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An alternative idea is run off with the torch.
If you are more than just an anonymous pussy and fucking do it, you could be a meme!
(A shitty) torch Rule 34 has finally been done.
Rule 34: Olympic Torch pr0ns

The Olympic Flame is something that has been carried in a procession as part of a ritual for 2,800 years (although the modern version was invented in Nazi Germany by Hitler himself) and was carried through London on the 6th of April 2008.

Be there. 12pm. 9th part of the procession, torch is being carried by a little Chinese lady.

It all started with a thread on Ebaumsworld in which ballsy Anons suggested that it might be win to attempt to extinguish the Olympic Torch. Little did Anon realize, however, that they were not the first people to formulate such a notion. The human rights activists wanted to pwn the torch to bring attention to China's shitty human rights record. Every country with an axe to grind with the Chinks wanted to douse the torch in order to win publicity for their own cause. Anon wanted to do it because it would be funny. Before long it became clear that every fucker with a chip on their shoulder was dead-set on putting the damn thing out.

The torch's subsequent journey across the globe was replete with violence, arrests, attempted self-immolation and all-round shits n' giggles. What China had hoped would be a major breakthrough in convincing the world that they weren't complete cunts had turned into an intractable publicity disaster wasting millions upon millions of dollars, leaving a swath of cities blinking in bemusement and wondering how they had been conned into allowing the torch through in the first place and leading to the premiers of England and Germany boycotting the opening ceremony.

While evidence of Anon's involvement is limited at best, it falls to us to chronicle the epic lulz that ensued and say GG to all involved.

Hey, Olympic Flame! I saw what you did with Fucking China in the Ass.
I just wanted to say keep up the good work.

If this is the walkthrough, I can't wait for the main event.


—The Canadian Press

The main event!

Torch Route

The announced route took the torch through the following locations, from March 2008 to May 2008, before the final stages in mainland China:

2008 Olympic Torch Relay shown in blue. The original Taiwan route shown in red.
The true Olympic Torch Relay Map
Date City Country
March 25 Olympia Greece
March 30 Athens
March 31 Beijing China
April 1 Mordor
April 2 Almaty Kazakhstan
April 3 Istanbul Turkey
April 5 St.Petersburg Russia
April 6 London United Kingdom
April 7 Paris France
April 9 San Francisco United States of Americunts
April 11 Buenos Aires Argentina
April 13 Dar es Salaam Tanzania
April 14 Muscat Oman
April 16 Islamabad Pakistan
April 17 Mumbai India
April 19 Bangkok Thailand
April 21 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
April 22 Jakarta Indonesia
April 24 Canberra Australia
April 26 Nagano Japan
April 27 Seoul South Korea
April 28 Pyongyang North Korea
April 29 Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam
May 2 Hong Kong China
May 3 Macau


Official news reports suggested that somewhere in the vicinity of 2,000 police officers would be guarding the procession through London. They expected protestfags shouting "FREE TIBET", but their protest would be peaceful. Anonymous could use Rickroll to protest peacefully, but if they wanted to be truly hardcore, one anon could go down as a martyr if they felt they had the balls to. However, this would probably have serious repercussions on a wider scale if it ever did, by chance, actually happen. It is well known that the Olympics is funded with Scientology cash, therefore it makes sense to boycott it.

The bad news was that the flame itself was protected against extreme weather. The external flame was kept alive by an inner flame which was gas-powered. Extreme measures were needed if this is to be successful.

Battle Plan

Don't fuck with this motherfucker; he'll put out the Olympic Flame in no time.
  1. Anons get CO2 fire extinguishers (Protip: The use of any other type will be ineffective, the use of type B fire extinguishers will result IRL B&hammer due to high levels of AIDS in the chemical powder).
  2. Anons inter-mingle-a-fiels with surrounding crowd and using pwnage hax social skills gets close to the torch.
  3. Anons are scattered all along the planned route to ensure maximum lulz and efficiency (Protip2: if 1 anon gets V& others will be on hand later in the route to give /b/lackup - anon is legion).
  4. In the event you win, enjoy the lulz as you will be the epic and the cure to the cancer that is killing /b/.
    • a. Steal torch for win whilst shouting random memes.
    • b. use CO2 extinguishers to put fail on China's torch of AIDS.
    • c. get tazed whilst saying something stupid which becomes a meme.
  6. In the event of mission fail, you will be B& IRL and tazed by a bro along with the other FREE-TIBET peoples (make sure to blame ebaums).
  7. WW3
  8. ????
  9. Profit / meme / immortality

The First Attack

The outline of her breasts are visible in this pic, despite her claiming to be a Muslim.

A Tibetfag tried to grab the flame from the Arab British TV presenter Konnie Huq. Since Anon stated that the first person to attack the flame would become a meme, he is now a meme. Reports suggest that fire extinguishers were used, which suggests the presence of Anonymous given that was their main battle tactic. She is thought to be of a higher caste than most of the people of India or Bangladesh, because she is actually a Muslim, lol, srsly, even check TOW. However it is well known that South Asian women are probably the least attractive women in the world and that it is right that they only mix with Arab.

The Second Wave

? Some britfag dressed up as a Jew (impersonating an officer) tried to extinguish the flame (not anon) and got b& IRL.

The Resistance

CHINA sent out OLYMPIC FLAME! ANONYMOUS sent out BLASTOISE! OLYMPIC FLAME used FIRE BLAST! It's not very effective...BLASTOISE used HYDRO PUMP! It's super effective! OLYMPIC FLAME fainted!
Notice the lack of EFG mask.
Typical Jew Deportation in London

The filth were out in packs (covered in chink feces) keeping Free-Tibet (and Anon) protesters away from the torch. "Around 200" filths had created a black person barricade to separate them from the torch and help the Co$fags and Chinafags, but Anon was Legion and broke through.

The torch was protected by about 20 chinafag bodyguards who had Ebaums trolls who were holding up China flags all around Trafalgar Square.

The media were working for the Jews and giving screen time only to chinkys and stopping Anon and Free-Tibetfags from hacking their screens.


We interrupt the Olympic coverage to announce the Duke of Edinburgh will be released from hospital in due time; he was admitted for a chest infection


—Jew suppression news team

In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation.



—Prince Philip, Race relationship problem solver

Scum fuck police attack the SKY news camera man - he got wrestled to the ground by Co$fags and the announcer just has casual conversation with some China fag.

Dumb gooks go the wrong way around a one way lane.

The Men in Blue

typical Chinese House of the Men in Blue
Typical Situation of the Men in blue
Chen says the team are the cream of China's armed police



—BBC news, http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/7336639.stm

Special police units are the top tier of the paramilitary corps, chosen for skills in martial arts, marksmanship and hand-to-hand combat, according to sinodefense.com, a British-based website specializing in Chinese military affairs.



—Metronews, http://www.metronews.ca/vancouver/world/article/37321

These chinks were the ones shipped directly from Tibet to guard the torch in the same way they take all your bases! The torch is serious business.

Olympic Flame Goes Out in France

For teh LULZ
OMG I need a Cigarette

The Olympic Flame was pwned in France by tibetfags and had to be re-lit several times, causing massive butthurt to those carrying it.


The tibetfags went for it when it was being passed off to a cripple. Some argue they did this for the lulz.

OTI Chinafgs bloggers are calling out for a Boycott against french products while LVMH a french Luxus Corporation denied on Apr.16 to boycott China Olympic Games.

Flame Goes Into Hiding in San Francisco

Heavently Peace Protest in San Francisco
Flame On again for San Francisco

At the last minute, the fags running the show in San Francisco decided to play Hide the Hamster with the Flame, changing the route completely with the last leg ending inside of a plane bound for Argentina.

Anonymous was denied lulz because of this faggotry. Thanks a lot, douchebags.

Also: Obama's bitch, Majora Carter, was a torchbearer in the SF run who got KO'd out of the race (13th paragraph down) by chinky stinkys who didn't like her raping China and Co$fags.

Some JewTube documentation:

Ms. Carter Chargin' Her Lazers

SF Faggot Police Shoving a Taco into Her Lazers

Flame On in Argentina

Flame On in Argentina

Living up to their reputation as a people who can't contribute shit to society, the Argentinafags decided take a siesta and partied like they won their third World Cup instead of taking an extinguisher (or 9000) to the Olympic Flame. Fail.

On the bright side, at least the mayor of Buenos Aires confirmed for brawl by the sheer number of security employed to guard the Flame (second only to India's confirmation on April 17th); if only they tried that on the Falklands.

Borat Sure is Ghey for China

You know it's bad when Cracky disapproves.

Everyone knows that the emofag known as Africa's been gay for China since at least last Thursday, but when that damn Flame came back to Eurasia, a virtual sausage festival was thrown in its (dis)honor:

Tanzania's Faggotry (Source: China Daily)

Muscat Love (www.chinaview.cn, by sportswriter Zhang Rongfeng)

Pakistan's (Private) Circle Jerk

Feel free to spew into that seal's bucket over there.

Thankfully, this came to an epic end when the real Penis Pumpers in India went batshit insane all over the Chinese on April 17th.

The India Flame Drama

Jew deportation in India
Typical Nightmare for Jews in India
Typical Nightmare for Police
All patrol vehicles have been provided with blankets and fire extinguishers. Self-immolation bids by protesters are a major worry, it’ll be a traffic nightmare


—Indian Police




It is going to be tough to get through the security, but we will do something dramatic.


—Norbu ( Tibetan Youth Congress)

Here what happens
The Free Tibet Drama Flame

The Plans & the Reality

  • Here the Epic Win Plan: We interrupt the Olympic torch relay as it moves through the streets of New Delhi today from the presidential palace to the India Gate war memorial. The Blue Man Kung Fu Squad will only consist of two Bluefags to make the Epic Win Plan a big success.
  • Here the Fail Plan: All Metro stations and roads in the surrounding area have been shut down, and more than 15,000 security personnel have been deployed to police the short 1.8 miles route (was originally shortened to 2.5 miles, but shortened again for Grandma and Grandpa).
  • Here What Happens, Part I: Thousands of Tibetan exiles marched through New Delhi early morning on April 17th to protest against Chinese policies in their homeland, hours before the Olympic torch was due to be paraded through the city. Chanting "Stop the killing in Tibet" and waving Tibetan flags, about 3,000 Tibetans joined the protests, along with Indian politicians, Westerners, Burmese activists and supporters of Falun Gong. They also carried a "Torch for Tibet".
  • Here What Happens, Part II: At least 30 were arrested after storming the hotel in New Delhi where the torch was housed, and another 30 were hustled away by police from in front of the Chinese consulate in Mumbai. Along with mass demonstrations in New Delhi and Mumbai, an estimated 30,000 had gathered in Bangalore and thousands more in the Hindu spiritual capital of Varanasi to protest China's human rights record, in particular its treatment of Tibet.

India Relay Leg ends, 180 Tibetan protesters arrested. In Nepal, police arrested at least 500 protesters as they protested outside the Chinese Embassy.

Epic Win for teh "Torch for Tibet" Relay.

Chinese Gangbang in Bangkok

The Flame had yet another smooth run through Thailand's capital city of Bangkok, with a huge party and delicious cake for all, even the foreigners who were warned that if they fired their hydro cannon at the Flame, they would be Bangkoked from Thailand immediately.

Before the flame made this particular run, Thailand Prime Minister Samak Sundravej had this particularly lulzy statement to make:

Whoever tries to destroy the flame is crazy and unreasonable. Why would anyone protest in Thailand? Why don't they protest in China?


—Thai Prime Minister Sundravej, clearly missing the point

Alas, this was about as lulzy as this run was going to be, as the Thaitraps were too busy sucky-sucky Chinese cock for five dollah to give the rest of the world a good show of lulz.

MaGAYsia: Totally China Jr.

Malgaysia Protesters

Not only were the Magaysiafags just ecstatic to have the Flame come to Kuala Lamepur, but when a few Japanfags opted to be Protestfags, the new Chinafags opted for a lulzy beatdown with inflated plastic batons before Malay Police took them, a Buddhist monk and a Luldonhag into custody for a short time.

The only good thing to happen here was when God decided to fire his mudkip at the Flame. Whether he was able to do what so many Anon have tried before with little success, only He knows for sure.

Jakarta Uses Mudkips...But Not on the Flame

Relay in Jakarta

Just like it was in Pakistan, the Flame ran around the city's main sport stadium under heavy guard at an invitation-only event. Unlike Pakistan, however, officials in the Indonesian city confirmed for brawl, arresting protestfags left and right, stealing their Tibetflags, and deploying their own mudkips and over 3,000 police officers to handle the chaos outside the invitation-only Flame circle jerk.

The truly lulzy part of all this, however, is that in general, the Indoasspirates just don't give a fuck about the Olympics; just as they were the only ones not to televise the 2004 Games in Athens, no one was interested in paying for the television rights to see the Flame do a little dance around the stadium. So, in a way, Jerkoffa was kinda win. Not epic win, but win nonetheless.

And of course, God once again fired his mudkip at the flame, but doused the already-soaked protestfags and Chinafags instead. You win some, you lose some.

Australia's Big Mafia Gang Flame Relay

Bitches don´t know about me and my Mafia
FUCK Tibert

It was Flame On in Canberra as the Olympic Flame made its way through Australia's capital during the 10-mile relay where thousands turned out for what would turn out to be a lulzy day out.

The day began shortly before the Flame was to make its run, when the Chinafags, who days earlier requested major blackup from all over Australia to be sure disruptions were kept to a minimum, as many as 20,000 members of the Chinese Students and Scholars Association were bused in from Sydney and Melbourne to help drown out and intimidate anyone with designs on protesting their homeland's record on human rights, took on the outnumbered and outgunned Muslimfags--repping their homeboys in China--and the Tibetfags where at least two were arrested by the Canberra Alien Patrol, including one of the few Tibetfag who decided to make their own Flame by torching a Chinese flag.

During the relay itself, a Tibetfag to took the sky and wrote "Free Tibet" with his plane, which is a shame as he really should've buzzbombed the Flame with a big-ass water balloon instead. The closest anyone came to doing just that, however, was a Protestfag who leaped out in front of the Flame and sat down to stop it; he was quickly taken away by the Alien Patrol.

Away from the route, three Tibethags blocked the street in front of Parliament, while another Protestfag kept shouting "stop the killing in Tibet." Again, the Alien Patrol swept them up and deported them back to Mars.

Finally, the Alien Patrol had their hands full with the Bluefags, fighting over who was in charge of the securing the Flame, even getting into a shoving match at one point before the Alien Patrol told the Bluefags to gb2kitchen.

The results

  • At least seven Protestfags sent back to Mars by the Canberra Alien Patrol
  • One Chinese Flag Flame made
  • One very expensive relay made--well over $9,000 in Jewgold spent on security alone
  • A gang of Chinafags turning up to guard the Flame
  • Proving to the Bluefags that the Alien Patrol, like everyone else on Earth, has the bigger dick
  • Plenty of lulz created, none from a mudkip

The videos

Little Battle in the Ninpo Land

Nippon's Finest
An Ninpo Firefighter
Samurai "V" Formation

This was a little Battle in the Ninpo Land, but not the last Battle of the Olympic Flame. Around 9000 samurai were there to protect the Chinese Fire along the 18.7 km route from any ninjas looking for an epic win with their mudkips.

Police will do their best to ensure safety


—Shinya Izumi (Top Samurâi)

They really do seem to have been quite fair in a difficult situation.

Mayhem in Nagano as "Tibetan" and "Uighur" neo-fascist Japanese show up to confront Chinafags. Watch closely and you can see gangsters jumping out of cars to join in or direct the action.

Pep rally for the "Tibetans", "Uighurs", and even one or two "Inner Mongolians" (aka home-grown extreme-right gangsters), some of the slogans are supposed to be in English, so listen carefully.

A Ninpo Fighter tries to break through the V Formation

The Chinafags and the vastly outnumbered Tibetfags both confirmed for brawl in Nagano, putting the smackdown on the other's candyass all over the route.

The results?

Distorting Videos

The Flame Runs the Good Korea/Best Korea Gauntlet

When the flame made the run from Seoul in Good Korea to Pyongyang in Evil Korea, defectors from Evil Korea vowed to totally mess the relay up hard in the hopes of dousing it, going for the high score and according to Han Chang Kwon, the head of over 9000 coalition groups representing EK defectors in Good Korea, give Best Korea leader Kim Jong Il...

A stroke.


—Han Chang Kwon, prepared to become an hero if he must

Good Korea Drama

Tried to set himself on fire

A North Korean defector tried to set himself on fire to halt the Olympic torch relay, but thousands of Police riding horses and bicycles turned out to guard it along its 24-km route. The man who tried to immolate himself, 45-year-old Son Jong Hoon had led an unsuccessful public campaign to save his brother from execution in the North, where he was accused of spying after the two met secretly in China. About an hour into the relay, Son poured gasoline on himself and tried to set himself on fire, but police stopped him.

Typical Chinese Students

Best Korea Drama

Purely pro-China in Best Korea.

Results and other reports

  • One journalist injured
  • One desperate man tried to set himself on fire
  • Chinese Students are still showing the world how intelligent they are by holding a huge Chinese flag in Seoul.
Monk with torch in Seoul


Rambo back up in fucking Vietnam

Rambo is back up in Vietnam
I´m back for the fucking Torch



After 7 hours 25 minutes and 34 seconds Operation "Fucking Torch" was started by John Rambo, he got a satellite Phone Call from his General telling him to stop, because it was too late for the torch and to move to coordination Point 6°N 35` 21", the Rescue Helicopter Landing Place.

Rambo is still waiting for teh fucking Helicopter there.We feel sorry for the typical inconvenience.

Hong Kong deports Canada and Brit Jew

The deportation from Hong Kong of a Toronto pro-Tibetan activist, along with another Canadian and a Briton, for planning to protest during the Olympic torch relay has surprised and angered her friends at home. On Saturday, three Danish human rights Jew were detained and deported from Hong Kong. [2]

Hitler Olympics
Typical deportation of an Olympic Jew
Typical Treatment of Olympic Jews by Hitler

Tsering Lama, an organizer with Students for a Free Tibet and a well-known member of Toronto's Tibetan community, was deported upon arrival at the territory's airport yesterday, activists said.

It's totally shameful,You can see how much they're spooked, that they're deporting travelers.


— Gelek Badheytsang, a friend who has collaborated with her on several pro-Tibet protests

Also turned away were Kate Woznow, a Halifax native who now lives in New York and organizes for the same pro-Tibetan group as Lama, and Matt Whitticase, a Briton with the Free Tibet Campaign.

It was the second known instance in which activists have been denied entry ahead of the Olympic torch's arrival in Hong Kong today. The flame's return to Chinese soil, at the start of Beijing's 100-day countdown to the Games, follows a global tour marred by protests against Beijing's human rights record and its recent crackdown in Tibet.

The grounds for the latest deportations weren't immediately clear. Hong Kong officials have said repeatedly they won't discuss individual cases.

Woznow said she was put on a return flight to New York. Whitticase was sent to London. It was unclear yesterday where Lama, who has family in Nepal, was sent. Woznow accused the Hong Kong government of caving in to pressure from Beijing.

Reaction of an Olympic Jew

N0 U.gif
I really thought that Hong Kong authorities were different from Beijing



Hong Kong Drama

Old Olympic Jew
Nazi Patriot Act
Torch for Democracy
moar Chaos
Christina Chan inside the Partyvan
Nazi Chaos

  • Partyvan tried to prevent Protesters from calling for religious freedom in China and raising a Tibetan Flag along the street the torch would pass.Eight of them were deported away.
  • Another Jew holding a placard urging dialogue between the Chinese government and the Dali Lama was surrounded by bystanders who heckled him with profanity, pushed him around, called him a traitor and said he was "mentally sick".
I was just expressing my opinion. What right do they have to treat me like this? They are uncivilised!


— said the man, 72-year-old cab driver Ng Pun-tuk

  • A large Group of Hitler Youth were also there to protest against Human Rights and to intimidate and harass about 25 Pro-Democracy Protesters liek Christina Chan, who´s been taking away in to the Partyvan for her own protection.
We are here peacefully to express our ideals that we love China and the motherland...to You think this is Paris???


— said one of the Hitler Youth SS Division, named Yu Xiang

What right do they have to take me away? I have a right to express my opinion


— said Chan, 21.

Hong Kong Torch Relay begins
Hong Kong Relay
Hong Kong Relay ends happy for Chinafags
Mia Farrow with hers own Torch


The Flame Lolcow Comes Home Dry to Macau

Did You know, that Macao is teh "Las Vegas" of China???
But Las Vegas loves Paris

It was Flame On in the Chinese gambling city of Macau, and as was expected, no one pulled a Tiananmen on the Flame during the last leg of the Unofficial International Mudkip Relay.

The Flame's arrival in Macau was also the start of the cross-country relay that will culminate with lighting of the Big Olympic Flame in Bejing August 8th, but that's shit nobody cares about.Video

Below zero Drama at highest Mountain

Everest Meeting

"One World, One Dream!", the official slogan of the Beijing Olympics.Really?...well yes, but the World is not China, and the "one dream" of China may not be the same Dream of the rest of us.

Taking the torch to Mount Everest (8848 m) was the most ambitious part of what has become the longest and most controversial Olympic torch relay in history. Chinese climbers carrying the Olympic flame reached the summit of Mount Everest Last Thursday in a bellow zero Drama for the Chinese Tv.

The Chinese and Tibetan climbers taking the Olympic torch to the top of Mount Everest saw mysterious lights as they scaled the world's highest peak,they reported.

Strong Winds, Mysterious Lights and the low Oxygen Level near to the heavenly Universe were not able to destroy the fucking special made in China damn torch at the highest Mountain of our world. And Even for the drunk Nyalmot Yeti, it was too cold to steal the torch. In better weather conditions, he would try for the Lulz ,he said.

According to legends, there are three species: the Rimi (some 2.5 m), the Nyalmot (4.5 m) and the Raksi-Bombo (1.5 m). In spite of differences in size, the species have a general resemblance. The Yeti has reddish hair (although others claim it is gray), smells terrible and it is very strong (it throws boulders as if they were pebbles). It makes an ululating or whistling sound, and is sometimes heard roaring like a lion. The Yeti is rumored to be very fond of strong alcoholic drinks.

Wise Fag Summary and the Strategy to Flame Off

The Luldonfags weren't able to deliver, the Parisfags pwned the Flame, the Amerifags were denied in San Francisco, and the Argentinafags lived up to their rep of not making a damn difference in the world.

Meanwhile, Borat's ghey cousins in Tanzania, Oman and Pakistan threw a huge sausage party in honor of the Chinese Blue Flame Brigade, which finally ended when the supercool Penis Pumpers in India turned New Dehli into Thunderdome.

Next, the Chinese made some sweet pooper lovin' to the Thaitraps and the Magaysiafags while the Indoasspirates just didn't give a fuck about a stupid Flame and the private circle jerk held in its honor while it was in their country.

Then, the Australiafags got a gangland-style beatdown by the Chinafags while the Canberra Alien Patrol got into a shoving match with the Bluefags surrounding the runners. The violence would follow the Chinafags into Japan, where Ninjas did everything they could to put out the Flame and take out as much faggotry as possible.

Further, the Flame ran through the Good Korea/Best Korea gauntlet, where one Good Koreafag nearly Flamed On himself before the police stopped him, before heading north to Vietnam, where Rambo tried to make a grab for the torch, but as far as we know, is still waiting for that damn helicopter to come pick his ass up.

And finally, the Flame came home to the open arms and big smiles of its gay homosexual lover, China.

There no one else left now. It's over.

Below is the advice the Wise Fag bestowed upon many Anon wanting to Flame Off:

  1. Use fire extinguishers for range attack. You can't out-melee all those Bluefags around the runner and Bruce Lee is fucking dead, so /thread.
  2. Actually use your water balloons. Apparently all the Luldonfags used them for birth control, thus explaining why we didn't see shit on April 6th.
  3. Stop fucking your mudkip and bring it with you; it has a dramatic effect in turning the tide. If you love it, let it go.
    Jesus of the Olympic Flame and Honorable Freeman of Paris
  4. Bring a water gun if necessary; it's your last resort. If all your bombs fail, use your sidearm; it's much faster than reloading.
  5. Group up, plot this shit, get the routes right, hope no one changes them at the last moment, don't go alone.
  6. Rig a camera and pretend you are a camera man, get close to the torch, launch your water missile.
  7. Get high ground, unleash the rage of /b/ from above.
  8. If an Anon actually gets a hold of the torch, immediately throw it on the ground as soon as you hold it. Don't wave it around like a jackass; you will only get thrown down.
  9. If all else fails, do what the Indians did and go apeshit all over your local Chinese embassy.
  10. Remember, 300 Spartans fucked up a shitload of Persians; you, too, can be an hero.
  11. DO IT FAGGOTS!!!
  12. ??????
  13. PROFIT!

Earthquake in Sechuan

Recently, for possibly the first time in the history of mankind God has sided with Anonymous, having granted overtime to his epic quest at the cost of a mere few Chinese peasants, though at the moment everyone has suddenly gone soft and is dicussing compromise and how a bunch of Mao clones are in fact the best thing for China, including of course Tibet.


Official Promo Video of the Tibet Olympic Commitee

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Typical Chinese Olympic Flame
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Mudkipping Now Olympic Sport

Luldon 2012 torch relay[1]

It's official: "Put Out the Torch" just became an Olympic sport, with the first official Mudkip Relay to take place early in 2012 for the Luldon Games. Go Team Anon!Littlemudkip.gif

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