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Project Chanology

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June 14th - Global Protest


I have absolutely no knowledge of the current scare surrounding Freewinds


Tom Cruise has no idea of the cancer that is killing the placentafags



On June 14th Anonymous focuses on The Sea Org.
See TL;DR at end of article.

Centralized Organization Forums


Interested in discussing Project Chanology?

Download MIRC or Icechat (Windows) or X-Chat Aqua (for Mac).
Linux info not necessary.

There are two irc networks that are used Partyvan ( and SPirc ( with SSL port 7000).

Each location for protests has their own #room. There are other rooms for various other reasons.
A good place to start is #enturbulation for generally discussion Chanology.

if you want to see a list of the rooms available on any IRC network, type the command


The Internet is Coming ...

Decentralized Organization and Discussion

Many of the protest regions have their own decentralized forums / discussion boards, wiki's and IRC channels.

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Why? For the Lulz fool!

If you are wondering if there are any other reasons in participating other than the lulz of "Dismantling the Church of Scientlogy in its present form", generally pissing off arrogant and violent midgets and other placentafags whilst generally fagging it up iRL in a Guy Fawkes mask with an eyepatch and a parrot.

Don't worry, there are plenty. You are probably a moralfag but this will interest you.

The Sea Org. The Facts

There is no Freedom in C0$
Remember Aussschwitz?.."Arbeit macht frei" transl:Work makes free ,well C0$ is following the same politics, but with Blue Asbestos. Wear a Mask while Assaulting the Freewinds !!!!
They are Fanatics of "trying to cure Cancer with Vitamin Pills", its moar cheap than a real Doctor and They do not care if Cancer wins
Pirates, get ready to assault the Freewinds

  • Horrid Living Conditions.
  • Horrid Punishments (See "Rehabilitation Project Force").
  • Forced Abortions
Sea Org members are not permitted to have children while working for the organization. Couples who get pregnant are either pressured to abort the baby, or they must leave. Often, these people have been in the Sea Org so long, they have nowhere to go, no resume outside of Scientology, no job experience, no finances, no property, and no non-Scientology friends.
  • Effectively Slave Labor and often of minors.
Sea Org members have no protection from long and abusive work hours. Many work 17-20 hours days because of the pressures of the job. Anyone who complains is treated as though they are "not getting with the program", "unethical", or "not on board". There are thousands of minors working under these conditions in the Sea Org. If a minor complains, they are thrown into this form of severe boot camp called Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF) for years where they're tortured.
  • Psychological Terrorism
Members are put under tremendous psychological pressure. They are expected to work as hard as need be without complaint, sacrificing food, sleep, family, and off hours. Often the things they are asked to do are beyond the realm of human possibility, and yet they are criticized for not getting these things done, even when they've tried as hard as they possibly can. Many Sea Org members who leave cite this as one of the most debilitating aspects of the Sea Org - they work and work and work; yet their boss tells them it is never good enough. Their bosses, of course, are under exactly the same kind of pressure from their bosses, who are under the same from theirs, and so forth up to David Miscarriage himself.
  • No Medical Care
Sea Org members are denied proper medical care. They are not provided health insurance, are not given sick days, and the Sea Org will not purchase their medicine for them. If a free clinic won't provide the medicine someone needs, the Sea Org management won't shoulder the costs.
  • Exceptionally poor Schooling and Education.
80% or more of children's "education" is effectively learning the Scientology "Tech".
  • "Freeloader Debt".
If you leave, they will try and sting you for around a hundred thousand dollars or more.
  • Very Dubious Marriage Arrangments and "Sexual Counseling".
Of course a 15 yr girl can marry a old man. She is A Billion Year Old Thetan!
Aye Aye, Captain.
Wow wow, Captain.

The list of abuses simply goes on and on.

For the TL;DR version read The SeaOrg by

This was published by Jenna Miscavige (the niece of David Miscavige), Kendra Wiseman (the daughter of the CCHR) and Astra Woodcraft (a prominent critic who escaped from the Sea Org when they tried to force her to have an abortion--hence her last name Miscariage).

'Other Infos and Dox






From the Daily Star - National UK Newspaper

Tom Cruise and other Hollywood stars are being urged to have urgent medical checks after an asbestos scare on board a Church of Scientology cruise ship. The $2 million Freewinds was said to be “under seal” on the Caribbean island of Curacao after cancer-causing particles were found on the 40-year-old vessel.

According to local reports, deadly blue asbestos dust was released during refurbishment of the ship – used by the church as a floating “education centre” and for VIP parties. As well as Top Gun Cruise, 45, who is a senior Scientologist, other celebs known to have spent time on board include singer Lisa Marie Presley, Natural Born Killers actress Juliette Lewis, jazz great Chick Corea and JAG and Army Wives TV star Catherine Bell.

Scores more household names are believed to have been guests and could now be at risk from the killer disease mesothelioma, warn experts. It can lay dormant for decades after exposure to blue asbestos, before causing cancer of the peritoneum – the lining of the lung.

One medical expert said last night: “Anyone who believes they may have been exposed to asbestos should consult a doctor immediately.” Yesterday, Caribbean daily newspaper Amigoe claimed that a specialist team from America has arrived in Curacao to examine the Freewinds. Private docking company CDM refused to comment and Scientology spokesman Karin Pouw denied the vessel is “under lock-down”. She said it will be ready to sail later this month and added: “Freewinds is being restored to better than new condition and no expense has ever been spared in meeting the highest safety standards.

“It is undergoing a complete refit, including renovation of all cabins, accommodation facilities and upgrading all navigational and nautical equipment. “The Freewinds regularly inspects air quality on board and always meets or exceeds US standards.”

Last night a spokes-man for Cruise, the church’s top “pin-up”, insisted that he had “absolutely no knowledge” of the current scare surrounding Freewinds.



Portal chanology.png


Project Chanology

Visit the Anonymous Portal for complete coverage.

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