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Oliver Keyes (1990-?) is the web designer and script writer for the webcomic [[wired]]. He is currently studying at the Jonh Lyon School in London (UK.

Known online simply as "verlesk" (a nickname of his own invention) he is an avid gamer, although not to the point of being heavily involved in online games. He also enjoys online RPG's, and is a member of two clubs, the 3rd Imperium, of which he is a cofounder, and the Dark Angels of the Jensaarai. both are based on the star wars universe.

He is well known for his cynicsm, as well as his dry and sarcastic sense of humour.

The PC he uses for his coding currently has a 120GB SATA Hard Drive, a pair of 2.6Ghz Intel processors and 1024MB of RAM (DDR SDRAM).

== Trivia ==
1)He can code HTML, XML, PHP and ASP, yet has never managed to master CSS.

2)He is a member of the Air Training Corps (ATC) and currently serves with 2236 Sqn

3)His squadron cadet ID is 1651

4)his nicknames over time have been Mouse, Verlesk, Mauser, minimax and Eric