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o rly?

Ashley Malick, aka “Odayga”, is a devianTARTlet of renowned skill and passion, who spends 30 hours every day on art because she believes that she is “God’s gift to the art world” and is in fact better than anyone else. The results of her valiant efforts include works of epic magnitude and breathtaking execution. Her subjects include monsters, horses, horsemonsters, silhouetted scenery, and just about anything that Jennadelle drew first. She will spend weeks working on a picture of a field of grass to get every leaf just right, and when she isn’t blathering on about how wonderful and highly talented at art she is, she is sharing excessive information about herself, to the point where people beg her to shut the fuck up.

Every thousand years she likes to climb down from her pedestal and go plague the unfortunate folks at ConceptArt with her idiotic nonsense and constant ban evading, and to show the children of the world how they can achieve her mighty status, because she is such a wonderful person.

Notable facts

  • God gave her magical art passions
  • Her parents are building her a studio to work in.
  • In her art class at school, she has gotten shitty grades for being slow on her work. lol

So not true!!!

  • She is proud her parents are converted rag heads, and she is proud that she hates heathen pagans
  • Her only true skill is bothering the shit out of people.
  • Chances are, if your art doesn't suck, she has talked to you.
  • Even though she's 18, you would assume that she was a child.

Gods gifted me as a master/bonded/passionate person for animals [forever and beyond heavens. i cant explain it its so intricate ] and artist. i mean they all come to me. in the mares pasture they follow me around and nicker to me a lot. they know what gods chosen me as and how he is using me. Thankyou god foreverything in my life. [ yeah im prayin on a livejournal. who cares lol ]


—Ashley, in her loljournal


Before we go any further into this person’s atrocities, we’ll start off with a small sampling of her crap, amongst other things.

Artist Relations


When Odayga gets bored of her own reflection in the mirror, she can often be found driving fellow artists on the internet crazy with her favorite topics which include but are not limited to: how to keep her shit grades from getting shittier so she can some day make it to SCAD and show the world her remarkable talents, “how r u doin”, how bad some artist is, how awesome her art is, and how she might be able to improve. The latter usually results in a heavy handed critique and Odayga giving a half hearted excuse before running off to go lick her wounds and then masturbate to a picture of herself.

Best of the best, guys!

The favorite object of her criticism and rants is the talented Shinerai who has had to deal with inflammatory bombardments on both her private messengers and on DeviantART. Usually it is out of pure jealousy or that according to Odayga, these lesser artists cannot comprehend her godlike level of ability, and should therefore be punished via incredible displays of immaturity and pride, because she is the best of the best and there is no one better than her. Ever.

The ConceptArt Incident

While most of the threads are lost to the sands of time, Odayga’s ConceptArt adventures are well known amongst ConceptArt members, the escapade landing her with several bans and her place on the Wall of Shame.

Her threads are well remembered as engrossing, full of intelligent questions that only an art expert such as herself would be able to think of, focusing on pressing concerns, controversial, interesting, important, confident, and everyone loved her.

Screenshots b4 ban evasion

Eventually she was banned for not being able to take critiques, posting too much crap, and for being a general fucktard. However that didn’t stop her from making multiple accounts and trying to recover her ‘glory’ despite the fact that everyone knew it was her.


Odayga has since had her account unbanned and is now more or less reformed. Taunting her/digging up her old activities is unofficially considered against the rules. Her activity on Conceptart.org is sporadic and rare, mainly including posting pictures of herself and commenting in random threads.

Other Hobbies

Even though she spends over_9000 hours on her artwork, she makes time to get raped by both horses and Jesus, all while currently sucking the semen out of her horsey boyfriend, Cody, and trying to sell enough art to buy a $30,000 horse cock, because artists are all millionaires.

She also posts art on livejournal which is so awesome it has yet to be seen by human eyes. Each post is modestly signed ArtMaster. She also chronicles how every day is teh best day ever!!!!! thank you god, my life is so great. The pills really help.

Where to find her/Shit you don’t care about

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