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NEVAR!!!! This user was willing to die for the lulz... and did.



May he lulz in peace.

cant stop drinking for a second

Oclet was a pathetic alcoholic who sat in his room all day drinking whiskey and yelling at people on irc. Like many geeks, oclet was a 90lb wimp who couldn't beat up a wet paper bag, however he talks more shit on the internet than a hipster at a Clear Channel show and the only reason he didn't get a beatdown is no one really likes beating up little kids.

Oclet used to be funny and useful but then he fell in love with hepkitten and turned to alcoholism. Now even sdf is more funny and useful than him.

Oclet's claim to fame happened one fateful night while living at hepkitten's house. According to logs obtained from the internet, Oclet exposed himself to one of hepkitten's offspring. After this vile act, he proceeded to seduce hepkitten using the only means he is able to, roofies.

Defcon 2005

oclet got beat up by a girl

After once again drinking enough alcohol to put any normal human in a coma, oclet tried to pick a fight with hep wherein she beat the crap out of him and gave him two black eyes. He was kicked out shortly after.


Oclet's one worthwhile skill was his ability to socially engineer amusing and occasionally hilarious situations while confing. Mostly this was because he stole all of hep's jokes. Don't let this one talent fool you, however, if you sit in your room alone drinking all day, every day you are likely to be funny every once in awhile.


partial bantown gathering: shakparl, hep, and oclet

As a quasi-founding member of bantown oclet used to try to claim credit for the works of those much funnier than him. His official Bantown Title is Village Idiot and his contributions consist of rambling on about how drunk he is and reusing other people's old jokes.

IRC, Hack, and Tfile Scenes

Oclet claimed to be a feared irc troll but he couldn't even get banned from channels anymore. He also made claims of having authored many tfiles of note but this is obviously untrue considering that he was 12. Let's not even begin to discuss his lack of hack skills, he couldn't hack the heptop with the SDK and Dev Key.

the trollascii

by jesuitx

                            /------\   youd drink this much too
                          //        \\ if you looked like me
                         |  /--\ /--\ |
                         |  |. | | .| |
                         |  ---- ---- |
                          \\  ....  //
                      ++    \-+--+-/
                      ++      |  |
                      ++---   |  |
                      ||   \  |  \
                     /++\   \ |  |\    )
                    //  \\   \\  | \   ) (
                    |    |    |  |  \  (
                    |xxx |    |  |   \
                    \\  //    |  |   ---
                     \--/     |  |
                              |  |
                              |  |
                              |  |
                              |  |
                             /  /

              _     _
      ___  __| |___| |_
     / _ \/ _| / -_)  _|

Drinking + Mena

Oclet has been trolled by Mena Trott who owns Six Apart.

Chillin' with some fortified wine and a container of fried chicken strips
Getting trolled by most of bantown and Mena


On the eve of Tuesday June 17th 2008 beloved manchild Oclet was joyfully expressing how happy he was with his life, he had recently found a new love, and was looking forward to a future of getting high and wasted with her. After dawning his Drugdana he left the irc to snort fat lines of chatcaine and oxy. Later in the night began txting aempirei about the joy he was sharing with his new girlfriend and his hopes for the future. He left us on the morning of June 18th 2008, when after consuming around 4 grams of illegal narcotics, and 8 gallons of hi-proof alcoholic beverages. While walking out of his girlfriends apartment he was hit by a Muni bus and died instantly. He will be dearly missed, and will always be remembered as being in it for the lulz.

Lulz in peace sweet prince.

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