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Moar info: Odumcarlock.
  • Odum's BMI is so high, it has it's own BMI.
  • Odum claims his BMI isn't high, just misunderstood.
  • Odum's BMI mocks Odum for being fat and saves over his xbox savegames.
  • Odum's BMI ate his lunch.
  • Odum's BMI is so high it can see its house from there.
  • Odum's BMI is so high, all it does is play peggle, laugh and pig out on weird mayo+pb sandwiches.
  • Odum's BMI is higher than the amount of money he had to pay his wife to leave him.
  • Odum's BMI made him late to church because it took his car out on saturday night and didn't come back until noon.
  • Odum's BMI also had to pay Odum's wife when she left.
  • You want the BMI? You can't handle the BMI!
  • Odum's BMI has a family and a mortgage.
  • Odum's BMI gets racially profiled at airport security.
  • Odum's BMI has its own set of collectibles.
  • Odum's BMI lied about how many dependents it had on its tax forms.
  • Odum's BMI has diabetes.
  • Odum doesn't have a high BMI. A high BMI has an Odum.
  • Odum's BMI lied to get out of jury duty.
  • The dark is afraid of Odum's BMI.
  • Odum's BMI is the big swinging dick BMI at BMI meetings.
  • They found Jimmy Hoffa's body in Odum's BMI.
  • Obama is going to allow drilling in Odum's BMI.
  • Odum's BMI toppled the Kyrgyzstani government. 68 people died and over 400 were injured.
  • Odum's BMI won't recognize Martin Luther King Jr. Day.
  • Odum visited Arizona and his BMI flooded the Grand Canyon
  • Odum's BMI drives carefully and doesn't speed because it's on a suspended license from having too many DWIs.
  • Odum's BMI has more hair than Odum.
  • Odum's BMI has to pay for two seats on airline flights.
  • Odum's BMI is so high it can't find it's keys.
  • Odum's BMI was voted "Most Likely To Be Excessively High" in high school.
  • Other BMIs refer to Odum's BMI as "the BMI".
  • Odum's BMI is so high that it needs an oxygen mask to breathe.
  • Odum's BMI has been escorted off the premises of two major fast-food chain restaurants.
  • Odum's BMI had to have special seat belt extensions made for Odum's Monte Carlo.
  • Odum's BMI did a stint in rehab trying to fight an addiction to ludes.
  • Japanese black market importers smuggled whale meat into the U.S. inside Odum's BMI
  • Odum's BMI shows up as a POI in Garmin's new data sets.
  • Christians didn't protest when Odum's BMI said it was bigger than Jesus
  • Eskimos eat Odum's BMI to survive the winter
  • Odum's BMI went into cardiac arrest on his way to get his stomach stapled.
  • I went to the arcade and Odum's BMI had all the high scores.
  • An indigenous Amazonian tribe worships Odum's BMI.
  • A team of french nutritionists crash landed their single-engine plane into Odum's BMI.
  • Odum's BMI built a theme park called BMI Land so it could experience the childhood it missed out on.
  • Michael Jackson was worried about the drug dosages Odum's BMI was taking to get to sleep.
  • "Fuckin' Odum's BMI, how does that work?" ~ICP

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