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The good Christian government of America has a long and tenuous relationship with the Internets and thankfully Obscenitycrimes.org is here to help them keep it satanic dæmon free. They acknowledge that, while the internet is indeed Serious Business, many users seek to use this new technology to spread n00dz and Goatse. To deal with this growing problem, they have enlisted the aid of God-fearing Lawyers who they pay over 9000 dollars to bitch to the feds when they see titties. These arbiters of holy justice are known as Morality in Media Inc.

ObscenityCrimes.org even provides a form for God's Warriors to fill out. By checking boxes vigilant citizens can alert their US Attorneys to "Lewd Exhibition of the Genitals" and other felonious breaches of common decency. Despite over 67,000 complaints filed, no prosecutions are forthcoming. The Godless US attorneys are ignoring pr0n, the real crime, because they're too busy sentencing negroes to daily ass-poundings. Meanwhile our sons wank helplessly to nubile camwhores, their pasty erections firmly in the grip of the devil himself.

Unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be any forums where Goatse and Tubgirl can be posted, but you can sign them up for lots of furry pr0n using the address [[email protected]]

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