the Player has to choose which routes to take (meaning that you're going to press "QUIT" several times). Included within this little piece of insanity are Satanic bears, tentacle monsters, and inside jokes.

Dramatis Personae

Weapon needed for killing Satanic bears.


Genuflect (commonly [x] Genuflect) is a chan meme that has its origins in OMGWTFOTL. In OMGWTFOTL, "Genuflect" is often an available choose. Genuflection is the act of dropping down on your knees and bowing before someone or something; thus, it's the equivalent of Kneel before Zod. The meme usually involves multiple choice in which one of the available options is [ ] Genuflect. Alternatively, [ ] Genuflect may not be an available option, but you may answer with [x] Genuflect anyway. For example, when someone asks you for Tits or GTFO, you may reply with the following:

[ ] Tits
[ ] GTFO
[x] Genuflect

Nevertheless, don't expect the good ending when choosing to answer in such a way.


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