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This page is a 'homage' to the trolls of yesteryear. Nobody gives a shit about them anymore, but since they once had their own pages on ED, presumably somebody once loved them... even if it was just themselves or their mommies. So let's pour out a little likker for these dinosaurs of ED and the greater intarwebz, even the entire Earth.


The gimp himself.

Bondster is a user of the wyldryde IRC network. He is the brunt of many jokes and situations where hilarity ensues. Most of his problems are rarely ever solved, owing to the fact that it's due to a PEBKAC error, not a technical one. He claims to have been part of the community since the inception of wyld. However many users never remember him being around up until a year or so ago, and the number of years seems to increase exponentially. A running joke among a few users is that his recollections place him at being a regular before the channels or network even existed. You'll often find him in the channels #lockergnome and #naughtycloset.

The biggest prank to ever be pulled on Bondster occured mid-June of 2004. He gave his ftp id and password to the user known as Puppeto. Who in turn replaced his index page with some nice fresh anal gaping goatse. This was the root of some great drama as he requested that many blogs that had posted the incident to remove any and all references of the happening. The old URL can still be found at http://www.thebondster.com . It is still a hacker's delight with very little security and a gimpy password protecting ftp access.

Approach with caution, he owns a Bimmer.

William Wallace

William Wallace is a noted Internet asshole, forum troll and /b/tard.


William Wallace is famous for first raging the Weebls-Stuff forums and then being banned. He then moved onto the Anything Forums and proceeded to rage them. He was banned there as well. He joined the YTMND forums and then the NYRA Forums. He participated in YTMND's Natalee Holloway War, then was banned along with others for crimes against missing white woman syndrome .

Current Location

William Wallace once operated out of Interflop.com forums, YTMND forums, and the NYRA forums. He is now a 4chan member. Wallace participated in GNAA raids as well and has attacked chats in the name of GNAA. He can be contacted on 4chan or Penny Arcade. He also can be found on GNAA IRC.


  • Weebls-stuff
  • Anything Forums
  • NYRA Forums
  • Natalee Holloway Chat
  • Cerulean Butterfly forums


Typical victim

Deep in the bowels of efnet, a small group of trolls organized under the name #limeteam, and for about a year spread their campaign of lulz across the tubes. Originating with spam attacks on various anime-related forums, limeteam members took handles based off of said shitty anime and began pulling off several low-key, yet hilarious trolls. Early LT activity was primitive in nature, including script kiddie-like exploitation of poorly coded web apps and spamming of Yahoo. Over time, the focus of the group shifted to enabling aspiring e-celebrities to continue making asses of themselves (See: Nichole337). Competitions were held to see who could get the most YouTube accounts closed in any given time period, leading up to a short-lived partial cleansing of the blogosphere.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end.

How I love these

Ian McGoatse

Ian cementing his name in internet history.

Ian McGoatse is a Miamifag and one of the few OPs in history that has delivered.

The Legend

3. January, 2012 an unknown OP at the time posted on /b/. Ian McGoatse as he was later named by the internet, drove hours to knock over some tables at South Beach, Florida, in front of a camera streaming it live on EarthCam.com. After some pacing back and forth OP, after moving what was on top of the target table (Thor forbid he broke something), summoned all his might as he barley managed to budge the marble table. But OP was not done, nay, he had just begun what would become a night of terror for the citizens of Flordia. OP returned, and this time with a vengance. He had bought alchohol and a lighter at a local WalGreens, and started pouring alchohol in front of the restaurant by which the tables were placed. OP then chose not to do so, as he was afraid of a felony, his girlfiend, friends bla-bla-bla. His calls explaining his current status were being broadcasted on the internet, and after hearing the disapointment of his "fans", he once again returned, determined to give them something - he was going to flip some chairs. OP rushed by the furniture, in a speed unlike anything /b/ had ever seen. The self proclaimed "endurance runner" streched his right arm out to the side, ready to wreak havoc upon the defenseless chairs. OP managed to knock none down, as he panted away in breaths of success into the phone.

While at his lowest point, explaing how he was unemployed, and how much his friends sucked - his audience came up with an idea. The other stream! Oh yes, for there was another one. Not far away, in Lincoln Road West, there was another restaurant, with tables and christmas lights. The audience managed to guide OP there, and gave OP his time to shine. For one glorious hour, OP shaped the tables to spell out "/b/", danced naked, ripped up plants and performed a low framerate goatse (which also gave him his newfound internet name). And oh, what fun they had. This was until twitch.tv, which was the medium in which OP could communicate with his followers, took it down. Apparently his asshole was more offensive than a hunded simultaineous streams of "Let's play Minecraft". And that his how his legend ended, though it is said that every night when the moon is at its brighest, that McGoatse returns to the very spot he spread his asshole, and repeats it throughout the night.


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