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He is born!
Oshrtact is oshrt.

One hot summer morning in July, 2008, a strange ginger cat appeared on 4chan. No one knows exactly where this cat came from, but before long the thread became epic and Raptor Jesus intervened to prophecy that the strange ginger cat was indeed Olngact, the third member of the holy Longcat family and one of the keys to world peace. Olngcat represents Fire.


The Third has arrived at last! As foretold in Raptor Jesus's final prophecy, "There shall be Four. One of Air, his fur white as snow. His power shall enlighten the masses, and herald the beginning. The second of Earth, black as the night. The darkness will be overwhelming, but do not fear! He has come as a harbinger of the goodness to come. The thrice appearance of a creature of great length, this one coloured as though wrapped in the very flame it represents, will appear to assuade our fears of the nigh end. Though it will be met with hate and loathing, it shall soldier on to aid us. The final, the fourth, shall emerge from the great oceans as though it was born of them, joining its brothers and spreading harmony as it walks.

Together, the Four Felines will combine their great power, and summon a fifth, a creature of pure heart, radiant and beautiful. He, mighty and virile, will open the soul of all followers, and lead them to the land of ultimate delight. Never again will people have to buy dogs or get in their cars! No more will innocent yellow vans tremble at the approaching horde! The fruit of our reptilian labours will come, and feline power shall rule to cosmos!"


—Anonymous, retelling Raptor Jesus's holy tale

The Holy Four

Sometimes referred to as the Cats of Power, the original Gang of Four, or the Quatrain, the four cats of power are Longcat's siblings. When brought together, these four felines will rule the universe. Bringing together any two of the four cats will cause Catnarok.

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