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Typical oekaki picture

Oekaki (お絵描き) is a Japanese term meaning to "doodle" or "scribble". On a Oekaki website, you can typically draw online using your browser and submit directly to the website. They are usually run by jealous admins who will only delete something if it is not original or has not been worked on whole-heartedly. Most of the communities consist of weeaboos, who draw shitty fanart of Naruto, Inuyasha and other such wonderful shows.

OeCOCKy also stands for all the cock you have to suck to get compliments on your amazing arts.


Major oekakis, such as Suta Raito Oekaki, are VERY difficult to get into. You have to be a wonderful artist, draw animals, and you must always remember to provide accurate and helpful criticism or else they'll have to tattle to the admins.


Oekaki boards you should troll:

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