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You knew this image would be here because you were stalking me.

According to various sources, obsession is a recurring and unwanted idea, often unreasonable or disturbing in nature, that cannot be eliminated. Most users of the Internets are obsessive about something or other, whether it be drama, LiveJournal, a canon work or a particular band.


Obsessive behavior is easily identified. If you think that you or someone you know is obsessed, please consult this list of symptoms.

  1. Do they ever think about someone that they know solely via the Internets even when not on the Internets?
  2. Do they read and reply to every post a person makes on their LiveJournal or blog?
  3. Do they keep the name of a person on their AIM list, even after the discontinuance of communication, simply to see when they last logged on?
  4. Do they check someone's profile on MySpace to last see when they logged on, and for how long?
  5. Do they write or read fanfic or slashfic about a specific movie, book or other work?
  6. Do they belong to more than one LiveJournal community about a single topic, person or subject?
  7. Do they continue to argue with and "defend themselves" from trolls or LJDrama staff, even when the obvious path of least resistance would be to simply ignore them?
  8. Do they own an LJDrama or Encyclopedia Dramatica button?
  9. Do they check the Recent Changes section of the Encyclopedia Dramatica hourly?

Common Objects

Certain subjects, people or topics are more commonly the objects of obsessive behavior OL than others. These include:

Calvin Klein

At least a hundred years ago, Calvin Klein came out with a perfume called "Obsession." It is most famous for its advertising catchphrase: "Somewhere between desire and need lies your mom...Obsession."

The stuff smells horrible, but for some reason it can still be bought at most any major mall.

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