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A rare screenshot from the developer, showing the joys lurking in the yet-to-be released ObscureGET 6.

ObscureGET is an epic collection of Rule 34 and bizarre porn collected from imageboards like 4chan and the internet. The ObscureGET packs were released about every 3 months under the previous distribution scheme, but the developer plans to change this to a monthly plan to keep pack sizes down.


Contents have been known in the past to include:

  • Rule 34 content
  • Siterips
  • Flash videos
  • Entire porn flicks
  • OH GOD WHAT THE FUCK certified content from sites like BMEZine.com and Lemonparty.org


The state of distribution is soon to change. Currently, ObscureGET packs are distributed in parts on the Rapidshare network. This is, according to the developer, "Because I'm a Rapidshare point jew and this is a neat little earner". However, with the constantly increasing size of ObscureGET distributions, the developer has decided that the next version will be spread on a bitTorrent network, with the initial .torrent download coming off the Rapidshare servers. This, argues the developer, allows him to hord plenty of RS points, while making sure clients are not subjected to painfully long waits between file downloads.

Previously, the developer felt another way around the distribution problem would be to archive the packs in increasingly smaller archives using such tools as WinRK and PAQ8L. The major downside to this was originally that WinRK only ran on windows systems and was the only application that could open its native .RK file format. It was later discovered that due to vast inefficiency in the development of both WinRK and PAQ8L, decompression would be almost as slow as the waits one would be subjected to if they were downloading the separate parts off Rapidshare.


  • ObscureGET 1
    • The pack that started it all. You can see the existence of this on Rapidsearch, but it is long dead. The developer has stated in an IRC conversation that "that was a practice... it seemed to go down well enough, so I made a revision."
  • ObscureGET 2
    • This version encompassed both the previous version and included an entire new sector.
  • ObscureGET 3
    • The smallest of the OG Packs. While small in size, this has been said by many to be one of the best versions yet.
  • ObscureGET 4
    • Weighing in at an eerie 420MB decompressed, this version was released in September 2006 on IRC. It is still awaiting distribution to the main internet, but distribution is hindered by the problems outlined in the previous heading.

ObscureGET is, officially, up to version 7, which is currently being compiled- yes, as we speak, some anonymous faggot is trawling the internet looking for Garfield porn on floppy disks from 1996. In an official statement, he said:

I will release OGs 5-7. I will. I promise. I've just hit a brick wall because I don't know where I'm going to stick them. If I use TPB I can kiss any chances of surfing on rapidshare points goodbye. If I use a private tracker everyone will hate me. But I'll work something out, you wait and see. Thank me when you're seeing the best porn of your life at 600kb/s.

Meanwhile, the rest of the world lies in waiting.


Earlier releases have been tagged as being produced by "!MNc99", and the versions on rapidshare are all prefixed with _MNc99_ before the pack name and number. Nevertheless, many people believe that this is simply a front. According to the IRC channel where the developer lurks, newer revisions of ObscureGET v3 for "the 4chan market" include an additional README, which states that one can "Contact me at [email protected] if you want to ask anything." This email has yet to have been confirmed as the developer's, but it looks very likely, since the update is being distributed through the same channels as the original.


ObscureGET packs can be downloaded here:

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