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Rockefeller's Pedo Paste.

A popular Wikipedia topic that is particularly loathsome. Some Wikipedians spend more time arguing about oil than they do about whether it is morally acceptable to kidnap and rape small boys for giggles.

Lately, there has been some fear that we may run out of oil. This would interfere with the political agenda of fags and possibly pedos by clamming up the dry hole for all eternity, as well as destroying the lube industry forever.

Running out of oil

People who edit Encyclopedia Dramatica have time to do so because they do not need to hunt and gather in small tribes or live in Arab. They appear very rich, but that's just because they're burning our ancestors, who have become a tasty brand of oil known as petroleum.

OMG J/K. It might be lulz-worthy to troll guys who run websites like lifeaftertheoilcrash.net, if only the whole "running out of oil" meme didn't get pwnt all the time in the media. There's nothing to worry about, kiddies, keep doing your thing and everything is going to be ok.

Many geologists believe that we may be able to end our dependence on oil by harvesting basement dwellers for their oily skin. This oil is particularly disgusting, and may cause acne, virginity, and a tendency to play D&D. But we will never run out of oil since Ronald Reagan and Jesus fill the Earth up every several thousand miles.

You may begin practicing turning humans into oil with this fascinating game made by geniuses.

Ethnic Cleansing

Cozy Jew oven in Dachau

Oil burns at a high temperature. Furries and protesting azn monks are easily pwnt with burning oil. However, oil does not burn hot enough to kill jews. For that purpose, special ovens are required.

Jew relaxing

You can use your lust for oil to justify killing sand niggers. See W.

People With Oil

People With Oily Buildup

Future Energy Sources

America's Untapped Energy Source
Made with the tears of real emo land whales. An inexhaustible supply for the future.

Land Whales - America has vast untapped oil deposits trapped in the bodies of these creatures. An eco-friendly approach to the extraction of this natural resource could come in the form of solar powered rendering plants. One would simply need to insert the ambulatory oil depots into the center of a parabolic dish and allow clean, all-natural solar heat to drive the process. The oil that runs off would go to proudly power our energy-hungry hummering burbilicious crowds. The nostalgia invoked by returning to whale oil strikes a deep chord within us all as well. One day people will say that it wasn't an obesity crisis, it was an obesity opportunity.

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